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Provides small businesses, organizations, and individuals with targeted traffic through the powers of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , Social Media Marketing (Facebook Marketing) , & PPC (Pay Per Click).Web Design & SEO Company in New Orleans,Infintech Designs is a web design & seo company located in New Orleans, Louisiana that specializes in custom digital solutions for your website. 
We have a small team of web designers and search engine optimization experts that have years of experience, creativity and innovative ideas to ensure your website is capturing as much traffic as possible for keywords related to it’s product and/or services.  We believe there is no point in having a beautiful website if no one ever finds it. 
Building a aesthetically pleasing website that properly communicates your brand and message is important, but optimizing the website for search engines is just as important to us.  Our core specialty is in SEO & Web Design, but also offer additional services such as:SEO, Web Design, Web Hosting, Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Ecommerce Design, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, WordPress Ninjas, and consulting services in the greater New Orleans area and across the USA.

Your company brand & message are strongly connected the the look and feel of your web design.  Our CMS of choice is WordPress because of it’s ability to be scalable for businesses of all sizes.  Brian Hong and his small staff of designers & search engine optimization expert are dedicated  to working with you and delivering a website that not only looks great but is maximizing it’s reach and potential to your target audience. 
Infintech Designs has the skills to design the graphics and interface for a wide range of websites. Our website development process places a strong emphasis on integrating text, logos, graphics, photographs, and database content into clean and efficient websites that are consistent with the business needs of our clients.

If you can imagine it, then we can bring it to life on the internet. Give our web designers a challenge, and we will exceed your expectations with our professional website design and SEO services in New Orleans.

Web design is only one piece of the complex puzzle of driving targeted traffic to your website.  SEO is a complex algorithm that potentially requires multiple steps to be executed in order to maximize your search engine rankings. 
With over 200 ranking factors that change nearly 600 times per year, optimizing a site to it’s full potential may be more than you want to handle on your own.  Contact us for a free consultation to learn how SEO works and position your website on the 1st page of Google to start making more money today.

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Additional Information

Facebook Marketing and Management for Businesses,Integrating social media marketing with your overall online presence is vital to ensure that your business receives maximum visibility at minimum price. Infintech Designs has the resources to provide a cost efficient service with dedicated and friendly personnel, and quality content to ensure maximum satisfaction from your Facebook followers. Here is how we provide the service:

First of all, our employees determine the purpose of your campaign. Naturally, you will want to improve your brand recognition and increase the traffic to your website. Additionally, depending on the type of business, you may need to improve your website’s search engine optimization by creating an authoritative social media profile, and consequently increase your standing on the results page. Other possibilities are to run contests, gather client opinions and preferences, and try out different, non-Internet marketing techniques. Facebook pages can further be used to design and develop new products using polls and customer suggestions.

With your needs and budget in mind, our experienced professional marketers will design a strategic campaign to reach your targets; low cost per lead, percentage increase in traffic, test of market acceptance of new product, etc. They will work very closely with you so that you are always in the know, and your preferences are fully considered. The Facebook team will build, or revamp, a respectable fan page with eye-catching images, fun-to-read business descriptions, accurate additional information, interesting pictures, and links to important company websites. The team will then design the specific features, such as directional infographics, product polls, discussions, etc.

We understand that content is king, so before popularizing the webpage we will populate it with everything needed to entertain visitors and keep them coming back, with news releases, relevant and interesting articles, brand promotions and discounts, engaging facts and discussions. There will be a really soft sales pitch hidden in the content to improve the user to customer conversion ratio, and increase the number of “likes” and “shares.” An interactive Facebook page is better accepted and more widely shared, so one member of our team will deal specifically with customer engagement.

If you think that your online business presence might need improvement, contact us immediately for a personalized quote. 504-717-4837,Site and search engine optimization, fancy visuals and amazing site architecture can do little to keep users coming back to your website if there is nothing worthwhile to read there. After all, content is king. We at Infintech Designs understand your need for viral article writing and can deliver on our promise to boost your organic traffic by providing informative and engaging text for your users. Here is how we do it:

Our writing experts take an individual approach to every new customer to best suit his or her needs. They do thorough research on your industry to be able to answer your questions and provide a competitive quote. Furthermore, their research encompasses different media so that they are fully acquainted with news and developments, and are not influenced by research bias. As a result, our articles effectively utilize text, pictures and videos together for a full reader experience.

