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 The Active Holiday Company is an adventure travel specialist offering self-guided and small group tours based on hiking, cycling, marathon races, trekking, expeditions, wildlife safaris etc. to destinations across the world. Our signature SMALL GROUP BIG FUN trips are perfectly sized with an average of 8 to 10 travellers bringing like-minded travellers together on an unforgettable and at times life-changing travel experience. We believe that travelling active makes for unforgettable fun experiences as you explore destinations up-close and personal - exploring the unfamiliar, immersing yourself in local flavours and unwinding in the adventure of one's choice. No matter what travel style you choose, there is nothing quite like discovering quaint villages, gliding past little known vineyards, soaking in the scenery and adding a dash of adventure to your life, all the time leaving a low carbon footprint and making a difference quietly.
To lead the active adventure touring space and change lives by spreading the love and inspiring travellers to get out there.. one holiday, one traveller, one community at a time!In the beginning there was a great job – that of a Regional Director for South Asia & Middle East for the World’s largest coach touring company.
And, everything seemed exactly as it should be. Then arrived a mid-life crisis and our founder took up long distance running. For her 40th birthday, a few days after running to the lowest point of earth – the Dead Sea, she gifted herself a trek to the base camp of the highest peak – Mt. Everest. And nothing was the same again.

To start with, the depreciated car was replaced with a bicycle. Next she quit her job and founded the Active Holiday Company, putting to use her 21 years experience in the travel industry. The original idea of their Small Group Big Fun trips was to offer a travel solution to travellers like her:

Travellers who wanted to have fun doing things out of the ordinary, getting on the back-roads and behind the scenes,Travellers who wanted authentic experience and were willing to try new things – dance with the locals, try different cuisines, stay at charming little places
Travellers who appreciated the security of going with a reliable ‘expert’Travellers who respected and understood the importance of supporting and preserving local,And most of all, travellers who wanted to explore destinations differently but rarely found like-mined people within their circles to give them company

The first few trips were International marathon tours and within a short span of time the company added guided and self-guided trips based on activities like hiking, cycling, rafting, safaris etc. Today, the company also partners the worldwide adventure travel giants like Intrepid and Exodus to bring unique experiences like expeditions and overland tours across 7 continents to travellers.

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If you consider yourself an adventurer, a Polar Expedition is a must-do for you! All you need is an adventurous streak and the desire to explore – no need to spend months preparing! Join an expedition to experience the magnificent icebergs and imposing ice cliffs of the Earth’s Poles first hand. Sail and walk among fauna unique to these faraway lands. Let these pristine, unexplored expanses speak to your heart as you journey to the end of the earth.

Imagine entering the land of the magnificent polar bear as a ringed seal dances in the sea and a little arctic fox bounds up a snowy hill. Perhaps you’ll get to watch the magical Aurora Borealis swaying in the sky. Travel to the Arctic for an experience that will stay with you forever as our expert and qualified guides show you the essence of a place they understand and love.

Follow in the footsteps of Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton as you set off on an Antarctic expedition. Be mesmerized by penguins diving gracefully off icebergs while whales frolic in the freezing waters. As our guides lead you through the intriguing story of this frozen continent, you are sure to make fond memories of this glacial place! And, since all these trips begin in South America, you may even consider a South American excursion along with your Antarctic expedition!

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