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In today’s highly competitive market it’s often noticed you lose the personal approach of working hand in hand with a service provider. We take your relocation project personally, and offer the one on one attention that will avoid any possible downtime, which is measured in profits lost. Computer Warehouse Services prides itself on our well known 15 years of operation, with zero insurance claims. Computer Warehouse Services offers our clients three service divisions within our company:Computer Warehouse Services offers our client base logistical solutions complimented by our broad range of project experience. We specialize in custom built logistical solutions based on your scope. Computer Warehouse Services offers solutions that will protect your company against the leading causes of critical systems downtime, hardware damage, data loss, HIPAA concerns, and environmental concerns.

Computer Warehouse Services continues to fulfill our mission of creating satisfied clients with services to provide optimal solutions meeting the individual client needs. This approach results in a seamless and accurate alignment between scope, logistics, schedule, and budget. At Computer Warehouse Services we are a team of dedicated, capable IT professionals who have a passion for our profession. Computer Warehouse Services is one of the leading service providers in Computer equipment moving, Hard drive destruction, data center relocation. With an experience of over 15 years, we have dedicated and execellent staff that will make your company moving experience great. Visit our website for more information about our products and request a free quote.

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The data destruction security service team at Computer Warehouse Services, LLC offers numerous solutions to assist companies with proper handling of secure data removal and hard drive shredding.

United States Federal and state regulatory compliant secure data disposal is not something that can be accomplished by running a simple software application, formatting, smashing, or opening a hard disk drive does not render it unrecoverable.

Endpoint absolute data destruction security must include crashing solutions for digital media, tape, magnetic disks, solid state drives, optical media (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.), random-access memory (RAM), and hard disk drives.

Overwrite, in addition to degaussing, provides assurance that sensitive data can’t be misused. Failing to properly destroy data with discarded business, proprietary, customer, credit card, or other sensitive information could create both legal and public relation difficulties.

Computer Warehouse Services, LLC helps you with safe transport logistics which are easily adapted to your specific data destruction needs and requirements anywhere within the United States.Our data security personnel are well educated, professional, and courteous. Integrity is a treasured core value within our organization.

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Computer Warehouse Services, LLC IT and computer recycling staff is well educated, competent, and professional. Integrity is a treasured core value within our business structure.

All clients are provided with a free, professionally written computer recycling proposal for the proper disposal of computer equipment.At Computer Warehouse Services, LLC computer recycling, we have the knowledge, resources, and experience as a secure computer recycler and disposal center to serve large and small business alike.

Our IT recycling solutions are HIPAA, environmentally, and legally compliant.Computer equipment recycling and IT disposal can be a costly and complex challenge, sometimes requiring a multitude of solutions to handle removal.

Computer Warehouse Services, LLC computer recycling will take care of the sorting, inventory, auditing, data destruction, logistics, and other numerous integrated services involved with your IT equipment recycling project.

Improper computer equipment disposal, monitor, laptop , or IT recycling can expose a company to legal liabilities and risks. There are also the security issues of data and proprietary information that can be retrieved from hard drives, even drives that have been cleaned and formatted!

We can provide DOD (Department of Defense) approved hard drive sterilization or shredding solutions.Our PC recycling services brings all your electronics device recycling needs under one roof offering custom, varied, and integrated computer disposal services leading to quality outcomes that arrive on time and budget; leaving you with peace of mind.

Our Computer Warehouse Services, LLC staff is a dedicated team of capable IT professionals who understand the numerous obstacles that will need to be overcome when relocating and/or migrating data centers, servers, server racks, and computer technology equipment.

Computer Warehouse Services, LLC has professional, quality IT staff, IT equipment movers for computer, server rack, data center, and digital electronics devices.

We offer services nationwide in the USA and work with clients moving computers from small offices to complete corporate IT equipment relocation, or a full data center move.We also bring a variety of solutions to solve any pre-planning, or logistical hiccups before the move is executed.

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