The articles will be written following the Best Industry Practices and Guidelines, and according to what the customer needs. Usually, this usually includes a preference for style—more professional vs. more explanatory, for length, and for argument—subjective or objective tone. Throughout our years of experience, we have never failed to provide what our customers wanted, although sometimes we persuaded the client to slightly alter his preferences in order to derive greater benefit from the articles.

Much like all the articles on our own blog, every piece of statistical information will be backed by traceable citations so that the reader can make sure our examples and evidence are true. Normally, we first present the facts and then interpret them to reach an objective conclusion. Our writers cite a lot of specialist opinions and interpretations in order to better explain the topic, the different sides of the argument, and the view of the market.

Naturally, the articles are 100% original, flawless when it comes to grammar and punctuation, and beautifully formatted for a more pleasurable reading experience. Our company also offers keyword research, which you can combine with article writing for better results.

Product and Services

The experienced and hard-working team at Infintech Designs delivers high-quality websites that will provide clients with an edge over the competition. Our skilled New Orleans team of designers works tirelessly to make sure you are fully satisfied with an cost-effective, yet top quality web design. We deliver results for clients by providing a wide range of web design services.

You can choose from our variety of web design concepts, or our team of designers will work to listen to your ideas and incorporate them into a dynamic and professional website that generates new business. We understand that our clients want pages that don’t just look great, but generate the traffic that also creates new customers. Infintech Designs will respect your budget and work to provide you with the content your website needs to succeed.

We offer an assortment of cost-effective services that allow Infintech Designs to be a one-stop solution for online business needs, including such search engine optimization (SEO) services as:Whether you are creating a new website or looking to redesign one that is not functioning as well as you need it to, Infintech Designs works with you to find solutions that deliver real results. In addition to offering quality services for affordable prices, our designers do not rest until you are fully satisfied with the results.

Our team makes itself available to clients throughout the web design process. Infintech Designs introduces hundreds of people to online success. We help businesses get seen more often, and by more people.Infintech Designs is a proven, yet affordable New Orleans team of web designers serving a wide variety of clients.

We produce professional websites and strive to exceed expectations. You can schedule a FREE initial face-to-face consultation and receive a FREE quote by contacting our firm at (504) 717-4837 or email info@infintechdesigns.com.

The team of professionals at Infintech Designs in New Orleans can implement a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your company’s website appear higher in “organic” (natural) rankings of search engine sites such as Google or Bing. We understand the algorithms that are used to determine search engine rankings and use extensive research to incorporate proven keywords and links that help hundreds of clients generate new business.

Because many unique visitors are directed to websites by major search engines, SEO plays a significant role in helping your business reach new customers. Infintech Designs can help generate more traffic for your company’s website

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management – Faster & measurable,Pay per click (PPC) advertisements are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website when it is still new and relatively unknown, and even in combination with SEO. However, successfully navigating though Google Adwords and the Search Alliance (Yahoo! and Bing) can be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish. Thankfully, Infintech Designs’ PPC management service is there to guide you through these difficulties.

We are an expert in SEO, website improvement, social media, internet marketing, etc., and have a tried and tested formula of a customer-centric approach, which always delivers on its promises and stays on budget. Our team of experts will analyze your website, your competitors and the niche as a whole to determine your current standing, market gaps, places for improvement, target audiences and their needs.

Having conducted the research and evaluated your targets, our team will present their strategies and an estimated total cost; address all your concerns and answer any questions. Additionally, our experts can suggest modifying your end goals; for example, moving from a goal of a higher conversion rate to more website traffic, because the latter is easier to achieve but has the same positive effect.

In order to better distribute your budget, our PPC managers will carry out test runs with different keywords and copywriting to assess their positive effects. The in-house writers will check the most common copy for you competitors and produce something that is unique and more effective. The managers will continuously monitor the bidding process and provide progress reports so that you have up-to-date information on your project.

The PPC management team will adhere to your campaign plan and look for variances in order to act swiftly and flexibly in case of something unexpected. They will try to determine the keywords with the highest return on investment (ROI), and put more resources into them. Furthermore, they will analyze your website performance and evaluate the effectiveness of the PPC campaign to see if it can be more effective with a budget change.

As you can see, pay per click marketing is a tricky but very profitable business, and Infintech Designs has the people and resource to lead you to success. So what you waiting for? Give us a call. 504-717-4837.

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