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HP4S - LED Grow Lights - HPS Lighting - Hydroponics - Pomona

Now Growing indoor with LED lights are so easy now a days. .Everyone who wants indoor gardenng has a relationship with HPS gardening lights. Most of people love the high pressure sodium (HPS) lights flood our garden’s canopy with intense light, providing lots of spectrum light energy. We have HPS lights widely available at reasonable prices. You often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with their million-dollar idea over a couple beers with friends. Not us. You even hear those feel good stories of college roommates and best friends who started a company together. Not us either.

In 2013, lighting, horticultural and product design engineers came together because we believed what we could do with HP4S would represent a shift in how people perceived grow LED lighting based upon our superior technology for horticulture. It is the creative minds behind our brand that bring the power to you. At our core, we are a culture of thinkers and makers. We aren’t a consultancy whose end deliverable is merely a PowerPoint presentation. We aren’t just a production entity that executes someone else’s vision. We develop insightful strategies that are rooted in consumer behavior allowing a better interaction between our dealers and their consumers.

Since then, we have been working close with Alta LED and partnered with Evergreen Lighting. HP4S is the marketplace that will broker the sale of this technology. We manage the entire process through to completion, starting with system valuations to technical recommendations. Evergreen Lighting continues to furnish HP4S with over 25 years of expert consultation in bringing HP4S to market and becoming HP4S’s first stock distributor.

Throughout the history of business, people use light to function, live and be productive. Our mission at HP4S is to make the grow LED economy more transparent with HPS lights. Today we provide the most actionable farming LED technology & insights in existence. We want to make this data available to as many people as possible… in many industries.

Today, High Power 4S Inc. is becoming the industry’s leader in high power, full spectrum luminaires. Our company is proud to be the first integrator of Alta technology for horticulture use. After comparing and testing multiple light source technologies for the next light source generation, we found exactly what we set out to find… Alta LED, a die manufacturer of light emitting diodes. After searching through all the various led companies, HP4S found a technology that had never been seen by the world. More importantly, High Power 4S Inc. not only found a light source but was also dealing directly with the creators of the light itself.

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Below is the analysis for both retrofit situations and new construction. In the retrofit analysis the entire cost of the LED fixtures plus an allowance equal to $100 per fixture is the amount utilized to calculate the pay-back period and the IRR (Internal Rate of Return).

In the new construction analysis the premium or difference between the cost of new HID fixtures and the cost of new LED fixtures is the amount utilized when calculating the payback period and IRR. Thus the payback period is shorter when one is recovering the cost of just the premium and consequently the IRR is higher.

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Alta has a patented die level technology. There are only 6 other companies in the WORLD that have dabbled in this level of futuristic technology.Alta is the only privately held die making company in the world.Alta’s die technology is made in America.

The founding partners of Alta have over 63 years of lighting industry experience.Technology Facts.Between the years 2004-2008, Alta die technology has been proven to be the best performing die by Caltech, UNLV Lighting Research Laboratories, and the Purdue Lighting Research Laboratories.

The Alta die characteristics are different than the other 6 die making companies because the Alta die making process is more extensive resulting in better performance.Alta die IP confirms that our technology is 20% better than any other competitor, 20% less heat while producing 20% more lumens per watt.

Because of our process, Alta die technology has the tightest binning forward voltage in the world. All Alta dies are binned within .1 of a volt variance. The blue wavelengths are very consistent, performing with no color shift.

To explain, “binning”: Binning is essential for most if not all LED applications. For example, due to binning it is possible to produce a traffic signal with the specific color needed to meet the standard.Alta dies are currently being used and tested for different applications for different industries.

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  • Photo of HP4S - LED Grow Lights - HPS Lighting - Hydroponics
  • Photo of HP4S - LED Grow Lights - HPS Lighting - Hydroponics
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