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Dream house buyer will buy property all over Britain, and focus on all of the regions in England and Wales. We make quick, cash offers for all types of property.Dream House Buyers are a family property business based in London. We specialise in buying investment property in all regions of the UK, and we have been investing in property since 1962. We have an expanding portfolio of residential property and have substantial cash funds available immediately for further investment in the property sector. Our company has an outstanding reputation, tight structure and the financial resources available to make an immediate decision and where required we can complete property transactions in days. We can offer you flexible and structured timescales to assist you in moving on.

National House Buyers.We are house buyers with a difference, and currently focused on increasing our portfolio and actively seek the following types of property:Vacant or Let in any condition, including un-mortgageable property.Property let on any tenancy including where you are selling property with sitting tenants.Ground rents - selling your ground rents to a reliable cash buyer.Unmodernised flats and houses. We have worked on property in all types of condition. Providing that we can open the front door, we are interested in speaking to the owners of unmodernised property. Property causing a problem for any reason such as problem tenants, flat with a short lease, tenants in arrears, legal or condition issues.Land for development - Greenfield land, Brownfield land, Garages, Large and dated residential dwellings, Redundant factory/warehouse/office premises, car parks.Selling a property portfolio? We have the financial ability to proceed today. We are national house buyers and cash buyers of property, any property, anywhere. Immediate exchange of contract where required - sell now.Quick buyers of property - When we express that we are quick property buyers, we mean it. This statement can be supported by a reference from our solicitors, who have acted for us for over a decade. You choose the speed at the outset, and we will work to your request. Selling your house fast could not be easier.We guarantee you the certainty of selling your property as soon as you wish. We promise to make an immediate decision and completion can be in days if required. Over the years we have built up a great database of contacts that we can rely on if local knowledge is required. If you are selling a property with sitting tenants, we assure you that speaking to us is completely confidential and no contact will be made with your tenants unless we have your prior agreement. Please be assured there are no fees selling to us whatsoever and we will pay your legal fees. Selling property could not be easier - Contact us now to speak with a decision maker.

We provide the following guide to our cash house sales:A fast response when you contact Dreamhouse Buyer.We can act immediately, exchanging contracts within 48 HOURS if necessary. You've already been waiting long enough to sell your house and we won't make you wait any longer!Our Experience as property buyers.We have relevant skills that make the process easy for you. Our directors are property valuers and have experience in house sales, finance, debt recovery and mortgage brokerage. Various options on our cash house sales.We give you options and we don't try to force your hand. There are often several solutions to a problem, so we'll find the one that is right for you and make sure you feel completely happy with it.Financial backing to enable us to buy your property for cash. Our firm has access to substantial cash funds that allow us to make significant property investments. That means we can make decisions and get your house sale tied up as soon as you request.Selling a property with sitting tenants.If you are considering a house sale with sitting tenants then you have found a solution. We buy property with all types of sitting tenants, even where they are difficult or there are rental arrears. Selling your property with sitting tenants can be a straight forward process, and we aim to relieve the stress out of the house selling process. We buy property direct.We do not pass on leads to anyone else. All purchases are undertaken in-house, and we do not act as estate agents. We are the potential buyer of your property.Referrals.Lots of people come to Dreamhouse Buyers because we are recommended to them by friends, colleagues or relatives. We only ask people to refer us if they're 100% satisfied, but if they do, we offer them a cash reward. According to our previous customers, you will find us "professional, knowledgeable and polite. Advice on the best solution for selling your property.We will listen to your situation in detail and make you a cash offer for your property based on the information that you provide us with. We are cash buyers of vacant and let property and selling a buy to let property to us can be extremely easy. There is no need to inform your sitting tenants until contracts have been exchanged and the sale is legally binding. We assure you our respect at all times and we ensure that we will make the house sale process as simple and stress free as it possibly can be. We thrive from referrals and therefore hope that if we provide you with a good house selling service, then as you will recommend us to others who maybe considering a sale of property, or sale of a property with sitting tenants.

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Additional Information

House selling process when you choose a cash sale for your property. We are property buyers and our service is quick and simple from the initial conversation through to the purchase of your property.As genuine cash buyers of property we are able to complete property transactions in the timescale that best suits you – whether it is days, weeks or a few months, we really thrive by tailoring a solution to suit your requirements.

Completion to suit you - you choose the date for your house sale.We pay your legal costs up to £1000.00. Genuine cash offer from a family property investment company.Strictly no fees – we pay all costs.Up to 85% of the market value paid immediately – which in fact is a significant increase from many other house buying companies.

