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Garage Door Repair Denver - Aurora

People know that there is only one choice when it comes to repairing or replacing a garage door. Choosing to call Denver’s most trusted garage door repair and replacement company ensures that no matter what the customer needs, it will be done. Offering a full range of service and support, there is no job too large or too small for a team that can handle everything from replacing broken springs to creating and building custom door designs. The best company will have a team of professionals who can work with all types of door designs and materials. This includes doors that are constructed with the use of wood or glass panels. Aluminum doors will also receive attention when and as needed. The dimensions of the doors may be standard sizes or involve working with doors that are custom built to fit an odd shaped garage door opening. Even the sturdiest garage doors can develop problems from time to time. An inspection by a professional will often yield the fact that the door is still in great shape. All it needs is a few simple repairs. Homeowners find that these types of repairs will restore the doors and ensure they continue to offer excellent service for years.  

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The work of the garage door service and repair company does not end when the current repair or replacement is complete. Homeowners have the opportunity to establish maintenance agreements that include periodic inspections and a limited number of free service calls. Opting for these additional support services helps to ensure that any minor issues with the door can be corrected before they can cause more complex problems.

A trusted garage door company provides customers with ways to make contact any time of the day or night. This means help is available when emergencies arise, and help is needed as soon as possible. With a team that is always courteous and gets the job done quickly, there is no reason to deal with garage door issues for days on end. In many cases, someone can be on the scene in a matter of hours.

The bottom line is that homeowners don’t have to settle for second best. They can call on the most trusted garage door company in Denver, and rest assured that help is on the way. Homeowners can also depend on receiving solid information about what needs to be done, and repair rates that are competitive in the area. Best of all, they can depend on those doors continuing to offer excellent service in the years to come.

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Problems with the Tracks – Tracks can sustain minor damage that makes opening and closing the door difficult. The damage may occur due to getting bumped, normal settling of the garage frame, and even normal wear and tear. In many cases, the dents can be gently tapped out, allowing the door to move up and down with ease.

Broken Springs – Nothing will bring a garage door to a halt like a broken spring or two. Springs will eventually fail because of the stress created by the weight of the door itself. Replacing the springs will once again allow the door to open and close without any hesitation.

Damaged Panels – Panels on a rolling door may fail due to damaged hinges, or because a panel slips the track. Warping can also occur with wooden panels. Replacing worn hinges or creating a new panel to take the place of one that is severely damaged will restore the look and the function of the door.

Rollers and Drums that Stick – The rollers that allow the door panels to glide up and down the track wear out over time, or can be damaged due to dents in the tracks or possibly the collection of residue in the track. Tapping out any dents and cleaning the tracks will often be all it takes to ensure that the door once again moves up and down properly.

Failed Door Openers – Over time, automated openers can develop problems that go beyond the need for new batteries. When an opener cannot be repaired, the service company can locate a compatible opener that will work just fine with the door mechanism.

Sagging Doors – Doors that begin to sag on one side likely have pulleys that have slipped out of alignment. Realigning the door and possibly replacing a worn pulley will take care of the problem.

Consultation with the Homeowner – Before any design work can commence, a designer meets with the homeowner and finds out what he or she wants in terms of appearance and function. The content of that conversation will provide the basis for creating a storyboard for the customized door.

Assessing the Garage – The designer will take measurements and inspect the construction of the garage, including the existing door frame. If the new door is intended to replace an older one, the designer will pay close attention to how that current door is mounted, and how that approach will influence the new door design.

Presenting the Design – Using the garage inspection and the conversation with the homeowner as a foundation, the designer creates sketches of the customized door. Once the owner approves of the design, the real work begins.

Constructing the Door – With the design settled, the customized door is manufactured using the specifications provided by the designer.

Mounting the Door – The door is mounted, using fresh hardware and new tracks. After the homeowner inspects the door and agrees that it is exactly what he or she wants, the job is considered complete.

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