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DJAX Adserver Technology Solutions - Coimbatore

dJAX adserver technology solutions, a prominent provider of ad server solutions. We focus on the development of various ad serving products for multiple technology platforms. Our products can serve your organization needs and enhance the ad operations. Periodical reporting and automated ad delivery are offered in all our technology platforms. Our primary ad serving products are mobile, video, enterprise, premium display ad server, native ad server and ad server for advertisers and publishers with DSP, SSP and DMP. Our consultancy service for Programmatic advertising will enhance the opportunities of advertising.

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We offer Ad Serving solutions for Agencies, Publishers and Advertisers around the world.We support you with the next Generation Video Advertising technology – ‘advertising on IPTV’. It is now becoming the most reachable medium with high consumer engagement. Online advertising usually serves multiple ads at one point in time but IPTV advertising serves one ad at a time which helps to capture the complete attention of audience.

dJAX Mobile and Video Ad Server is an ad server solution that basically sets up an independent mobile and video Ad network that helps Publishers to find and sell ad space to Advertisers to serve their ads when videos are served on the Internet. It delivers ads specifically based on the targeting models set by the advertisers / agencies with VAST compliance ad formats and the publishers delivers the ads in their websites. It supports in-stream (pre roll, mid roll, post roll, overlay & companion ads), in-banner and in-text video ad formats.

dJAX Exchange Framework provides a platform to integrate many third-party exchanges, buying and selling their real time inventory through real-time bidding, thus fetching real time revenue for Publishers and Advertisers. It allows the administrator to configure more than one third party ad exchanges like OpenX Market, Pubmatic, Google ads into dJAX ad exchange framework. This arrangement enables both getting inventory from other ad exchanges and sending ads to them.

Product and Services

Mobile Ad Server.Display Ad Server.Video Ad Server.Enterprise Ad Server.Predictive Analytics helps you to measure the web traffic which in turn helps in identifying the websites performances and to improve the effectiveness of the websites. It is specially designed to monitor and track the campaigns and to direct you through the right marketing strategy.

RO helps in improving the revenue of the company by predicting user behaviour at micro level through various means and in making the product availability based on consumer’s requirement. Provides clarity on customer expectations as it analyses specific needs of the customers and also helps in white labeling based on the requirement.

Helps in coming up with Competitive pricing strategy which would directly benefit you in sustaining/competing the market. Identifies new market areas to expand the business geographically which will eventually increase the revenue and will have much more benefit for the company on a long run.

Ad matching techniques help in identifying the right ads for right websites. It is suitable for all the publishers using Ad Network regardless of location, company size and traffic. While the publishers are monetizing their websites, this technique will increase the value of ad inventory following through the ad network.

Advertisers invest more & more on the newly launched products but if they don’t target the right audience then they cannot sell the product however good the product would be; as the consumers look out only for their individual needs/interests. Better targeting brings us closer to the consumers by identifying their actual needs and requirements. We have a variety of targeting techniques to target all types of users/buyers.

Behavioural Targeting uses information collected on an individual's web-browsing behaviour, such as the web pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to select on which advertisements would be apt to display for that individual. It allows site owners or ad networks to display content which are more relevant to the interests of the individual viewing the page.

For example, if a user moves from a health site to an electronics site, then we know that he/she is interested in health products and we will display health related Ads in the navigating pages. Ads that are displayed are prioritized based on the recently visited category.

They get more opportunities to reach consumers beyond search results page and reach consumers at multiple stages of the purchasing cycle. Finally, clicks originating from behaviourally targeted ads using recently conducted searches convert 5 to 10 times better than clicks from non-targeted ads.

Contextual Targeting is a technique through which ad servers used to target a user to show ad units based on the context of the page they are viewing. For example if the user is viewing a page with sports content, the ad that will be displayed on that page will be sports related ad. Advertisers can make sure that the Ads are displayed only on the right web pages and only to the intended audience.

The banner will only be displayed on the webpage, if the META Keyword of the web page matches with the keyword set for the banners (assigned by the advertiser).
For example, if the Advertiser creates the banner and assigns the keyword "sports" then the banner will be displayed only on the web pages whose Meta keyword list contains the keyword "sports".

Re-targeting is an advanced form of ad targeting where the behaviour of internet users is recorded by an ad server. Using this information, the ad server can then select the most relevant ad for the visitor and also records the customers frequent time visits.

Telco Targeting is an advanced Module and highly useful for the Advertisers for who wants to target their mobile ads based on Telecom Operator wise. To achieve higher engagement rates the advertisers use the Telecom verticals and go with more sophisticated audience targeting methods like Carrier or Telco targeting.

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