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MoreVisas is India's rising immigration and visa experts. MoreVisas foundation ended up being set with a little indisputable fact that incepted inside minds of its promoters within the year 2003, that they thought had the prospective to become an effective business as time goes on. We now have a large a number of successful and happy consumers. At MoreVisas, we offer assistance in securing household visas, reliant visas, student visas, company visa, etc. We rely on supplying top notch solutions to your customers. Our skilled professional and expert immigration counselors will be the face of our company. Currently devoted and prompt solution to our clients.

We follow a channelized procedure for providing accurate guidance to our clients. We have confidence in supplying honest and reliable solutions to our customers. Customers generally speaking need simple methods to secure a permanent visa, so they don't have to face the long procedure period. They afterwards fight and now have a tough time in asylum with no identity. In the place of dealing with this tough time for securing a permanent residency, our professionals advise them in regards to what is better for them. We give an explanation for clients towards certain needs of a certain visa. Though it takes a long time, it might help clients to have a legal and a valid PR. Whenever all of us is managing a specific country, they've been well alert to all of the alterations in the immigration and visa guidelines, prevailing at the time of your application.

We are here to guide the applicants for their immigration process to virtually any country they wish to go. Our adept immigration counselors are updated related to various visas such as for example pupil visa, work visa, company visa, check out visa, permanent resident visa, family members visa, dependent visa, etc. Our immigration counselors are specialized in supplying visa information for different countries, including United States, UK, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong and so many more.

If you need expert guidance, not only linked to immigration and visas, and related to your task search and moving, then MoreVisas is the perfect option. We now have some worldwide offices to work with you in caring for your immigration and visa requirements. We not merely provide guidance for immigration and visas, but also provide travel plans from your own nation of residence to the location nation. We also help you in settling in destination country. MoreVisas provides a whole package, where you can be totally free from stress and stress.

Its an acknowledged fact that nothing comes free of charge. Our costs are reasonable in comparison with other market players. When you choose MoreVisas as your trusted immigration and visa consultant, comfort comes as free. Our company is a great deal specific towards transparency of our solutions. Hence, we make sure that most of the charges levied by us are informed in advance before we initiate the entire process of the application. Our solution fees are the most competent available in the market in comparison with the worthiness that you are going to be benefited by selecting united states. We often provide the breakup of our charges and all other costs such as for instance visa cost, service fees, etc individually to make you comprehend the monetary dedication you need to satisfy. Our service contract can also be detailed prominently for your convenience.

MoreVisas has offices located in Asia and overseas. Our local workplaces are always available available, it is possible to walk-in any time if you need any assistance or response to any of your questions. Our global workplaces assist us to keep updated using the changes in immigration and visa guidelines. Our global presence helps united states to serve you towards your settlement requires within destination country. Our global presence is our primary power which helps united states to serve our customer quickly, effortlessly and reliably.

MoreVisas is considered the most legitimate and experienced immigration and visa professionals in Asia. We now have our workplaces in most the main cities including other overseas countries. We are here in the industry of immigration and visa consultancy for over ten years now. We now have a large client base and 1000s of happy clients, who are satisfied with our immigration services. Our customers are our power, which will be showcased using the relation that we maintain with them. We appreciate our consumers and therefore they keep finding its way back to us for further services, be it for household visa, dependent visa, work visa or virtually any visa requirements. You can expect different services to the consumers with commitment and dedication undergoing immigration and visa support.

Our effective and satisfied consumers are making united states the most trusted and reputed immigration and visa specialists on earth. This in turn, has made united states responsible towards our clients. Our company is totally committed for offering services to your clients which can be beyond their objectives.

Since our customers rely on us for our expertise and professionalism, we have been committed to serving them better. Our immigration counselors keep themselves updated using the regulations in terms of immigration and visas policies of different nations from time to time. It's undoubtedly helped united states to remain well in front of our rivals.

We're very clear in nature. We make our clients feel at ease by giving them all the necessary information regards on entire procedure and costs that might be incurred for immigration and visa solutions to various countries. We have been devoted and determined to present guidance and help in the process of immigration and visa within the many user-friendly manner.

Each client requires detailed information about the immigration procedure. Currently excellent solutions regarding immigration and visas even as we comprehend the fantasies of our customers of landing in a foreign country to produce success. It is the obligation of the immigration consultancy to steer which help the client in most possible methods. We simply take the responsibility of our client's demands. Our immigration counselors are devoted and determined to serve our customers with utmost customer satisfaction.

While our consumers provide us aided by the possibility of directing and helping them in the process of immigration as a responsible and reliable immigration and visa consultant, MoreVisas places all its efforts to supply exceptional solutions. This excellence has triggered high customer happiness and aided us to grow beyond our imagination.

We have a passion to serve our consumers with your exemplary solutions. Aided by the increasing count of our pleased customers, we feel more accountable to offer all of them with quality solutions. We provide complete guidance for making our clients succeed in their immigration procedure. This sort of passion has aided us to excel within our company. We always treat our clients with plenty of attention while focusing. We are here to serve these with devotion and passion.

