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182 - 184 Hursley Road Toowoomba , Toowoomba- 4350
Queensland , Australia  Australia
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Glenvale Villas - Toowoomba

Glenvale Villas has a user-pays system for all care and support, so you only pay for the things you use, and don’t pay for the things you don’t. We practice an independent lifestyle and still provide support that you may need. If you want support, we have everything you need. From status checks daily, support to get in and out of bed, assistance in showering and dressing, maintenance and home cleaning, assistance with meals and preparation, personal laundry and ironing service and pharmaceutical pickup and delivery just to name a few. Come in and visit or call us today.For more information please visit our website : www.glenvalevillas.com.au.07 4634 6302.182 - 184 Hursley Road, Toowoomba.team@glenvalesupportedliving.com.au. Glenvale Villas Supported Living is a captivating masterplanned community providing a fresh lifestyle of care and support minus the loss of self-reliance.We're extremely proud our refreshing new option to aged care in Australia happens to be an overwhelming success, with residents and their loved ones having "total reassurance."

As a FutureCare community, we have constantly focussed about what our residents can perform, instead of what they can not. Our goal is provide a foundation of non-invasive care and help so residents can live with the maximum amount of liberty, privacy and dignity possible. And our resident studies acknowledge just what a has additionally acknowledged - Glenvale Villas is the greatest supported residing community in Queensland.

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Additional Information

At Glenvale Villas, we pride ourselves on the care we provide - care that is customised to your needs and circumstances. We do not believe in a general approach, nor do we charge you for services you don't require. We aim to create a support system that is catered towards your needs based on continuous conversations with you, your healthcare provider and your family.

We are here to support you or your family member in a community that not only promotes independence but also provides you with the help you need, when you need it. The questionnaire below will assist you in figuring out if it is time for you or your loved one to consider the benefits of Glenvale Villas and supported community living.

Don't panic, though! This survey is designed to help you decide whether or not you should look into supported living - it's as simple as that! We will not collect any personal data or store any of your information.

Product and Services

Glenvale Villas offers domestic support with laundry, meals or cleaning. You choose the level of help you need, and change it anytime you want.Many of us have run our homes our whole life. Why should that change now? At Glenvale Villas, it's your home, to look after the way you want. It's a lifestyle all about independence, focusing on what you can do, instead of what you can't.

But if you want some support, we can help out with cleaning, laundry and shopping. We can even help with the cooking.Churches of Christ Care has been established since 1930 and is one of the largest, most diverse not-for-profit organisations in Australia. They are dedicated to providing a range of quality care and support services to seniors, families and people in need that complement Glenvale Villas own care services.

Their in-home services are designed to help people remain as independent as possible, and are accessible to all, regardless of religion, beliefs or background.With a reputation for delivering innovative and flexible care for the last 80 years, Glenvale Villas is proud to be working together with Care.

Innovative and affordable care is one of Glenvale Villas biggest strengths, and one we are well known for. The core of this is our 'Continuous Care', delivering levels of care that change as you need them, from low care to dementia care general nursing, all in the privacy of your own home.

We recognise that everyone's care needs are different. A couple living together may have different needs, and each person may have needs that change for themselves, so our care is completely individualised. No set package, no set care level. It's all based on your needs right now, developed in consultation with your doctor, your family and our Directors of Care to make sure it is exactly right and planned for your future.

We are all living longer and staying healthier, so why be locked into a level of care that may not suit you now, or even for a long time to come? Care needs can change slowly or very quickly, and our Continuous Care approach is designed to help when you need it, and reduce when you don't.

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