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Floor 3 Yuyang Building 2nd Road of LangShan Nanshan District , Shenzhen- 518057
Guangdong , China  China
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Fax : +86 (755) 81482396 http://www.eelinktech.com
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Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd - Shenzhen

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd is a GPS tracker manufacturing company located in Guangdong, China. Established into business in 2004 as a GPS tracker company, they are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a reliable GPS Tracker OBD II manufacturer or a GPS tracker supplier. We are the leading China GPS tracker manufacturer with world class hardware and software solutions. For more Visit http://www.eelinktech.com or Call, us at 0086 15889393211

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Our tracking and fleet management vehicle products and systems are designed to efficiently meet all your unique needs of tracking and managing your fleet. No matter if your fleet size is small or too big, our GPS fleet management solutions work with equal excellence to provide you required information.

Our fleet management tracking solutions does much more than just giving you real time location of your vehicles or equipment; it additionally provides useful information and calculative data to help managers take better decisions and hence improve productivity. Most advantageously, our fleet management tracking solutions help you to achieve your business goals, cost effectively and resourcefully.

Whether you have a small car fleets, truck fleets, bus fleets or big delivery fleets, our solutions ease your daily operations and concurrently also make them more prolific. banner3 Our top quality GPS fleet management vehicle solutions also help you to reduce operational cost and improve customer services. The major competitive advantages that our products persistently deliver include:

Expedient maintenance of your vehicles with detailed vehicle usage reports allowing you to streamline preventive maintenance,Improved employee safety as our products keep you updated with real time alerts and employee monitoring
Timely deliveries with real time traffic reports and engine alerts

Cost cutting and revenue improvement with reduced expenses on fuel, maintenance, repairs, labor and other similar heads Our tracking and fleet management products use high end technology that you can trust for accurate information and quality performance. With robust vehicle reporting features, safety alarms, alerts and various fleet management options, our products truly can meet all your unique needs.

We constantly design our vehicle and personal tracking products with future in mind. Our dedicated research and development teams keep developing the GPS tracking devices and systems to efficiently satisfy client’s requirements. We also understand that this field is evolving at a very fast pace with new technologies and applications every day.

GPS Tracker OEM/ODM,Our experienced R&D team members and engineers offer a great range of GPS tracker OEM and GPS tracker ODM Locator services. We welcome your GPS tracking OEM Locator and GPS tracking OEM projects if our existing range of tracking products does not seem to suffice your requirement.

GPS Tracker OEM ODM For our previous and existing clients we have developed high tech custom products like GPS safety camera, GPS tracking system, vehicle alarm, radar detector etc. No matter if you need our GPS tracker OEM services to modify existing standard device or to design and develop pure idea from scratch, our expert team delivers best performing products to meet your requirements.

OEM and ODM services,Our OEM and ODM services are backed with excellent teamwork, latest technologies and honest service support to bestow you full value of your money. Our extensive experience and world class designs allow us to deliver you the required products that are competitively priced to exceed all your expectations of performance.

Product and Services

We strongly believe businesses should be agile with full control over productivity. And that is why our GPS vehicle tracking solutions are designed to reduce costs, enhance productivity and delight your customers.

GPS Vehicle Tracking,Fleet management is a challenging task that demands high attentiveness and great dealings of general contentions. Our comprehensive spy vehicle tracking devices and solutions let you handle these challenges in an easy and organized manner. More than a feasible solution, our spy GPS vehicle tracking system gives you the absolute vehicle tracking intelligence to exactly know & control what happens in the real field.

Our intelligent GPS for vehicle tracking systems gives you complete picture of the events that occur right from the time of vehicle departure to its final destination and every inch in between. You can easily track your fleet vehicles and can access the data to make important business decisions.

gps for tracking vehicles Additionally, our GPS vehicle tracking systems can also help you save two most crucial resources of fleet business – fuel & time. We’ll explain how…Saving Fuel with Our Vehicle Tracking Systems Since you can efficiently track the distance traveled and fuel consumption data, you can always be confident about your fuel purchases being legitimated.

Moreover, you can be sure of overtime payments to be vindicated through overtime works and not idle wanders.Saving Time with Our Spy Vehicle Tracking Systems None of your drivers can defy once you have our GPS vehicle tracking systems installed. You save time as the drivers are never allowed to waste time in between their due duties.

This concurrently also bestows improved productivity as you can handle more orders in the time saved.As you save time & money spend over fuel, you also get the power to keep your clients happy with timely services. All of our innovative vehicle tracking products are easy to install and operate. For customized vehicle tracking solutions, just fill the short form below or contact us on our numbers.

Increased crime rate against children and elderly people at home are the major concern why personal tracking devices are now mandatory. Our personal tracking solutions can be used for your personal vehicles pets or loved ones.

With our personal tracking solutions, it is easy to keep your children, personal vehicles and loved one with in your radar of information. At any point of time, you can get their exact location keeping you assured about their safety.

Our personal tracking devices are small in size so that it can easily be dressed or worn without any hassles. A personal tracking system is a practical solution for:,Parents who are worried about their kids as they leave for schools or colleges
Individuals who are worried about their elderly parents at home,Families with loved pets,People who instantly need to track their personal vehicle in unfortunate case of its stealing,Parents who are worried about the safety of their children that are new & young drivers

Basically, our personal tracking devices can be used for anything or anyone you need to track. Features like real time information, continuous automatic tracking, low battery alert, no sleep mode, movement sensors, shock sensor alarm, high speed alarm and numerous others beneficial attributes make our personal tracking products to be one of their class in performance and quality.

You can get quick answers to your questions regarding location, speed, driving or movement information etc. Our innovative personal tracking products get you detailed and accurate reporting within few seconds. The best part about these products is that they are customized according to your special requirements and they are easy to install too.

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