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Maketick, Inc. was launched in Silicon Valley, CA by a team of extremely talented experts through the hi-tech, banking, business and system safety companies. Our principals come from diverse backgrounds with a higher expertise in handling big consulting computer software, computer software Product developing projects, banking and business solutions, and large-scale network protection solutions. The founders are visionaries whom comprehend technology, market and the significance of smooth and efficient execution of Turnkey Software Projects. As a Silicon Valley computer software Company, we have been innovative, consumer centric, establishing high requirements for technology, customer support and responsiveness.

We try to provide you with the most affordability through our Open supply Development Outsourcing plans and off-shoring options. In the last years we have devoted big R&D dollars and built brand new technologies for various companies. We have been your one-stop search for your enterprise and internet demands.

Our technology team is amongst the brightest while the most useful in the market, with experience in.Major Database Management Techniques.High-volume data administration and warehousing.Internet based application development and ERP.Internet business strategy consulting.Open supply development outsourcing and integration.Testing services for turnkey software projects and web sites & a lot more.

Maketick have been section of some of the most vital tasks in the market, and also have dealt on different platforms and portals like ecommerce, work search, mobile technologies, smart and swipe card technologies, network with game event administration, gambling for rugby and horse racing, etc to call some.

Maketick has played a substantial part in the creation of some of the finest and most popular entertainment web sites and shopping portals. Our work has gained us much prominence and fame on the market. But we genuinely believe that top is yet ahead.We encourage you to definitely join our nationwide growing client list and discover the type of competitive benefits we can offer you as well as your company as a Silicon Valley Software business. Maketick : A leading Software development company offers solutions based on the requirements of the client,provides Innovative technical solutions that give customer added advantage. Our expertise leverages your business towards success.

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Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Additional Information

PDLC model or the Product Development Life Cycle Model is an important part of any Software Product Development project. In fact PDLC plays a vital role in the success of a software product.

Maketick has a reputation in the industry as a solid software product development partner. Over the years Maketick has helped clients improve quality, reduce development costs, and innovate with the latest technologies to reach their business objectives through literally hundreds of product releases. Maketick’s focus on product development has defined new strategies for us to come up with products that exceed our clients’ expectations, and make them come back to us over and over again.

Maketick has a team of highly skilled software development experts. Our success stories are a result of efficient product planning, implementation of the plan, meticulous testing procedures and finally marketing the product. On top of everything, we try our best to offer our clients a high ROI, helping them with effective cost management.

Maketick believes in continuous innovations. Our focus is on innovative business models such as risk / revenue sharing, product sustenance partnerships, and an emphasis on low team turnover. We believe in highly customized products that suit our clients to the last details.

Maketick’s Enterprise Application Software teams are ready to take up any technological challenge. The success of solving a problem is cherished by the whole organization, helping us innovate and grow. We are process innovators. Our primary approach towards a project is from the business point of view. We are highly focused on Software Product Development that makes us render a new array of solutions for software and services providers.

End-to-End Product Services.From idea generation of the product to converting it into reality, Maketick is involved in every stage of product development. Software industry is in real pressure. Along with growth, clients want their core software to be delivered as a service. Software suppliers are clambering towards migrating applications to new delivery models including SaaS.

A bunch of providers have also chosen to build their own infrastructure – while others take advantage of PaaS offerings from other providers. Irrespective of the path, the software providers must move their applications without interrupting the current business model and product feature roadmap. By partnering with Maketick, software providers get the assurance to be the first one to launch their products in the market and with higher touch of quality of course.

Product and Services

Software development, Software Product Development, Software Product Design,Today, all businesses are in the pursuit of solutions that are adaptable, reliable, evolvable, effectual, and flexible. This quality can be achieved by providing solutions that aligns with the client’s business IT infrastructure. Delivering excellence and quality, Maketick, Inc. provides innovative solutions that deliver immaculate services facilitating the customer’s organization to remain a prime in the industry.

With change as the only constant, the dynamic environment requires advanced innovative solutions that adapt and grow. Innovation is amalgamation of perspectives, insights, expertise, and knowledge and this endows the client to address most challenges in this global community. With customer-centric innovative approach, we constantly strive to solve the client problems by providing deliverables that would solve complications efficaciously.

Maketick, Inc. is equipped with resources and expertise that leverages the production of innovative solutions. This innovative philosophy has brought forth ERP- CRM Connector, Model extensions of open source corporate social networking, Alfresco – Drupal Connector, FTP – XML based Connector, SOAP – XML based Connector, Magento – Great Plains – Alfresco Connector etc.

Collaborating with various business organizations worldwide, Maketick, Inc. is successfully delivering intelligent systems that are aimed at the emerging technical market. For more details contact info@maketick.com.

Maketick employs the best engineers and software developers available in the industry, with full competency over their area of expertise. The urge for solving tough challenges always has a positive outcome. Whatever the situation or the challenges might be that come forward, our experts come forward with a solution and deliver the competitive advantage to our clients. Challenges may comprise from massive data-warehousing project for a genomic research institute, to general challenges like developing a scalable security model for a SaaS Development Services platform.

Services for ISVs, Enterprises and Startups.Maketick has been an efficient product development partner for quite some time. All these time, we have worked with some of the biggest, best known companies in the world, and also some of the budding companies who have more than a product vision. Irrespective of size or scale, Maketick has a specific program that matches every kind of companies needs.

While focusing solely on product development partnerships, we are not distracted by other service offerings that would draw out attention and resources. Quality Assurance Software Testing is one of the positive characteristics of Maketick. And because of all these factor Maketick is one of the shining name to choose from in the web industry for a product development partnership.

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