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Sekhon Law workplace is a respected law firm, with offices in better Hamilton and Mississauga, committed to supplying high quality appropriate services. Our experienced solicitors offer dependable legal advice for family legislation, unlawful law, wills and estates, real estate, accidental injury and more legal realms. We aim to provide several appropriate solutions for our clients under our roof.

Our eyesight is simple and straightforward. We want to assist people over come their hardships related to appropriate matters. We take help from our legal experience as GTA lawyers. Our associates proceed with the basic guideline of comprehending the client�s must offer him/her a custom appropriate solution depending on situation.

We, at Sekhon Law workplace, have substantial expertise in the Ontario appropriate realm. We now have worked on complex household law, criminal defence and real-estate cases. Regardless of the realm, we now have proved our worth by providing success to your consumers.Family Law – Our associates have been providing legal solutions for family law cases in Greater Toronto Area. We have extensive experience of fighting divorce, separation, spousal support, child support and access cases. Criminal Law – Criminal cases can get quite complex. Our lawyers apply a different strategy to each case. Our lawyers and paralegals have relevant experience in break and enter cases, sexual assault lawsuits, robbery and fraud cases.Real Estate – Many home and businesses across GTA have benefited from our real estate transaction advice. Our associates can help in purchasing, selling, refinancing and getting you a second mortgage. Personal Injury – Recovering from personal injury is tough, both – physically and mentally. We can help file personal injury claims related to motor accident and tort claims, slip and fall cases, accident benefits etc.Wills and Estates – The design and implementation process of a will can get complex and time consuming. However, our wills and estate lawyers can help create will, probate applications, inter vivos gifts, trust disputes and more.

Sekhon Law Office has been providing valuable legal advice to its clients across myriad realms – individual and business. As soon as we discuss your case, we start work on developing the best possible legal solution as per your situation. Our clients experience a calm and be confident about the case’s positive verdict. We involve them at every stage to ensure transparency throughout the case proceedings.We, at Sekhon Law Office, aim to provide valuable counselling to our clients on family law, criminal law, real estate, wills and estates and personal injury.

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Generally, spouses are expected to get self-supporting as soon as it is possible, but till that time, it is mandatory by law to provide them with financial support.It used to be an uphill task earlier, but not anymore. Nowadays, lawyers and judges tend to use a special kind of software with which it’s easy to calculate the alimony amount. You can also go online to find related calculators which can help you with such calculations, but the thing with them is that they are designed to do only simple calculations. They can’t be fed any special scenarios. So, ultimately it’s best to consult a lawyer so as to make sure you’ve understood everything clearly about your rights and obligations.

Generally, the support amount in this case is deducted from the spouse’s social assistance payments.Post a divorce/separation, providing adequate support to the financially weaker spouse is somewhat mandatory by law. It is done in regard to the efforts they paid while being in the relationship. However it is crucial, for both – the receiving and the giving spouse, to know more about their rights regarding spousal support payments.We, at Sekhon Law, have assisted many distressed spouses in Ontario and GTA to receive their justified alimony after a divorce/separation.

Separation is said to occur when a married couple decides to live ‘separately’ from each other. This means that the married couple will no longer live like a normal husband-wife. It doesn’t really matter whether separation has the consent of both the couples or not. If even one of them moves out, the couple is said to be separated.It’s not necessary for separated spouses to go and live in different homes. Due to child-care and money issues, a separated couple might decide to share the same roof with separate areas for sleeping.

In most cases, separation period of at least one year would be required by you and your spouse before you can file for a divorce. However under some circumstances, one can also apply for a divorce on the basis of mental or physical cruelty or adultery but then situations are bound to get more complicated. You might be asked to provide proper evidence in the court to prove that these grounds are actually true.

Separation is a difficult phase in life. A lot of things are going on, not just in front of you, but within your mind as well. Leading family lawyers of GTA will always advise you to get a separation agreement from a trustworthy lawyer so that you can clearly state some rules regarding your separation with your spouse.

