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Coach Minda - Montreal

 I’m a life coach who focuses on your working world. Coaching can also help keep it that way. Clients are generally business people, professionals, artists and more.I coach people who want to improve their professional lives. And when your work and career are thriving, coaching can also help keep it that way.

Clients are generally businesspeople, professionals or artists who need to become even more productive in the office, the conference room or in the studio… See workplace challenges in a fresh light… Change behaviors that are limiting success with clients or colleagues… Even plan a new career path.All want to align their professional and personal lives, realizing it makes no sense to be a winner in one and a loser in the other.The heart of my work is helping you identify and address the inner and outer obstacles holding you back at work, so you can move forward with confidence.The direct payoffs of coaching include old-fashioned job satisfaction and more recognition from your peers – even winning a promotion or a new account.

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Over my 20-plus years as an instructional designer and project manager for education and training programs, I kept noticing that most people needed personal follow-up – in other words, coaching – to deeply benefit from all the effort invested in training. This was the case no matter how sound the training and instructor, or how keen the audience.

And I also kept seeing many talented, educated and motivated people saying to themselves: “I don’t know what to do!” when facing change or transition at work or home. I have felt that myself. The heart and mind seem to be at odds, in a sort of tug-of war, so it feels safe to stay in the zone of not making decisions. It is easy to feel pushed and pulled in different directions without the satisfaction and support of a workable plan.And so I became a coach, to provide the practical support so many people seem to need.

My work is helping you address the source of your professional or personal dissatisfaction (or stress or frustration) then define the choices, decisions and actions needed to make changes for the better. It takes time and work to address challenges, obstacles and limitations. You can’t just sit there and wait for things to work out spontaneously!

Whether change is self-initiated or forced upon you, it is always stressful. And any change, no matter how small, has the potential for significant impact on your professional and personal lives.Clients are generally in transition – assessing a career change, coping with a challenging new job, balancing work with raising a family or finishing a graduate degree, or caring for someone who is ill.

These transitions require shifts in attitudes and behaviors. I am there to provide the support, direction and feedback you need to set short-term goals so you can experience quick wins and stay motivated. I will also help you resolve longer-term concerns – how to work through the varied thought processes and emotions that accompany your options and decisions.

Working with me is a great way to discover new things about yourself and uncover what you really want in life. Coaching helps you to discover possibilities you may not have known, then set goals and create plans, and work through any roadblocks along the way.

By asking thought-provoking questions, I will help you to find clarity and make decisions that are a good fit for you. And all this will help you make headway on projects and plans you have been meaning to get to, but have kept putting off to a later date.

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Coaching sessions range between 30 and 90 minutes and are available to anyone in any time zone as coaching sessions are done by phone or Skype. I can meet Montréal clients in person. I find the best results come when clients commit to regular sessions, every week or two, over at least three months.Coaching sessions are the place to test out your ideas and perceptions (I keep noticing how many people have almost no one to talk with about their work!) and I understand that attentive listening is central to my role.

As an experienced project manager, I know how to make things happen and achieve specific goals, so I can help you do the same with your work life, home life or a specific project. When you map out and implement a career plan you may find yourself in uncharted waters, or even taking risks with your livelihood, and I can help you think out all the pros and cons before you take action. Clients often refer to my combination of a “no-nonsense” practical approach to addressing the matter at hand, counterbalanced with large doses of empathy and cheerleading as required.

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