Morevisas, the India's No.1 immigration and visa consultancy has picked up solid vicinity in the immigration industry by continually offering uncommon visa administrations to worldwide client base.Furnished with a decent group of visa specialists, we offer a full extent of visa administrations for different nations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

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Additional Information

Immigrant Visas or Migrate Visas are issued to applicants who intend to live, work and settle permanently in the intended country. Immigrant visas will permit the applicant to settle in a country. Applicants with extraordinary ability, investors and special immigrants can apply on their own. The application will then be forwarded to the appropriate embassy overseas for the next process. The immigrant visa is then issued to the intending immigrant if he/she is eligible.

The immigrant must provide the visa at the port of entry before the expiration of the visa. Then the immigrant will become a lawful permanent resident once the immigrant visa and accompanying paperwork are reviewed. MoreVisas will provide completed assistance for obtaining an immigrant visa. Our expert counsellors will guide you in the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure an immigrant visa.

Individual who have an immigrant visa can live for a long period in the migrated country and can travel in and out of the country relatively easily. Migration visa is subcategorized into different categories, which include visas for special immigrants, immediate relatives, family-sponsored, regional-sponsored, employer-sponsored, or state-sponsored. Generally the migration visas are multiple-entry visas. The migration visa holders can settle in the destination country with their respective family members.

We value your hard earned money, and Immigration is a big decision for you and your family, it will be an investment of approximately 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 depending on the country you choose and number of family members migrating. The fee paid to the immigration authorities is mostly 100% non-refundable. MoreVisas emphasizes to make sure that you know whether you actually qualify for the visa before applying and investing in this life changing step.A Pre Registration Report (PRR) or evaluation from a skilled and knowledgeable MoreVisas' Subject Matter Expert will let you know accurately where you stand.

MoreVisas offers Pre registration report for the following countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, US, Hong Kong and many more.Your Pre Registration Report is generated based on your profile - age, education, work experience, earnings, spouse skills and occupation in demand. It is not necessary that you need to claim points in all these sections; it could be a combination of some or as many of these attributes.

Your report will list the exact number of points you have scored in each category.You will know if you have qualified or not and for how long you are eligible to apply.You need to earn enough points and provide the documentary evidence to make a successful application. Before you apply for it, see if you actually qualify

Our Processing Team does a detailed review of your profile and assesses your education, your institution, and your personal finances to determine if you are eligible to apply for the visa.If you receive a negative PRR report, the Subject Matter Expert will also suggest what you need to do and which areas need to be worked upon in order for you to qualify.

If you receive a positive pre registration report (PRR) from MoreVisas, you can decide if you would like to avail our full service to process your application. MoreVisas does not accept applications where the Subject Matter Expert has issued a negative pre registration report. This is one reason why our success rate is the highest in the world. So it's "PRR" (Pre Registration Report) before "PR" (Permanent Residency).

Product and Services

Student Visas are given to individuals who aspire to study abroad. They can undertake full-time or part-time study in the respective country they wish to study. Obtaining a student visa is one of the most vital task when preparing for studying overseas. Our expert counsellors will guide you in the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure a student visa.

MoreVisas will provide complete assistance for obtaining a student visa. With the booming competition for qualified professionals, there is a significant increase in issue of student visas in many countries. The course of study and the type of university you plan to study determines which type of student visa you require.

A student visa usually requires that the potential applicant is eligible to study at a local educational institution, which approves to provide courses to foreign students by the local government. Furthermore, in most of the cases applicants must also prove that they have enough funds to support themselves.

Some of the student visas allow students to work for a limited number of hours per week. It is mandatory that all the applicants provide a copy of their passport and letter of enrolment from the educational institution along with their application. The applicant should have a clear idea of the purpose of course they want to study and then apply for a Student Visa.

Work Visa authorizes individuals who aspire to travel to overseas for the purpose of securing employment or take up arranged employment. Applicants, who are highly skilled and qualified professional, who are interested in searching jobs or are already appointed by a company according to the General Labor Agreement would be issued this visa. MoreVisas provides comprehensive assistance for obtaining a work visa.

Generally, work visas are not issued for ordinary, routine and secretarial jobs. Professionals with an advanced degree and extraordinary abilities are generally preferred by the overseas employers/countries. The job categories are divided as skilled workers, professionals and other workers. The main criteria for a work visa stipulated by many countries are that the applicants add value to their economy and contribute positively.

Work Visa is issued from the country of origin. Every year thousands of people migrate to different countries in search of employment or take up arranged employment. The occupations include information technology specialists, cultural exchange participants, artists, investors, researchers, nurses, religious workers, scientists, agricultural workers, athletes, and others.

The applicants must acquire permission to work legally in the country they choose to migrate. Each and every employment category has various conditions, requirements and authorized periods of stay. It is extremely important to adhere to the terms and conditions of your application for the purpose of admission and visa.

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