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Pacific Plumbing Co - Clovis

Established in 1998. We are always fully equipped with the materials and technologies needed to get any job done right. We will find the root source of the problem and fix it! Remember "You'll always know the price before we start & your satisfaction is my personal guarantee!" Call us today!

Pacific Plumbing Co. is a family owned and operated company dedicated to providing all of our customers in the Fresno and Clovis area with the very best plumbing services no matter what the issue may be. Established in 1998 our goal has always been to treat our customers like family. Unlike other plumbing companies who are dedicated only to the sale, we take the time to inform our clients of their plumbing issues and provide them with the service they deserve.

We are always fully equipped with the materials and technologies needed to get the job done right. We understand how valuable your home and time are which is why we always provide repair, installation, and maintenance services that are high quality and long lasting. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers are saying here!
When Calling Pacific Plumbing Co. You Can Expect:

Experienced Services - At Pacific Plumbing Co. we employ highly skilled plumbers that speak spanish. All of our staff members understand the intricacy of the plumbing system in your home and can provide you with the very best plumbing solutions. You can rest easy knowing that the plumbing services that you receive are of the highest quality and will last for years to come. Additionally, we have the experience to handle various types of jobs including large commercial projects and new construction projects.

Personal Attention & Care - One of our main goals is to always provide our customers with the care and attention that they need and deserve. When establishing the company our goal was to always go above and beyond for our customers. We give each service call the personalized attention that other larger companies do not provide. Whether its something as small as a clogged drain or something as large as a slab leak, you will always receive the same attention you deserve.

Careful Analysis - When it comes to the plumbing in your home, we understand how complex it can be. We carefully face every plumbing issue with the dedication and analysis it needs to be solved correctly. We will find the root source of the problem and fix it. This allows us to be different from others by always getting to the real source of the problem from the very beginning.

As homeowners we understand how frustrating a plumbing issue can be to your home. Not only can it be disruptive to daily life, it can also be damaging to your home. At Pacific Plumbing Co. we promise to provide you with only the highest level of plumbing repair services. We will find the root source of the issue in a timely fashion and get the job done without breaking the bank. From small to big issues our technicians have got you covered. We always do it right to make it last forever!

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We understand how complex it can be to run an apartment complex. At some point a tenant is going to have some type of plumbing issue. When this occurs you could find yourself looking for an expert plumber. For properties in Fresno, CA and the surrounding area, you don't need to look further than Pacific Plumbing Co.

Our expert plumbers can assist you with general plumbing solutions as well as tenant improvements. From your basic clogged toilet, to an upgraded water heater, we have the plumbing solutions for you. Call us today and get your tenants back into a comfortable situation in no time.

As business owners we understand how critical properly functioning plumbing is to any commercial setting. This is why our plumbers are highly trained and skilled to provide you with plumbing solutions that are effective and efficient for you. We specialize in the large jobs that most commercial plumbers stray away from. No matter how complex or serious the issue is, we can help you.

Our plumbers are even available to perform overnight jobs that will cause no disruptions to the daily functions of your commercial property. Call us today and get the help you need in no time!

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Plumbing emergencies are rare occurrences for homeowners, which can leave most scrambling when they strike in the middle of the night. These unexpected emergencies must be dealt with as soon as they happen because more often than not, plumbing emergencies will result in substantial property damage if left unattended.

At Pacific Plumbing Co. we offer all our customers in Fresno, and the surrounding areas, 24/7 emergency plumbing services. No matter what your issue may be, we’ve got you covered. Don’t just take our word for it.A plumbing emergency is generally a serious issue because of the amount of damage it can cause in a home.

When a plumbing emergency is water related, such as with a burst pipe, water can flow into places that it should not be. Carpeting and hardwood flooring can be damaged as well as your homes belonging. This includes electronics, clothing, furniture, and more.

Additionally, the water can drip into the subfloor and even into the next level of the house. The concrete floors in the basement and garage will become saturated and form puddles. Similarly, the water that has made its way around the house could short out circuit breakers and electrical outlets. This can cause fires in the house or could result in the loss of power to the entire house.

In the event of a gas leak you could find yourself with the danger of both poisonous gas in your home as well as explosion risk should something go wrong. In the event of any of these plumbing emergencies, it is important to get professional assistance as soon as possible.

During a plumbing emergency, a homeowner should immediately call their 24/7 emergency plumber, Pacific Plumbing Co. Our staff can route a truck to your house quickly and efficiently. Another important step to take is closing the main water line or sewer intake valve for the house.

This can prevent substantial water damage that can result from free flowing water. As soon as our technicians arrive on the scene, we will quickly asses the situation and provide you with exceptional repair solutions promptly and efficiently.

While most clogs and pipe blockages can be cleared by conventional plumbing techniques, at some point a more intense solution may be needed. In the event that a clog is so severe that you need more serious drain cleaning solutions, look no further than Pacific Plumbing Co. Our technicians can provide you with the effective solution of hydro jetting. By pumping high powered water through your homes plumbing many of these common clog issues can be resolved efficiently and effectively. See what our past customers are saying here, and call us today!

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