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Gearing Solutions Gears used for reducer modules provide perfect solutions for both rotational and axis motion of a complete honing system. This special technology developed by Gearing Solutions and helps you for easy modular installation and service. Due to this technalog, this drive system can be easily disassembled and shipped to customer's locations easily, so weight, drive efficiency and reliability are primary concerns for us.

Gearing Solutions®The creator of MaxaMinRoller Gears. Roller Gears were first used in high reduction differential units and thousands of units were sold. Today Gearing Solutions produces the third generation of Planetary and Cycloidal Roller Gears used in a wide range of gearheads, speed reducers and speed increasers.For more information pleasevisit our website : http://www.gearingsolutions.com/.(440) 498-9538.5905A Harper Road, P.O. Box 391703, Solon, OH 44139.team@gearingsolutions.com.

Roller Gears were first found in high decrease differential devices and countless units had been sold. Today Gearing Solutions creates the next generation of Planetary and Cycloidal Roller Gears used in a wide range of gearheads, speed reducers and speed increasers providing:

Maximum torque-minimum space.The development procedure, fueled by demands from evolving companies, has generated many uses for this new technology. Examples include: auger drives, industrial mixers, welding robots, portable honing machines, ergonomic valve actuators, drives with counter-rotating dual outputs and speed increasers--a long list.

The next generation roller gear matrix ranges from under an inch in diameter to over 48 ins: inputs vary from as low as 4 inch pounds to 10,500 inch pounds or more. These gears can be combined to generate significantly more than 1,200 ratios. Rounding out the GS capabilities are an automated drive train engineering program, efficient prototyping abilities and short run capabilities.

Become familiar with GS with a finished questionnaire or a call at 440-498-9538.The MaxaMin System uses standard 3-4-5 to1 planetary roller gears and 12.5-25-50 to at least one cycloidal roller gears to quickly attain a wide variety of ratios and horsepower. This system can change housings and shafts to modify drive trains to suit your needs and spending plan.

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All units shipped from Gearing Solutions are pre-lubricated at the factory with grease unless otherwise specified. Secondary external lubrication devices are available on the market should your gearbox experience severe operating conditions. Otherwise, it is recommended you lubricate the gearbox using a compatible lubricant (see below) at a minimum of once per month or every 500 hours of operation, whichever occurs first.

Five to ten full pumps from a standard grease gun will suffice. Temperature of the gearbox itself is a good indicator of the operating condition severity. Maximum severity is if the unit runs close to the design limit of 60 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient; in such a case it is recommended to consider installing an external lubrication device.

Also, any noticeable change in gearbox temperature or noise is a reasonable indicator for additional lubrication to be applied. Standard gearbox units, while reasonably sealed, are not designed to run submerged. Gearing Solutions can provide special sealing for submersed applications upon request. If you suspect a contamination to have penetrated a standard Gearing Solutions gearbox, we request you return it to us and we will access and repair the damage as stated below.

Return Policy: Gearing Solutions offers a policy of returning the gearbox to the factory (freight pre-paid) for inspection and repair as long as the customer has obtained a Return Material Authorization number. Reasons for return may include normal wear, contamination from foreign substances or unit malfunction. All items found to be the responsibility of Gearing Solutions will be replaced at no charge; repair of all items found to be the responsibility of the customer will be quoted to and approved by the customer prior to completion. Return shipping will be covered by Gearing Solutions.

Product and Services

Building on earlier versions of roller gears Gearing Solutions® is introducing a series of high reduction NEMA gear-heads based on the Cycloidal versions of roller gears. The SRC 30-50 is available in 50:1, 25:1, and 13:1 ratios, and Gearing Solutions® adapters which can accommodate NEMA 56 -145, 183, and 256 C-face motors. The 50:1 is rated for 3.5 HP the 25:1 for 7 HP and the 13:1 for 12.5 HP.

Roller Gears have another big advantage; they can be made on standard machines. The key Is in developing in house tooling and our core staff with over 100 years of experience has done just that. This manufacturing bonus allows us to.Produce various packages and combinations in small quantities at commercial rates.

Modify standard designs quickly and easily.As our library of modified products grows your costs for them drops.As usage increases they become standards available for quick delivery.

Standardized Products (like gears) can come from any reliable source but modified and special designs are different. Even with advanced CAD systems, the knowledge accumulated by a skilled drive train engineer often cannot be utilized quickly. This experience can, however, be captured and incorporated in special programs. The process is called "knowledge based engineering".

It is the way we developed our D-TAP. It uses over 50 engineering sub-programs.
The Drive Train Automation Program (D-TAP) can screen several million possibilities for the most practical designs and produce a report with a half dozen options. At this point, depending on inputs, it can design a roller gear drive train in as little as 20 minutes. This is not just a picture. It includes specifications and a 3-7 page engineering report.

But, D-TAP is not enough.Even with years of testing and field experience, it is often prudent to prototype new designs. Our tool and die team is constantly improving traditional ways of building prototypes. They are using modern methods (Gibbs) and machines (Mazac-Enshu-Takasawa-Centroid). Our current costs are 1/3 of what they were three years ago.

Gearing Solutions® has learned that short run capabilities must be added to finish the process. The same team that is reducing prototype costs has developed a tooling system which allows us to set up for simple parts in as little as 15 minutes and for complete change over in 45. This makes it much easier to field new designs.

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