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169 Parramatta Road , Annandale- 2038
New South Wales , Australia  Australia
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Aarons Pianos - Annandale

Aarons Pianos is an authorised YAMAHA & Baldwin dealer located in Annandale, a beautiful and idyllic suburb close to Sydney CBD, our store carry quality new and used pianos, as well as digital pianos. We have been providing our customers with affordable prices and the highest level of customer service. Our friendly staffs are always happy to assist you in selecting the piano that is right for you and your family. For more info visit http://www.aaronspianos.com.au

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Additional Information

There is no better feeling of accomplishment that the one you get from learning how to play a musical instrument. Trust us, we’re all dedicated musicians, and we understand the joy and creativity that arises from learning the skills to express yourself musically. It is what we are passionate about. That is why we offer piano classes to our customers in Sydney. Our piano classes aren’t just about practicing scales ad nauseam, although that is important too. Rather, our instructors are more interested in giving you the tools you need to express yourself when you play. Really, there is no greater joy.

Our instructors aim to make every part of our piano lessons for our Sydney customers as enjoyable as possible. Students often associate theory with boring exercises, and dry information that must be memorised. However, when you come to Aarons Pianos for your lessons, our instructors will make theory come alive for you. To our instructors, theory is an important tool to be mastered, in order to give the student more control and skill over their playing. Working with our instructors, students will come to understand that fully understanding musical theory gives them freedom when they play as well as the tools they need to create their own music.

We offer one-on-one piano lessons in Sydney to our customers. To us, age doesn’t matter, since music is something that is able to be enjoyed by everyone. As long as you attend every lesson with passion, dedication, and willingness to learn, we can assure you that you will see results, and what’s more, you will enjoy yourself along the way. Although results are important, too often people rush through every stage of the learning process, more concerned with getting to the next piece, than simply learning to enjoy what they already know. Our instructors will help you strike this delicate balance of being able to enjoy your stage of the learning process, while also looking forward to becoming even better.

All of our instructors are highly qualified piano tutors with extensive experience in providing piano lessons to Sydney students. As with all our services, when you attend one of our piano lessons, you will see that we continually put focus on providing you with quality, value, and service. We are of the belief that there is always something new to be learnt. That is why we believe in learning and growing with our students.

One-to-one piano lessons are available at Aarons Pianos. All of our teachers are highly-qualified piano tutors with extensive experience. We welcome students of all ages and all levels. Please use the form below to register your interest, or call (02) 8084 7097, or simply visit our store in person on 169 Parramatta Rd, Annandale, NSW 2038.

Product and Services

All of our digital pianos Sydney are supplied exclusively by YAMAHA. At Aarons Pianos we are proud to say that we are authorised dealer of both YAMAHA and Baldwin pianos. Digital pianos are extremely useful as both a practice tool for those who favour a normal piano, or an instrument that can be used for performance in its own right. All of YAMAHA’S digital pianos available in our Sydney store combine the easy practicality of a digital instrument, with a solid natural design that faithfully replicates that of a normal piano.

The keys in most YAMAHA digital pianos are created to replicate the weight and return of normal piano keys. For example, the keys on the YAMAHA CLP-S408PE are designed to faithfully reproduce the sound and weight of a grand piano, they even come with synthetic ivory keytops. Designs like this are what makes the YAMAHA digital range of pianos perfect for those families who want all the great sound and playability of a YAMAHA grand piano, but at a much more affordable price.

The digital pianos we supply to our Sydney customers are also perfect for those musicians who perform on a natural piano, but who don’t have the space, or the budget necessary to own their own grand piano. Also, with the ability to create their own accompaniments, digital pianos are perfect for capturing the feel of playing with a band, even when there isn’t one around.

However, digital pianos shouldn’t be considered to be just a tool for practice or an option for those people who don’t want to spend money on a full-sized piano, they are also a serious instrument in their own right. The major advantage of digital pianos lies in the fact they are able to produce sounds beyond the reach of a normal piano. Digital pianos are able to take samples of music, or other various sounds, and incorporate them into the performance at the simple touch of a key.

At Aarons Pianos, we have a huge range of digital pianos available to our customers in Sydney. We also have a digital piano that will suit any style or budget. Whether you are after a serious performance piano like the YAMAHA CLP-465GP, or you are looking for a simple, portable, practice keyboard for your child like the YAMAHA P-35, you will find it here.

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