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Big Marco Bail Bonds - San Diego

Big Marco Bail Bonds provides bail solutions nationwide and it is headquartered in hillcrest, Ca. We are one of many not many bail bond agencies that will handle immigration bail bonds and all sorts of forms of bail. With over 40 years experience in the bail bond industry we the leading agency into the nation. Available 24hrs each day seven days weekly to respond to your questions or issues regarding the bail of a family group or friend. We provide free assessment and will respond to all the necessary questions you may have regarding the bail bond procedure. Big Marco Bail Bonds is certified by the Department of Insurance in California to offer bail solutions.
We have confidence in providing customers an easy and  reliable bail regarding getting a family group or friend from prison. We respect your circumstances and provide privacy and courtesy to all our customers. Our experienced agents can typically process a bail within in the absolute minimum time. Currently options for bailing some one out of prison via phone, fax and email. If you should be struggling to visited our office we can offer a representative to come talk with you at your location.

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Bail Bonds for non-U.S. citizens and Immigration Detainees.People who are not U.S citizens and get arrested for suspected immigration violation status or criminal activity may be eligible for an immigration bail bond. This bail bond is a federal bond that can be issued to people who are detained by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and/or US Department of Homeland Security Immigration.

An immigration bail bond allows detainees to leave the detention facility or jail until their court hearing. Theses bail bonds in California are much like surety bail bonds that are issued for U.S. citizens, in that they act as insurance that the person will attend all their court appearances or forfeit the bond.If the accused person is deemed ineligible to post an immigration bail bond, they must remain in detention until their court hearings and the resolution of their case.

Criminal vs. Immigration Bail Bonds.People who are arrested and taken to Immigration Detention are not the same as non-citizens arrested for committing a criminal act. The criminal justice system and immigration detention are separate systems in the U.S. A criminal case will be pursued and litigated in the criminal justice system, and immigration detention is solely for immigration cases.

The amount of the immigration bond is determined by the judge, and depends on several factors in the case, such as any past arrests or crimes of the accused, the nature or type of the crime, as well as possible risk that the accused will not attend their court appearances and leave. The persons individual nationality or their current immigration status is not usually considered in eligibility for an immigration bail bonds.

Product and Services

There are many bail bonds agencies in San Diego, the question is which one is the most reliable and can get your loved one out of jail the fastest. Different bail bonds companies in San Diego may offer help for different service areas, for example, some bail bond companies may help if your loved one has a warrant but other agencies may not.

By posting a bail bond the bail agency holds the financial responsibility for the full amount of the bond and is responsible for bringing the accused to the judge-appointed court date. In the event a criminal defendant fails to appear in court, the court will forfeit the bail. The bail agency has a limited amount of time to return the defendant to custody or they will have to pay the full amount of the bail to the court.

Bailing out a loved one from a holding can be very traumatic. Thus, people in a stressful situation are more prone to sign a contract with any bail bond company in hopes to be reunited with their loved one quickly. However, different companies may have different conditions and requirements. Consequently, when people are offered what seems to be a ‘very good deal’ by a bail bond agency, they may find that their final cost may ultimately be much different than what they originally believed. Thus before signing any contract with a bail bond company, be sure that you have researched the company online and understand the contract terms and conditions.

The time for a bailed person to be released from jail depends on the workload of the police station, jail or processing center, which can be anywhere between 2 to 24 hours. If the bail agent is unfamiliar with the release procedures in a particular county, it can prolong the process even longer.When the bail is set, some people may be able to post the full bail amount at the jail. The money they deposited will be returned to the depositor when the case is over. However, most people cannot afford the whole amount, especially when they are having financial difficulties.

One of the most convenient and effective ways to post bail for a loved one or a friend is to hire a bail bond company; There are many steps in the bail bond process. The first obvious step is to contact a reliable bail bond company. In most cases, a friend or a relative of the arrestee contacts a local bail bond company. The bail bond company will collect all the information about the arrestee and evaluate the amount of risk involved in posting a bail bond for the case.

Most agencies will charge a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the total amount of the bail for their services. An agency may also require a cosigner to guarantee payment for any costs up to the full amount of the bail in the event the bond is forfeited. Sometimes the bail bond company will ask for collateral in order to put up the bail. Usually collateral is required when the bail bond agency determines that security is needed to cover their exposure for the liability on the bond.

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