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UK College of Entrepreneurship and Technology Limited - London

We at UKCET believe that every individual regardless of location, age, gender and prior learning should be given an opportunity to access latest thinking, research and innovation which is accessible to very few of us. Every single individual has the potential to generate exceptional value for their businesses, employers and above all for themselves if they are provided with right skills and tools. Enable teams to drive business growth around the globe,Bridge the expectation gap between educators and employers,Train people in economically viable skills, at an affordable cost, within 8 – 12 weeks,Rigorous process to evaluate learning outcomes and certify the same,We offer certification tracks for workforce development as further education and professional development centre,These tracks are delivered through our network partners and satellite campuses across the globe

UKCET works closely with academia and industry leaders to bridge the gap of expectations. The terms which define our key focus includes education to employment, economically viable skills, employability, practical solutions for businesses, tools for everyday work life and preparing people for tomorrow.

We use our transformation framework as a guiding principle to build organizational capacity and winning teams. Our training content, assessments, and certifications are designed to enable enterprises to meet and surpass their customers and stakeholders expectations. We focus on execution and concept-in-action (CIA), that is why we do not explain or debate on ideas alone, we equip our trainees with requisite tools and formats to implement the same at their workplace. Collaborate with training organizations, academia and business organizations to build international certification tracks for business management and technologyOutreach emerging markets with multilingual training content,Evolve quality assurance frameworks for technology-led blended models,Research and development in the areas of learning technologies, pedagogical strategies, instructional designs and interactive elements to enrich the learning experiences. Quality assurance is the only way to ensure delivery of promised outcome.UKCET is committed to its trainees to provide economically viable skills and also obligated to employers to ensure the supply of quality resources who can contribute towards the growth of their businesses.

Quality assurance committee (QAC) is the oversight body to develop, approve and review our quality assurance polices, procedures, standards and frameworks. QAC consist 2 members from UKCET, 1 independent member from academia and 2 independent members from industry. Each functional head of UKCET is designated as compliance manager and accountable to QAC for implementation of requisite standards. Periodic quality audits are conducted to review the level of compliance and provide feedback to QAC.

We are following The UK Quality Code for Higher Education (the Quality Code) which sets out the Expectation that all providers of UK higher education are required to meet.UKCET offers non-award bearing certification tracks as an Alternate Provider. Admissions to the courses are based on assessment and Recognition of Prior Learnings as defined under the Quality Code.Our certification is credential for the employers and individuals that learning objectives of a course have been attained and evaluated in compliance with our quality assurance standards.

We do not have formal arrangement with universities, colleges and professional bodies for credits and exemptions in UK or abroad. Although institutions have been offering credits and exemption on case to case basis. Our trainings are eligible for CPD credits for institute like ICAEW,UK or similar organizations.

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UKCET certification is a booster for entrepreneurs and professionals, who are looking to enhance their business skills, knowledge and profits UKCET is research and development centre for executive education. We aim to build resources for industry and by collaboration of industry.Our single point agenda to deliver economically viable skills for our participants whenever, whatever, whoever and wherever it is needed. Our technology lead model has enhanced our foot print to other part of world without compromising on our fundamental transformation framework, design principles and quality assurance processes.

Product and Services

Economic progress of a country is significantly dependent on growth and success of private enterprises. Our target is to create skillful and passionate business executives who can drive these businesses in most effective way. We specifically support small and medium businesses owners who have less resources at their disposal to hire large professional team for their help. We help people to develop entrepreneurial behaviours, practice, critical tools for business management.

Job market is tough, there is wide gap between academia and employers expectations. Relentless pressure on costs and headcount limit the opportunities for young people to gain experience Increasingly self-employment and entrepreneurship are becoming mainstream career paths through necessity as well as choice. At UKCET we equip students and fresh graduate with necessary skill to negotiate a better compensation or go in lean start-up mode.

Skillful and knowledgeable people are critical assets for any organization. Knowledge building is continuous process and path of evolution. Individuals and organizations are bound to keep acquiring latest thinking and apply that in their workplaces. We at UKCET always aim to provide business executive short, robust and effective trainings along with tools and formats which can help to implement new concepts in their jobs.

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