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1136 Centre st. Suite 143 , Thornhill- L4J 3M8
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Preferred Plumbing Solutions Inc - Thornhill

Started in 2007 by master plumber Raphie Konsker, Preferred Plumbing possibilities, Inc (P.P.S.) is a service-based business that takes pride in its work. P.P.S. is focused on doing great work and providing superb service to all or any of our clients. Our company is based in Thornhill and proudly provide service anywhere in the GTA.

P.P.S. holds a master permit in plumbing work and a Red Seal certification. With this Red Seal certificate, we are able to practice plumbing system anywhere in the united states. In addition to this certificate, we additionally hold an OWWA Backflow Prevention License. This will make us Cross Control Connection Specialists (C.C.C.S.).

Preferred Plumbing Systems is willing to handle any plumbing work crisis that will eventually your property or business.
P.P.S. can be devoted to assisting you improve your house or company water effectiveness and expense, and that's why we offer an in-depth water audit. You'll e mail us at 877-541-9033 to set-up your water audit and start saving both cash and water.

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Additional Information

Although there are some plumbing problems that you may be able to handle on your own, some are more serious and require the immediate services of a qualified master plumber. We call these problems plumbing emergencies because they come about suddenly and can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Even worse, if left untreated, they can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

There are two things that you depend on and they’re both located in your bathroom: your toilet and your shower. If either one of these stops functioning, you will have a major plumbing emergency on your hands. Common toilet and shower issues include leaks and clogging. At Preferred Plumbing solutions, we can quickly identify a solution to your toilet or shower problem. And if your toilet or shower requires replacement, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we can order replacement parts and install your new toilet or shower fast.

If you’ve noticed a bad smell in your house, it’s possible that a plumbing problem is the cause of the smell. Because there are many different plumbing causes of a bad smell, it can be hard for the average home or business owner to detect the source of the smell; however, Preferred Plumbing Solutions master plumbers are trained to determine the exact cause of a bad smell as well as how to fix it. We can get your bad smell fixed and your house will smell much better afterwards.

A minor leak in your house might not seem like a big deal; however, it can really add up over time. Take, for instance, this statistic: a faucet that has a leak or is allowed to drip can waste up to 20,075 litres of water per year. Not to mention, a small leak can soon turn into a big leak, which can cause permanent damage to your house. Preferred Plumbing Solutions can determine the cause of a leak as well as correctly repair the leak. Whether you’re dealing with a small or a big leak, Preferred Plumbing Solutions is ready to help.

Product and Services

Here at P.P.S. we offer an array of plumbing services, one of which is water distribution pipe upgrading. This is one of our many areas of expertise. This procedure involves removing all or some of a home’s existing copper or galvanized steel water distribution piping and then replacing it with a superior piping system known as PEX piping. There are many advantages attached to this procedure.

Most dwellings that are at least 10 years old have a copper piping water distribution system and, although it may be a functioning system, there are many longevity and health issues with it.Over time, as copper pipe is exposed to oxygen, a chemical reaction occurs called oxidation. This eventually leads to corrosion and failure of the copper pipe. The result of this leads to pinhole leaks primarily in the hot water piping, weak joints and the pipe wall thinning in various areas. There is no need to mention the devastating results of ruptured pipes and burst lines in a beautiful finished home–it simply goes without saying.

Pex pipe does not chemically react in the same way as copper and therefore is extremely resilient and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to never wear out or thin.In fact, P.P.S. has not had a single incident of leaking on any Pex pipe installation.

Any time water travels through a ferrous material, in this case copper, the water picks up some of the content from the pipe. This fine sediment is then transferred out through your kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets etc.Pex piping barely comes into contact with any metallic substance. The water traveling through the pipe doesn’t pick up any debris or sediment because there isn’t any!

A very common problem with all houses is noisy pipes. The leading cause of this annoying noise is something that we in the plumbing industry call “water hammer”. Water hammer is the shock vibration of the water passing through the piping system when faucets are being turned on and off. This problem occurs because of the rigidity of the pipe, which doesn’t allow for gradual movement and expansion.

The pex pipe system will accommodate water shock due to its incredible malleability. This superior system also expands and contracts to temperature change as needed. The piping doesn’t have to be protected when installed against duct work or other similar building materials because it will not bang or knock against it the way copper pipe does.

As potable water travels through a copper piping system there are many draw backs such as, drastic changes in direction which restrict water volume. When water encounters resistance it causes reduced volume and pressure. The joints in a copper piping systems are formed with solder, if too much solder was used on a joint, that will create additional resistance as well.

The pex piping system doesn’t have any of the above concerns. Its extreme flexibility allows for far fewer 90 degree elbows. In fact because of this superior piping system, 45 degree elbows are not even manufactured. The water volume and pressure exiting this system (through tub faucet, sink faucet or toilet etc.) will increase dramatically.

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