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We can use your own photography or artwork to custom design your business cards by using our online templates. GuruPrinters.com has experienced exponential growth and we will continue to work even harder in order to become the leader in the print industry.Customer service, dedication, quality products and low prices; this is what we strive for at GuruPrinters.com. To maintain our commitment, we’ve invested in state of the art equipment in order for our clients to cut costs, not corners!

Family owned and operated by two generations, we’ve worked hard to have Guruprinters.com be synonymous with all your printing needs. Since our inception, GuruPrinters.com has experienced exponential growth and we will continue to work even harder in order to become the leader in the print industry.

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Go with the quiet classic elegance of linen business cards for your business. When you think of the word linen, what other words pop up in your mind? Classic? Elegant? Refined? Many times people only think of linen as a material for fine clothing, but it can also be a texture or look of a finish.

On business cards it is both a texture and a finish, and it looks and feels absolutely grand. Guru Printers knows this and offers linen business cards for you to create your best business cards. You might not connect the word linen with business cards, but at Guru Printers, linen look finish on business cards is available and used quite often. It will give your clients the impression of refinement and elegance without making you spend too much money.

No need to break the budget in order to have a truly classic business card. If you are unsure of what linen business cards look like ask the staff to show you some samples. You will be amazed. The linen texture on business cards can say a lot so that you don’t have to. When deciding on a business card design you may want to keep it simple and understated. Put only the most basic information on the front of the card, then let the linen do the talking.

Linen texture can also add an extra special touch to any picture you might want on your business card. It can make a picture look truly vintage, even if you just took it last week. Use sepia tones to complete the image and you will have aged it well. Linen business cards can handle various color schemes. Some people like bold, dark colors. Others prefer the softness of lighter shades. Either works well on linen finish. Let the staff at Guru Printers know what you are interested in. You can work with our graphic arts specialist to create a wonderful looking business card in the colors you prefer.

Linen business cards are for all types of people and businesses. You do not need to be in an art, beauty/fashion, or vintage industry to use linen. People in consulting or engineering, medicine or law, all enjoy using linen finish for their business cards. It gives them the refinement they want to project to their clients. Of course that does not mean that we do not have many artists, beauty consultants, gardening businesses, and antique dealers using linen business cards as well. With the use of soft color tones on linen business cards their businesses are presented to the client with refined pizzazz.

Now you know the secret to an elegant, refined business card—linen finish. Guru Printers will gladly assist you with card design, then print the cards quickly and at a great price. You will look like a million bucks without spending much. Linen finish will add instant class.

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Postcard Printing The use of postcards for advertising is great way you to boost your marketing reach. Properly adding a postcard marketing plan to your current business strategy will help increase your exposure, bringing in new customers, clients and more profit. However, before implementing a postcard marketing campaign it is important to create a marketing plan first.

Determine the overall purpose, design and your target audience before getting started. This will help you plan what to print on the postcards and who to send them to. There are many different ways postcards can be used to enhance your company’s production and profit. For example, postcards can help with market research and finding out how satisfied your customers are with your products and services.

Send postcards to your current customers asking them for some feedback which can be done via an online survey, contacting you directly or by filling in the backside of the postcard and mailing it back to you. Other postcard marketing strategies: Discounts: Offer customers and potential customers a discount when they bring the postcard into your place of business. Reminders: Send your customers reminders when their appointments are or when it is time to replenish items purchased from your company. Tips: Send your customers tips related to the products and services you offer.

Tips should be something of use and interest to your customers, but will also keep you at the front of their mind when they need something you offer. Create a mailing list complete with your customers contact information. Ask your customers if they would like to receive mailings from your company about upcoming specials, new products and special events. Use this list when sending out your postcard marketing materials. Keep your postcards simple.

Do not forget to include a call to action, encouraging your customers to contact you when they are in need of your products and services. Once you know your postcard marketing strategy, design and have your mailing list, it is time to start sending out postcards. Regularly sending out postcards will keep you fresh in your customer’s minds and they will appreciate the discounts and tips you send through the mail.

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