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Parking Lot Maintenance - Lake St. Louis

Incorporated in 1997, Parking Lot Maintenance is a company that solely specializes in the maintenance of asphalt parking lots. Our services include seal coating, hot rubber crack sealing, asphalt repair and line striping for all professionally managed properties. Our quality is second to none and we make sure that we stay within your budget causing minimal disruption for your tenants. We make sure every penny spent is worth it through our effective maintenance process – Inventory, condition survey, identifying maintenance and rehabilitation alternatives and implementation.Call us today at 800-8873252 (800-88-SEALCOAT). To know more, visit www.parkinglm.com

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We install clearly marked stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows that all result in a more efficient and problem-free parking lot. These markings are often essential for maximizing parking lot space and enhancing the flow of traffic. Ensuring that the striping is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act also reduces owner liability.

Small problem areas patched in time can improve the appearance and safety of your property. Ignored, they only get bigger, more dangerous, and costly to repair. Asphalt patching can be completed in two forms; Infrared Repair or Removal and Replacement.

Infrared asphalt repair is a more permanent and cost effective repair, using existing pavement to create one continuous surface, eliminating any seams.Simply stated, infrared asphalt repair is a process where asphalt can be reheated for repairs and texturing. Some of the common deployments of infrared repair technology include seamless repairs to pavement after utility cuts have been made in lots and roads, parking lot pothole repair and oil mark repairs.

This technology is also highly effective in correcting “birdbath” depressions and lowering high areas, along with other common parking lot issues. It can also be used to create decorative asphalt imprinting.With Infrared asphalt repair there is very little waste and nearly 100% recycling of materials.

In removal and replacement asphalt patching, we saw cut, remove, and recycle the damaged asphalt. We then repair the area with new asphalt to match the existing grade. During this process, we check the underlying sub-grade to look for any damage that may be causing the surface problems. Our patching technique strengthens the obvious week areas and extends the overall life of your asphalt investment. We use this method when your asphalt parking lot has a sub base failure and infrared repair is not an option.

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Sealcoating protects your pavement from the damaging effects of sunlight and ultra violet (UV) rays. As pavement ages, the asphalt binder “glue” used to hold the sand and stone particles together begins to break-down. This causes the binder to release the sand and stone particles that your asphalt is composed of. Over time, your pavement begins to deteriorate.

Left untreated for extended periods of time, a condition known as raveling begins to occur. Raveling is a condition most notable when the pavement takes on an extremely rough and porous texture appearance. The increased porosity traps dirt and moisture and makes the surface harder to clean and take longer to dry.

As the parking lot continues to dry out, it causes the asphalt pavement to lose flexibility and become brittle making it more prone to cracking and stress damage. By seal coating, you have the benefit of maintaining a more flexible surface with an increase resistance to cracking and damage.

Double the Life of Your Asphalt Parking Lot,By maintaining your asphalt pavement surfaces, you effectively help double their life span. A small investment now can save thousands. When you implement a pavement maintenance regimen early on, consisting of regular sealcoating every 3-5 years, as well as routine crack sealing, you help stop the most common causes of premature pavement failure. This results in having to perform asphalt overlays less often and translates to dramatic savings in your pavement budget.

Our St. Louis sealcoating team provides quality sealcoating in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Contact us today for your Saint Louis sealcoating project! If you are located outside of Saint Louis we provide sealcoating services outside of Saint Louis. Just give us a call to discuss or fill out the proposal form.

Proper attention to cracks will prevent problems from spreading and double the life of the pavement. Our hot applied crack and joint sealant is designed to stay flexible in hot and cold temperature extremes to ensure the crack stays sealed.

Crack sealing is an extremely important and vital step in your asphalt maintenance program. Sealing cracks prevents water and moisture penetration bellow your asphalt and eliminates the most common cause of premature asphalt pavement failure and deterioration.

Parking Lot Maintenance offers an affordable, cost effective measure to properly seal cracks and stop water penetration bellow your asphalt parking surfaces. This helps you prevent having to perform costly repairs and offers dramatic savings to your long-term pavement maintenance budget.

Our St. Louis crack sealing team provides quality crack sealing in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Contact us today for your Saint Louis crack sealing project! If you are located outside of Saint Louis we provide crack sealing services outside of Saint Louis. Just give us a call to discuss or fill out the proposal form.

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