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Ceramique Internationale Ltd are a Leeds based tile supplier that ship wall tiles and floor tiles throughout the UK.The directors and staff at Ceramique Internationale Ltd.That is all about the many areas of the tile industry where we think our directors and fellow workers may bring you one thing unique and a lot better than other tile businesses. These pages are often pretty boring so lets make it more interesting available.

"Who Do We Think We Are" ended up being a classic album made by dazzling rock team Deep Purple in 1973 which happens to be the entire year we considered starting a company to import tiles this concept found fruition in 1974 when Ceramique Internationale ended up being created.Cameron Fraser & Peter Vann whom look after you by taking care of the following:-Specifications. This division is able to assist you to if you should be an Architect, Designer House Builder or Property Developerï.Tell United States What You Want� and our experienced team will help you against initial product selection all the way through to conclusion of your project.Circulation: If you are a Tile Retailer, toilet Centre, Kitchen Centre or Conservatory provider our completely trained sales force will service you with examples, display panels and space sets. All your orders are expedited by our internal sales team whoever job its to maintain you and your requests.

Shop Sales: tilesandmosaics.co.uk is a 4500 sq ft showroom that has been already refurbished filled with displays built to supply a few ideas, offer you choices and give you choice for any area you are looking for to tile at home.Warehouse: Over 100,000 square meters of tiles in stock at any time backed by once a week collections from Europe's most useful factories giving you the advantage of immediate collection, giving you regular deliveries and giving you continuity of supply."that you" was the very last album produced in 1978 by stone legends The whom before the untimely loss of drummer Keith Moon.

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Granite tiles are very hard wearing and look fantastic on any floor or wall in a house or commercial environment. Have you noticed how much granite tiles shine.Granite tiles are a dense hard volcanic stone and they are highly suited to use in your home. Granite has always been used extensively in construction and more recently, granite tiles have become a popular choice for kitchen worktops and domestic flooring.

The polished surface on granite tiles will give you a wonderful looking natural floor which often shows sparkle and inner depth, possessing a tactile smoothness that's almost sensual to feel.Granite tiles.You can visit our online gallery to look at a selection of our granite tiles now or just call us on the numbers below. To discover more,Just call us on 0113 231 0218 or just Tell Us What You Want™

The range of granite tile colours is deep blacks, rich blue/blacks, warm ochre and cool whites. The granite colour spectrum has many variations, all of which offer you an opulent atmosphere.If you are considering a contemporary floor then consider granite tiles and let Mother Nature give you stylish durability.To discover more, Just call us on 0113 231 0218 or just Tell Us What You Want™.

The "LOGES" system of tiles is a specially designed range of porcelain tiles for the blind or visually disabled that can be used in any area to help move around more safely.This tile range has been patented by Casalgrande Padana and uses their Granitogres range as the base tile for all the elements within the system.

This means these special tiles for the blind can be used internally or externally in heavy traffic areas such as stations, airports, shopping centres, supermarkets or on pavements. The company has both wall tiles and floor tiles that help you move around. To discover more about these tiles, just call Ceramique on 0113 231 0218. They will help you.The modular elements of this flooring system for the visually disabled are produced in easily understood informative codes to give both directional information and situation warnings.

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kitchen wall tiles.our kitchen wall tiles will be adding colour and style to the rest of your kitchen area. Your new kitchen is a large investment and as one of your key living areas, the wall tiles in the kitchen need to look very good.

You can use wall tiles in the space in between the kitchen wall cabinets and floor cupboards to significantly enhance the style you are creating for this important room.To discover more about our kitchen wall tiles, tilesandmosaics.co.uk invite you to just Tell Us What You Want™ or you can ring us now on 0113 231 0218. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kitchen wall tiles.A typical order of kitchen wall tiles is only around 3 sq metres - so allow for this in your budget - you probably want to make your kitchen one of the most attractive rooms in the house. Most kitchen wall tiles are small sizes i.e. 100mmx100mm and there are plenty in stock here at the showroom - small wall tile sizes suit the little kitchens spaces that we tile in the UK.

Perhaps you would also enjoy experimenting with all the mosaic tiles we stock.Natural effects like stone or slate textures go well with real wood doors, and you can use gloss or matt plain wall tiles for minimalist contemporary styles. You can also use our glass tiles effectively to create modern impact.

To find out more about our kitchen wall tiles, Ceramique Internationale Ltd invite you to just Tell Us What You Want™ or you can ring us now on 0113 231 0218 and we will listen to your needs.Did you know, Mosaic tiles are one of the very earliest forms of tiling? Mosaic styles and tiles have remained in fashion since Roman times.

As well as the kaleidoscope of colour that mosaic tiles can bring, you will discover all the various sizes from tiny 12mmx12mm squares, the more typical 25mmx25mm mosaic tile squares and brick shapes of 25mmx50mm. All of these tiles are pre mounted on mesh backing so you can fix blocks of 30cmx30cm in one go. This makes things a lot easier than you may imagine!

Want to discover more about our mosaic tiles.Easy…just call us on 0113 231 0218 or just Tell Us What You Want™.Thinking of using mosaics as your bathroom tiles? You could use mosaic tiles as horizontal feature bands by cutting sheets into strips 2 or three tiles deep and then co-ordinate these bands by covering the floor with the same mosaic tiles…a great look!

Mosaic tiles Mosaic tiles Mosaic tiles.You can run full widths of mosaic tile sheets vertically as a decorative element alongside larger plain tiles and even consider using them entirely on one full feature wall.As a kitchen tile, mosaics can offer you a contemporary contrast to minimalist cabinets which will look cool and sexy, yet remains practical.For the more budget conscious projects you can choose larger ceramic 'faux' mosaic tiles which have been scored so when they are grouted, produce a mosaic look.

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