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Since 2001, we have helped more than 1 million IT professionals, students and career changers alike, achieve certification using CertBlaster.Some of those people have brought back amazing stories of life changing turn-around. Some IT professionals have told us about that promotion they wanted finally coming through upon certification. Some long term unemployed career changers suddenly got back on their feet and so busy that their every minute was a scheduled event.

Some students credit getting their first job in the field to succeeding at their certification. We have been doing this for a long time but never stop being amazed at what determined and courageous people can achieve when they set their minds to it. CertBlasterŽ exam simulations provide you with all you need to know when it’s time to start preparing for your certification exam.

With the ExamConnection assessment system, LabConnection virtual labs, and CertBlaster test preparation suite, dti Publishing is helping publishers and learning institutions alike deliver the very best of interactive learning activities, exercises and assessments. When combined with the high quality products of our publishing partners, our solutions provide the best learning results in our industry. As one of our partners states, "dti Publishing makes our products come alive".

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The Security+ Nouveau has arrived! However, would you be so inclined, you will still be able to sit for the “old” SY0-301 until December 31 of 2014.The new material in CompTIA’s Certification Exam Objectives for Security+ SY0-401center mostly around the Cloud, mobile and the challenges posed to internal security when allowing third party access.

They say you can make statistics say whatever you want it to say and that holds, to a certain extent, true when it comes to analyzing the difference between the new Security+ and the old one.

A superficial look will make the changes seem very minor. You still have the exact same number of main domain, six. They are labelled exactly the same as before and the difference in how they are weighed at the exam is within a couple of percent or so compared to the old exam. Security+ SY0-401 has six main domains and a total of 33 sub domains in all. Of these 33 sub domains only four are completely new and these are:Summarize the security implications of integrating systems and data with third parties.

Given a scenario, select the appropriate control to meet the goals of security.Summarize mobile security concepts and technologies.Compare and contrast alternative methods to mitigate security risks in static environments.

So four new sub domains out of 33 and were looking at just a bit over 12% added content to cover, right? Wrong, because here, as in so many other situations, the devil is in the details.

Looking closer you will notice that (including the four all new sub-domains) 22 out of the 33 sub-domains in SY0-401 have seen some content added. Now we are looking a 66% difference! This of course is going a bit far in the other direction but does demonstrate that a superficial analysis, is yet again, not going to give you the whole story.

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Certification Mode is the actual exam simulation, the timer is set for the exam time, same type and number of questions as the exam and same distribution of questions per exam objective as the exam. This is like taking the exam from the comfort of your home! It will do wonders to you time management skills in preparation for the actual exam and help you avoid running out of time unexpectedly on the exam.

Study Mode: Here you can see all answers and all explanations to improve your knowledge base on the same type of questions you will see on the exam.Focus drills: One drill per exam objective, these practice tests help you practice one main exam objective at the time because all the questions in these drills are exclusively focused on one exam objective.

A detailed score report helps you Identify what you already know and what you need to work more on. With overall scoring as well as per objective scoring you will rapidly know where you need to focus.Custom tests, based on your performance, after any of our Focus Drills or Exam simulations, CertBlaster will offer you the option to make on the fly a test just for you that will focus only on your weak points.

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