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IC Solutions - Edmonton

IC Solutions is a heavy equipment rental company that provides site-based solutions to Edmonton's construction industry leaders. We offer a wide variety of products and services to help our partners complete their projects, from heavy equipment leases to convenience equipment rentals. Furthermore, we back our rentals with preventative maintenance packages as well as absolute OHS compliance.

Our Edmonton equipment rental company is a client focused organization that brings heavy equipment and site based solutions to a wide variety of industry partners. Our dynamic and flexible team works alongside our clients from concept to completion assisting with construction equipment rentals, long term leases, and many other site specific solutions.

The goal of IC Solutions is to provide the equipment rental Edmonton companies rely on to maximize their uptime. In pursuing our ambition we’re continuously refining our strategies to reduce your downtime. Those strategies include OHS safety compliance, preventive maintenance packages, and the ongoing safeguards and support that keep our construction equipment working efficiently from the first day of your project to the last.

We supply and support a wide range of heavy equipment to tackle the inevitable obstacles that construction projects present. At IC Solutions you’ll find everything you need, from excavators, dozers, loaders, and packers, to trucks, lighting, fencing, and even portable toilets!

By maintaining strong relationships with both our customers and our partners in the construction equipment industry, we ensure you the outstanding service that keeps your project running efficiently.

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Additional Information

Our services begin with the standard offering of term rentals on equipment where our clients take possession for extended periods and operate, fuel, maintain, and support the equipment entirely while they have it on rent. Because our clients vary from small independent operators with little support infrastructure to large well established clients with complete support and maintenance operations we have developed many alternatives to help support all of our client’s needs. Outside of the basic machines themselves we can provide various value added services as required such as preventative maintenance kits which include basic filters and maintenance interval parts, uptime kits which are more robust and have many small items to help minimize downtime in the event of minor issues, ie. Belts, lights, keys, hoses, etc. These kits are stocked, inventoried, and provided if requested by the client. If any particular items are used from the kits they are replenished and only the items used are billed to the client. We can also provide mobile mechanics to perform the required maintenance tasks if that is needed.

In addition to the machines themselves we can also an supplement our clients’ needs with other related products for their construction or project sites. Temporary fencing, waste bins, portable toilets, light plants, and many other things are available through IC Solutions.

IC Solutions provides customer support agreements that are flexible and tailored to the individual needs of each customer. Our service agreements vary depending on the machine in question, its operating costs, and how and where it’s being used. We offer flat rate, hourly rate and service level terms.

Customer support agreements raise productivity and lower operating costs by detecting problems with your heavy equipment before it fails and brings your operation to a standstill.

Our service agreements span a whole spectrum of customer needs. At one end of the spectrum we have customers, usually independent operators, who need extensive support. They’re simply not equipped to do their own maintenance and keep the machines running smoothly by themselves. At the other end of the spectrum we have customers, usually larger enterprises, who have their own full maintenance structure. They’re equipped to do all the maintenance themselves and don’t need our support at all.

So, to ensure that we meet the support needs of all our customers, whether they’re on the ends of the spectrum, or somewhere in the middle, we tailor our service agreements to reflect exactly what each one needs.

HCSS is our equipment 360 software program that keeps us up to date with the maintenance requirements of all our heavy equipment. It keeps track of the maintenance that has been done, is being done, and needs to be done on each piece of equipment. It also provides alerts and scheduling for permitting, inspections, warranty period expirations, preventive maintenance intervals, parts inventory levels, training, etc. To keep our equipment ready to work with no surprises, we have to stay on top of all these behind-the-scenes aspects to our fleets.

With software tracking the intricacies of our fleet,we’re able to notify our clients about important things like when maintenance is due, when utilization is down, and when fuel consumption could be better, etc. For many of our clients that provides a sense of security. They know they have the support that will maximize the value that they get from the equipment they have.

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