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Amber Air Conditioning Inc. is a family owned and operated company that offers heating and air conditioning services to residents of Elsinore and surrounding areas. We have established ourselves as the leading Elsinore HVAC contractor for several years now. We have a team of qualified experts who are NATE certified, with industry experience of between 15 to 30 years.
We have a full service department that can meet all your air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality needs. Additionally, we offer title 24 reports and design service for both residential and commercial buildings. We have various products related to our area of expertise. We have also won various awards for our excellent service.
Act before it is too late,We all know the significance of having a functioning air conditioner in our homes. Sadly, most of the calls we receive from our clients are emergencies, where their air conditioning does not work at all. It is not only expensive but also dangerous to let things get to that point. Hence, you need to be alert to various signs that your air conditioning might need an expert before it becomes an emergency. Here are three main signs to be prepared for in order to know when to call us, the leading service provider of HVAC in Elsinore CA:
Too Much Noise,Most modern air conditioning units are made to run as efficiently and as silently as possible. If your unit begins to make too much noise, it might be time to call in our experts to have a look. It may have some loose parts, or the motor could be going bad. Excessive noise not only hinders your unit from functioning efficiently, but also disturbs your quite time and peace of mind.
Weak Air Flow,Depending on the condition or age of your air filter, the air flow within your unit may vary slightly. It is essential to change your air filter regularly to enhance your unit’s efficiency and improve the indoor air quality. If you suspect that you are still experiencing inefficient weekend air flow even after changing the filter, call our experts for an expert assessment.
Changes in Temperature,One of the most obvious signs that your heater has a problem is when it starts to get cooler in the room. It might not be blowing warmer than it normally does. The unit may also be taking longer to achieve a desired temperature. Our team of service technicians can solve any heating problems on any type or model of heating or cooling equipment.
At Amber Air, we provide great products and service. We have thousands of satisfied customers. We service what we sell. And with 75% of our technicians NATE certified our customers can be sure that we will get the job done right.

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There are numerous maintenance requirements that come with owning a home. Most homeowners will stay on top of bills and cleaning requirements, but few know how important it is to maintain proper indoor air quality as well.

Our company provides a wide variety of products and services that can be considered for general use in the home if you are interested in improving your indoor air quality.

Many of these innovative Carrier products are specially designed to provide your home with quality and reliable service. We understand the needs and concerns of homeowners, and we our products will ensure that the quality of air in your home is properly maintained.

To begin with, one of the most effective ways in which you can improve your home’s health is through the enhancement of the air quality by using humidifiers. These devices are designed to allow you to control the level of air moisture in your home. These units come equipped with fans of their own and they can be applied to your ducts to immediate release the moisture in there.

These humidifiers work with your furnace to ensure that moisture is distributed evenly throughout the system. The devices are energy efficient and quiet, and can help keep your home more comfortable while reducing static electricity at the same time.

Among the numerous other products that may interest air quality conscious homeowners, we offer powerful energy recovery ventilation units, which can help bring fresher air into the home. These ventilators keep your homes ventilated while forcing out pollution and stale air.

Additionally, some may be interested in purchasing state of the art air purifiers and filtration systems. These devices are designed to provide the homeowner with even more peace of mind as they filter harmful air particles, removing bacteria, animal dander, and other microscopic particles from the air. The efficiency of this device lies in its ability to regularly keep these contaminants out of the air, making sure that they do not circulate back into the home.

For homes that may experience mold or bacterial growth, purchasing our UV Lamps can ensure that you will no longer have to worry about such infestations. Sometimes a warm and moist environment can encourage the growth of harmful mold and bacteria. Through the utility of these lamps, however, you will be able to keep these unhealthy pollutants away from you and your family.

Improving the quality of your indoor air is crucial to maintaining a comfortable environment in your home. If you would like to learn more about any of these products, or purchase them for immediate relief from any number of indoor air problems, call Amber Air Conditioning at (951) 579-4523. All of our products are guaranteed to provide reliable and quality service for you.

Product and Services

Problems with heating or cooling in your house are not to be taken lightly. Whether it is too hot or too cold, it shows that something in your central heating and cooling system is not working properly. When such a problem occurs, Call Amber Air Conditioning and Heating Repair for fast response, knowledgeable technicians, and quality affordable service.

Although problems with air conditioners are usually easily fixed by a professional, sometimes it may require you to purchase and install a new HVAC system. At Amber Air Conditioning not only do we sell the best quality air conditioning products on the market, but our team of qualified technicians will also give you professional air conditioner installation service to go with it. Your comfort is our priority and therefore we make sure that all AC installation and repair service is done to the best of standards. Click Here To Learn More About Our Air Conditioning Services

Heating and Furnace Repair Services,When the heat goes out in your home, or it is taking too long for heat to circulate around the house and create a comfortable climate, your heating or furnace system is in desperate need of repairs. We can test heating equipment for inefficiencies, diagnose problems, maintain aging equipment, and replace old heating systems. Whether it is a heating emergency or heating system maintenance, Amber Air has solutions for all of your heating and furnace needs. Click Here To Learn More About Our Heating and Furnace Services

As you seek to find a solution to ventilation or heating problems, at Amber Air Conditioning we offer services that are tailor made to suit your needs. Contact us (951) 579-4523 for a free quote today.

We are your local, family-owned heating professionals. Our employees are on-call to serve all of your heating needs. Keep your heating system in tip-top shape with folks you can count on. Call today, no heating job is too big or too small.

Heating System Service,Just because it’s putting out hot air doesn’t mean that it’s working properly. When you have a cold, are you unable to function? Of course not, but it doesn’t stop you from taking precautionary measures to make yourself feel better. It’s the same with your HVAC system.

The smartest decision you can make to keep your central heating operating at high efficiency is to have one of our professionals come out and give your system a thorough check-up. Our contractors regularly handle these kinds of situations and will be able to make sure that your system is operating at full capacity.

It’s always easier to handle a problem before it happens. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of winter without heat. If that isn’t enough, think about how much money you’ll save with proper preventative maintenance now, rather than being faced with major repairs six months or a year from now.

If you are in the unfortunate situation that you did wait to long to have your unit inspected, there is no need to worry, we supply one of the most reliable heating repair services in the industry.

Our technicians are fully certified in HVAC repair and have the skills, tools and education to quickly recognize heating problems and resolve them. Your furnace is like a human body and it’s almost as complicated.

Our technicians are fully capable of strategically assessing your unit and providing the services that assure you that you and your family will be warm and comfortable when it matters most. If it has been a while since your heating system was inspected, give us a call. You and your family will be glad you did.

Heating Equipment Installation,For those of you who might have waited to long or merely have an old, inefficient and worn out furnace, Amber Air Conditioning is the perfect company to take care of all your HVAC needs.

Installing a HVAC unit can be a difficult processes requiring a large quantity of specialized tools and knowledge. Not only is the installation process complex, but there is also the issue of removing the old unit. Our professionals are the most qualified individuals you could hope to handle the task.

Furnace sizes can be an issue because the output of your previous system may not match the output of your new, energy efficient unit. In order to fix this problem, our professionals calculate the heat loss of your home and the heat gain of the unit.

In addition to the installation of the actual furnace, there are a myriad of other tasks such as fitting the plenum so that the new unit properly operates with your ductwork. This metal work is not for the Saturday afternoon hobbyist; and must be specially crafted by a sheet-metal fabricator.

Call today for the peace of mind of knowing that your heating installation was done correctly by NATE certified professionals. We guarantee that your new system will give you years of dependable service and comfort.

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