You will pay no valuation fees.We are property professionals and as property buyers we want to make the house selling process as simple and quick as possible. We can arrange house clearances, and removals on your behalf – let us take over the stress.

You may have already been waiting long enough to sell your house and we will not make you wait any longer!We will find you a solicitor if you request, although if not, then using your own is fine by us.

Further benefits of a quick, cash house sale include:We use the latest database technology along with market knowledge to establish the value of your property. In most cases we carry out an external valuation (drive by) however if you are selling a property with sitting tenants, then there is no need to disturb them as we provide a confidential house selling service. We provide a discreet service and do not contact your tenant without your permission.

We are a family property company and buy direct which means there are:No estate agency fees to pay or hidden costs.We will also pay your legal expenses to an agreed amount.We can even arrange and meet the cost of a house clearance if this is required.

There are no contracts or agency agreements to sign. The only contract you will sign is the one with your solicitor when it is time to sign the sale contract .In addition to the thorough processes we use to determine our final figure, we offer a fast and effective service, turning quick home sales into valuable cash amounts rapidly, aiming to make you a cash offer within 24 hours of our initial conversation.

Selling your property fast couldn't be easier. We will make you a guaranteed cash offer for your property. We promise to make an immediate decision and completion will be to suit you. Over the years we have built up a great database of contacts whom we can rely on if local knowledge is required.

If you are selling a property with sitting tenants we assure you that speaking to us is completely confidential and no contact will be made with your sitting tenants unless we have your agreement. Please be assured that selling to us, there are no fees whatsoever and we even pay your legal costs! Selling could not be simpler - Contact us now to speak with a principle.

Either fill out the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page or please ring us on 08001577497.One of our friendly consultants will contact you to gather some more information about your property to enable us to give you an immediate cash property offer.

It is imperative you are truthful about the condition of your property and tell the consultant of any issues that you are aware of that may affect the value of your property.House Valuations and Legal Report.Once you have provided us with the address and details for your property, we will start the valuation and make an offer by telephone, letter or email whichever is your preferred choice. It will always be followed by an offer in writing.

Once the sale is agreed our solicitors will contact your solicitors to confirm instructions.Your solicitors will confirm they are instructed by you and send to our solicitors a contract of sale. Enquiries will be raised and the appropriate searches made of the Local Authority and Land Registry Titles. Once all matters are satisfactory an exchange of contracts will take place. We have substantial cash backing and there is no requirement for a bank survey or valuation, thus avoiding delays.

Cash house sale. Exchange of Contracts and Completion – money in your account at the speed you want it.On acceptance of our formal offer, we will agree a completion and moving date and then exchange contracts. On completion, the sale funds (after the repayment of any mortgage or loans by your solicitor) will be transferred into your bank account.

Where required, we can even exchange on your sale and let you stay in your property for up to 12 months to give you chance to find another home if this service is required – please call today to discuss.Sell house fast. When considering a fast sale of your property, think how much time and energy you will save by not selling through an estate agent. Please remember that we have the following merits:

Cash house buyers - Financial backing.Our firm has access to substantial cash funds that allow us to make significant property investments. That means we can make immediate decisions and get your house sale tied up in the timescale that suits you best.We buy property direct.We do not pass on leads to anyone else. All purchases are undertaken in-house by the directors or partners.

Lots of people come to us because we've been recommended to them by friends, colleagues or relatives. We only ask people to refer us if they're 100% satisfied, but if they do, we offer them a cash reward. CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION ON REFERRALS. Agents fees paid.Up to 85% of the market value will be offered dependant on factors such as location, property type, tenancy if let and problem associated such as a defect with the property where applicable.

Product and Services

Cash paid fast for all types of property, regardless of the size, value or condition. Sell us your property fast today.Our business model is simply that we offer you the opportunity to streamline the house selling process, and we will make you an immediate cash offer for your property, regardless of the value, condition or location. Selling your house quickly should be easy, and there are no catches, nor hidden charges when selling to us.

We are a cash funded house buying company, and therefore we pay up to 85% of the property value. We urgently require property and we can work to whatever timescale you request. Whether you require an immediate sale of your property, or delayed to fit in with your onward move, we can tailor the timescale to suit you.

Fast house sale experts.Speak to our house buying team to ensure that you choose the right house buying company.Home owners might want to sell their house quick for various reasons, and we aim to tailor our house buying solution to suit your needs. We are a family property buying business and all of our team share the same passion for buying property.