We, at Sekhon Law Office, have consulted many tensed couples who were separated due to personal reasons. However, we offer them some respite by drafting a justified and distinguished separation agreements mutually agreeable to both.Divorce is not something to be planned in advance. However, when imminent, it must be planned with in-depth care giving consideration to all the details. Sekhon Law offers you legal help to sail you through the tough times of a divorce case.

According to the Canadian Divorce Act, only one ground is applicable for divorce i.e. complete breakdown of marriage. A marriage breakdown can be recognized if any of the following happens:If your spouse and you have been living or lived separately for more than a year before the judgment of the divorce. The paperwork, however, can begin anytime once you have are separated.

At Sekhon Law Office, we totally agree to the fact that a personal injury is much more than just physical pain. In fact, it is much more than that. Often we get to see victims who are denied their claims just because they didn’t fight well or didn’t know much about their rights. However, when it comes to personal injury cases, our GTA criminal lawyers are a step ahead.

Our personal injury lawyers have helped our clients sail smoothly through the most complex personal injury cases. Justice and a rightful claim is what we promise to give our clients by fighting their cases with dedication.

A motor vehicle accident can lead to various long and short term repercussions. Motor vehicle accidents can involve all motorized means of transportation like cars, bikes, trailers and trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skies and public transportation. Common ailments caused by motor vehicle accidents include torn ligaments, broken bones, head injuries and long term trauma. Being a victim of a motor vehicle accident, you should definitely know your rights.Such accidents often lead to loss of income as the injured person is bound to take rest and be absent at work. Apart from that, personal injury also brings health expenses which are required for the efficient treatment.

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Child custody is often the most serious negotiating matter in case of separation. Custody of a child refers to the right of making important life decisions that are needed for raising a child whose parents have taken the decision to separate/divorce. Child custody matters are usually taken by courts with utmost care to ensure the best interest of the child.

Custody isn’t merely concerned about which parent the child will be living or spending maximum time with. There can be a situation where only one of the parents has the child’s custody, but the child might be living/spending time equally with both the parents. The child may even live mainly with one of the parents, but the custody has been awarded to both so that they share the vital decisions for the child’s welfare.

When only one parent has the sole custody of the child, then the other parent is left with ‘access’ which gives them the right to spend some time together with their child. The parent having access also has certain rights by which he/she can demand information regarding their child’s education, health and well-being from either the other parent or from places like the child’s school etc.

Child custody issues are often extremely complex and emotionally trying. Without a good lawyer, seeking your child’s custody becomes an uphill task. We, at Sekhon Law Office, are a leading name when it comes to law firms in Hamilton and Mississauga.

Parents who are divorced or are separated have to make proper arrangements for the life expenses of their child. This arrangement could either be in writing or mutually agreed to. In case of written agreement, it is important to include it in the ‘separation agreement’ or ‘court order’.

The parent with whom the child is going to live takes care of a major portion of the child’s expenses. However, the other parent must also help to fulfill those expenses by simply paying grant to the parent with whom the child is living.While some parents are successful in working out the support agreement terms on their own. Generally, that’s not the case with everyone. Others go for a lawyer to write the agreement which is another great option. The other parent can even get it verified by his/her lawyer. This way, both the parents are able to protect their rights along with their child’s.

Parents who cannot come at par with any decision regarding support payments should also go for legal help. In this case, each parent must hire their own family lawyer. The lawyers then negotiate the support terms on the behalf of the parents. If the parents accept, it’s good, but if they don’t, they can go in a court to ask a judge. The judge’s decision is the final call in that case.

The amount to be determined for child support is worked out on the basis of the ‘Child Support Guidelines’ according to Canadian law unless and until the parents tend to agree on some different solutions.

Parents who decide to go for an out-of-court settlement regarding support payments do not necessarily have to abide by the guidelines. However, the least they can do is look at them before deciding the support amount. In their child support amount does not apply to the given guidelines, their agreement must state why not.

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