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1822 Franklin Street , Vancouver- V5L 1P8
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604 Media - Vancouver

604media is an original web site design, development and marketing firm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We focus on custom content administration systems (cms), e-commerce, business procedure management applications and a number of available supply pc software. The bottom line is, we build gorgeous web sites that work.604media is made up of young energetic individuals who all LOVE that which we do. We're experts in our respective areas, and tend to be constantly evolving and enhancing. We develop all of our tasks utilising the latest, innovative strategies available. Several times every day you'll find us high-fiving both within the latest coding finding. We want to excel, and our friendly, open office environment supports creativity and collaboration.

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Making a website which is easy to use for your customers is great; making a website which is easy to use for you is better. We build custom CMS applications which allow you to easily and quickly update the content of your website, whether it be images, text, or video. We can help to determine the easiest method for you to use and tailor your site to your individual needs so that you are not spending copious amounts of time updating your site.

Make it easy for you, not just your clients.While there are many pre-built solutions for content management systems (CMS), for complex systems, the best solutions are always custom built. Going with a custom CMS allows you to tailor the system to your workflow and to have the system designed in a way that works best for you. We work with many pre-built solutions such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and we can provide you honest opinions about the downfalls of each.

In some cases we will even recommend a pre-built solution to save you time and money if we feel it can fit at least 90% of your needs. If you have a complex system, why try to force a CMS solution onto your problem which will cause you headaches and frustration later on down the line? With a custom solution you can easily avoid those frustrations and have a system which has been designed for the purposes you need.

Product and Services

At 604media we can help you to focus, refine and achieve your business goals through your online presence. We have helped numerous companies to set reasonable expectations and achieve their desired business end goals by combining our expertise with search engine optimization (SEO), marketing and web development best practices.

you set ‘em up and we’ll knock ‘em down.They say “the first step is the hardest,” but we believe that analogy is incorrect and should be: “the first step alone is the hardest”. Working with us, you are never alone. We pride ourselves in being able to easily translate complex business goals into manageable, easy to understand, technical solutions. We will assist you step-by-step in every phase of the project from requirements gathering to design and through to development to ensure that your business goals are being met and that the vision and ideas that you have for your website or application are being realized.

More than that, though, we will not just say yes to every whimsical idea. We will always have your best interests at heart and will combine our experience and knowledge along with your ideas and vision to help direct your website or application in the best possible direction for success.

Your company brand and unique identity is what makes you recognizable to your clients and within your industry. You will never look at the Nike “Swoosh” and think it is anything other than the Nike symbol. Can your brand compete on the level of instant recognition? At 604media, we can help you to position your brand in such a way that it is easily recognizable which may provide leverage over your competitors.

We are often asked the question, “What is the difference between marketing and branding?” Marketing is what you do, but Branding is who you are. It is important distinguish between the two, as too often these days they are lumped together into the same hype-speak language globule. You want to ensure that your brand is recognizable; that your clients and customers understand

Marketing is what will get a client or customer to try your product or service once, branding is what will have them coming back again and again. It is not only important that the product or service you provide is of quality, but that your brand is directly translated across as that of providing quality. How your brand is translated when a client visits your website will directly impact their impression of your quality.

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