You have the benefit of receiving the best personal service, with the minimum stress when considering selling property fast. Being a family business enables us to reduce our overheads and in turn we will try our best to beat any other genuine cash offer you have received for your property. In addition, and where you request, we offer to meet you at your property and once a sale has been agreed, you will be assigned a member of the team to talk you through the sales process from start to finish.

There will always be someone at the end of the phone to answer any questions you have during the property sale process and if you want to speak at weekends or after office hours, you will have a mobile number to call at any time you wish.

Cash house sale.Fast cash sale of your property - If you are selling a house or flat, and want a fast and hassle-free cash property sale then please speak to us today.The process is simple; we will carry out a no obligation valuation, followed by our cash offer for your property, which is typically up to 85% of the market value. There are no fees and we will pay your legal costs on completion of the sale.

If you have found an ideal home and you are struggling to sell your property then we can work to the timescale that suits you. If you have ever thought 'How can I sell my house fast' then you have come to the fast property sale specialists, and we can buy your property as quickly as you would like us to. See below the benefits of a cash house sale, selling your property fast to Dream houseBuyers.

The Benefits of Selling property fast to our company.We are cash buyers of houses and flats, and we are focussed on assisting homeowners who want a fast and hassle free sale of property, instead of the indefinite process of selling privately or through an estate agent.After your enquiry, you will speak direct with the property buyer and there are no third parties involved.

I would emphasise that we are not estate agents or brokers – we are a family property company who have been investing in property for the many decades. You will speak with the buyers of your property from start to finish and we are always available to meet with you or talk over any problems or questions that you might have.

Cash house sale with no costs or obligation to proceed with our cash offer .There is no cost or obligation to proceed so providing that you understand that our offer will be a little less than the market price, then please call us today for an immediate cash offer for your property. No hassle and no fees property sale to Dream house Buyers.

We pay all your legal costs and you pay no fees to an agent. Sell your house for cash and relax knowing that the process will be taken care of from start to finish by one of our fast house sale experts. We are property buyers, there are no third parties and you will be speaking with the same contact from start to finish. You pay no fees, just a direct and straight-forward cash property sale, and there are never any fees or survey costs.

Immediate cash offer for your property. You benefit from peace of mind when choosing to sell your property to our experienced team.Our cash buying property service enables you to plan, relocate and organise your affairs with certainty. You do not have to wait to find a buyer for your property. You can sell your property fast, with no for sale boards or viewings. There will not be endless viewings, or timewasters, just where possible an initial meeting with you and an introduction to one of our home buying specialists.

If you live elsewhere, you will not need to meet with us and we can make assumptions or make alternative arrangements to inspect the property, if we feel that a survey is required. You do not have to worry about broken property chains, gazundering or the uncertainty that one might change their mind. Even if you have done everything possible to make things go well, there are unfortunately still a few stages where things can wrong.

One of the major hitches is gazundering. We will not gazunder unless there is a genuine legal or property problem which we have not been advised about beforehand.Sell property fast and with the speed and guarantee that you require. We are fast house sale experts, and therefore very experienced in buying property fast. On previous occasions we have attended a solicitor’s office to exchange contracts on the same day.

If you are facing repossession and require an immediate property sale then please tell us during our first conversation and we will work with you to buy your house immediately.Fast sale of your property. You benefit from flexibility when considering our solution to selling your house fast.

We can offer you flexible terms to suit your personal circumstances. Dreamhouse buyers can exchange contracts immediately providing you with the certainty that you have sold your home, however we can offer you the flexibility of a delayed completion to any date that suits with your onward plans. This gives you more time to plan without the need to move home.

Dreamhouse buyer provide a quick, easy and hassle free house buying service, enabling you to sell your property with a timescale that suits you.You save time.You save you time by eliminating the need to market your property through estate agents, spending time receiving viewers, receiving offers that may fall through and then dealing with the stress of broken chains at which point you may decide to use our service although a lot of time energy and resource would have been saved if you had approached us in the first instance when you really wanted a hassle free and fast house sale.

You have your own independent solicitor for the sale of your property.We can assist in helping you find one and what's better - WE PAY THE BILL.In addition to the above.There are no fees for you to pay at any stage nor catches, this can be clarified from our solicitor to yours.It is completely confidential, there are no for sale or sold boards and if you are selling a property with sitting tenants, the they need not be disturbed.

Once you’ve decided to sell your property to us, we will handle all the paperwork. We can also assist in arranging a house clearance, however this does not need to be done in any rush, and we can book a removal providing that it is a few days before completion.You can use your own independent solicitor, however we can assist with our recommendation if required. If you prefer, we can find you a solicitor and we will pay their fees, too.

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