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235 3rd St S Ste 300 , St Petersburg- 33701
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Corban OneSource is a Mid-Market HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing) company that specializes in working with companies across the US that have between 100 and 5,000 employees. We help companies become more profitable by implementing best practices in cross functional areas of HR. Our clients leverage our expertise in administrative work flow design and our advanced HR Technology to elevate their employee satisfaction and increase profitability. People and Process are our Passion and it should be readily apparent to all who come in contact with us. Service has never been or ever will be a marketing tag-line for us; it is our way of life.It is ingrained in the very nature of whom we are and why we do what we do and goes beyond just a corporate culture to a personal way of life. We believe that everything we do should be about serving; our clients and one another. Whether you are one of our FORTUNE 500 clients or a client that may not have a global brand makes no difference to us as our attitude towards delivering a great customer experience is in our DNA.

We implement our proven service delivery methodology which has been developed over decades and is comprised of many parts but most importantly, the right combination of advanced technology and the right team of professionals who are passionate about serving. Merging that methodology with a culture of creating the best customer experience possible affords us the opportunity of excelling at helping our clients succeed.

We know it sounds odd but yes; we do like it when our clients consistently tell us “You are the best company we have never heard of."With clients in over 30 states, we are considered one of the largest HRO's on the east coast of the U.S but we know and have always subscribed to the philosophy that bigger certainly does not mean better. We adopt Truett Cathy's (Founder of Chick-fil-a restaurants) philosophy that "if we continually get better at what we do, we will have no choice to get bigger."

It’s not the pictures our clients email us while they are on vacation saying, “I am glad you are there so I can be here. . . and enjoying it!” It’s not the cookies we always send to our clients on their birthdays or the work anniversary cards. It's just part of our DNA.

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Technology plays a key role in every successful HR Department and everyone would agree that behind every great technology there needs to be a well trained team of professionals with the knowledge to maximize the system to deliver the best results. Our clients constantly tell us, "The technology is incredible, but it is your team of people that truly take the work off our plate." The combination of technology and expertise helps you focus on the more important issues in your business.

With a PEO, employment responsibilities are distributed to both the client and the PEO. This allows us to put our expertise to work for you an lets you focus on your core busines, without the hassles of dealing with HR administration.

EvolveHR offers a suite of technology products designed to put employee data at your fingertips. EvolveHR's Virtual Office (EVO) gives you and your employees all the tools you need to review and update every aspect of your HR profile.

Price Watershouse Coopers study shows "85% of businesses that outsource have become more profitable." EvolveHR turns your back office into our front office and our model has been proven to increase your profits and reduce your risks.

We all want to believe that the people we hire to work at our company are upstanding, reputable individuals. The only way to be sure is with background screening. At Corban OneSource, we understand that this can be a delicate process where discretion and speed are key. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers access to a variety of background screening tools that take the guesswork out of the hiring process and ease the burden on their human resources department.

Corban OneSource can handle every facet of human resources. Our highly experienced professionals are trained to handle everything from monthly payroll maintenance to smaller HR services, like employee training. Some of our clients come to us for all of their HR needs, while others use our services to complement their human resources professionals. One great example of this is with our background screening services. We designed our very own HR software system, the CORe™ Full Employee Lifecycle Management System, to allow our clients to manage all of their HR needs, including employee screening, from one easy-to-use platform.

The importance of effective, timely employee training in the workplace cannot be overstated. Whether you need to refresh your employees on the rules and procedures of your company or you're looking for a practical, intuitive way to train new employees before they formally start the job, having proper protocols in place is a great way to save money, improve efficiency, and avoid risks. At Corban OneSource, we are staffed with extremely experienced human resource professionals – each with significant management experience – to help you train your employees to meet your unique needs and expectations.

At Corban OneSource, we've developed a state-of-the-art HR software program, called the CORe™ Full Employee Lifecycle Management System, that incorporates many of the HR services that tend to burden a busy human resources office. One of the advantages of this easy-to-use system is that it can be customized to handle our clients' specific HR needs. Where one client may use the CORe™ management system for payroll or hiring practices, another can rely on it for other HR services, such as, employee training or even background screening.

The advantage of employee training in this system is that employees can logon and complete specified training programs. Once the training seminar is complete, a Certificate of Completion will be generated and attached to the employee's file, recording that they have complied with the expectations outlined by management.

Product and Services

Payroll Services.payroll services for small business.HR Outsourcing.Payroll Accounting.HR Support Services.Managed Payroll.Benefits Administration.HR Audit.You wear a lot of hats, and you have a lot on your plate. While strategy and organizational development demand your attention, routine administrative tasks only drain business profitability.

Corban OneSource delivers essential Human Resource support to help mid-market organizations achieve their goals and stay focused on bottom line results. In other words, we do all of the blocking and tackling, so you can score touchdowns faster and easier.

Payroll is one of the most non-strategic yet time-consuming tasks involved in running any business, often monopolizing several days each and every month. Corban OneSource completely eliminates this burden by shifting HR or finance attention back to more important revenue-generating matters, all while mitigating the risk of costly mistakes. Our efficient and experienced payroll specialists work as a seamless extension to your business, delivering an elevated level of management and payroll proficiency.

Payroll processing can be tedious, especially for businesses that lack dedicated payroll resources. However, we understand accuracy and compliance are critical given the constantly evolving state and federal tax regulatory environment. Businesses need a partner they can trust – someone who understands all of the risks and requirements.

When you partner with Corban OneSource, you back your business with a dedicated team of payroll specialists, each of whom brings years of industry experience.

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