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Parker Dubrule Lawyers of Edmonton provide real estate services, wills and estate planning, and corporate financing. We specialize in buying and selling homes and businesses, and we facilitate over a thousand real estate transactions every year. In addition to our strengths in selling business real estate, we are also skilled in facilitating all accompanying legal transactions surrounding the sale of a business.
Amongst the wide range of corporate services that we offer, we are experienced in filing annual returns and preparing shareholder agreements, and can assist you in commercial financing. We value strong communication and prompt, dependable service.For more than 20 years we have been providing high quality legal services to our clients throughout Alberta. In that time we have been a part of over 20,000 real estate transactions.
While real estate remains core, we offer other services as well. As you all appreciate, it is an increasingly specialized world. We will not try and be all things to all people. We will not be your family law lawyer. We will not be your criminal law lawyer. We will not be your tax lawyer. Within our practice areas we continue to strive to exceed expectations.

Our team at Parker Dubrule is committed to client service through great communication. Many problems and frustrations are avoided with good communication. As we all respect, a returned phone call the same business day is appreciated.We are flexible in scheduling appointments and often can be available evenings and weekends.
We are all busy with our families and our communities and often, just like our clients, are juggling multiple kids with multiple activities with multiple work commitments. Our bottom line is we will, together, match our schedules to have the job done properly.

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Parker Dubrule Will help you with your commercial real estate needs involving land, buildings or existing businesses from initial contract drafting to the finalization of the sale. We assist in financing of a new purchase or sale, as well as refinancing existing lands or assets. Having worked with commercial finances for over 15 years, we are fluent in the legalities of such transactions and can provide guidance and clarity for any commercial needs you may have. Whether you are the borrower or the lender, we will work hard to ensure that your unique transaction goes smoothly while protecting you and your interests.

Buying or selling a business is a big undertaking, and can come with a lot of red tape and legal jargon. Even the best businessmen may have a hard time navigating this legal terrain, and we at Parker Dubrule would like to help. Much of the legal and financial implications of your sale or purchase can be affected by your chosen counsel, and we are committed to providing high quality and flexible experience.

The purchase or sale of a business can be complicated, and no two transactions are alike. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will personally meet with you to discuss all the variables and necessities specific to your transaction, allowing you to rest easy knowing your business venture is in capable hands.

It is very important to have a lawyer in place when you are planning on buying or selling a home. There are many ins and outs to buying a home, whether it be brand new or brand new to you. Your real estate lawyer can be your best protection against any possible issues that may arise. We take care of the big things, like registering the mortgage, and/or providing clear title to you.

But we also take care of things you may not have thought about, such as ensuring the seller has paid any and all outstanding taxes and that real property reports have compliance. Having an experienced lawyer and legal team behind you Will save you money and time, ensuring its done right the first time. Our friendly and experienced staff is committed to offering a high level of expertise, responsiveness and flexibility, and will answer any of your questions and will help you understand the various costs and processes associated with buying a home.

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real estate law, commercial real estate, residential real estate, business purchases and sales, will and estate planning, corporate law.While often a sensitive subject, estate planning is one of the most important things you can do, ensuring proper measures are put in place upon your death. Having a proper Will ensures that your loved ones will be taken care of and your assets properly dealt with according to your wishes.

We will help provide security and peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones by walking you through the steps and ensuring all angles are covered. We will guide you in assigning the appropriate executors, attorneys and directors, and assist you in ensuring your Will is valid and complete.

While it may be tempting to avoid fees and create your own Will, there are certain disadvantages to doing so, which includes such possibilities as not clearly stating your intentions to a legal satisfaction, your original documents not being discovered upon your death, or the possibility of original documents being destroyed by disgruntled beneficiaries. Working with us, we Will ensure that your Will is legally whole and complete, stored properly and safely, and that your wishes are carried out with minimum expense or delay in the event of your passing.

You should occasionally update your Will, particularly if your circumstances have changed. Scenarios that may justify the updating of a Will include marriage, separation, birth of a child or children, or the death of a sole executor or sole beneficiary. We will be available to advise and review any changes to your Will with the changes in your life so you can always have peace of mind that your affairs are in order.

It takes a lot to start, build or run a business, and we at Parker Dubrule want to help make that just a little bit easier. Even established businesses may run into difficulties, and we will be there to provide guidance and clarity. We will help you navigate the red tape involved with starting up, structuring, operating or acquiring a business, and ensure that you are covered in the event of the unexpected. We will help identify and eliminate potentially costly errors, prepare annual returns and resolutions, dissolution or sale of a business, and shareholder agreements as well as dealing with ongoing legal matters. We know that you are busy, and provide flexible appointment hours to help suit your needs. With over 15 years’ experience in guiding business owners through legalities, you can feel confident that your business is in good hands.

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