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Established in 2003, Sacramento Dental Group offers high quality dental care to the people in and around Sacramento, CA. With a team of experienced dental surgeons, we provide safe and comfortable treatments by employing the latest technologies in dentistry. Our dental procedures include general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, sedation dentistry and restoration dentistry. We pride ourselves in being the trusted group of dentists in Sacramento specializing in bringing your dreams of having a beautiful smile to reality, through healthier teeth and gums. Visit us online @ http://sacramentodentistgroup.com or call 1 916 589 6481 today to schedule your appointment for a painless and stress-free dental experience.

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Does anyone ever get to keep their wisdom teeth? Yes, many people do perfectly fine when their wisdom teeth emerge, typically during the late teens or early 20's. The big mouths who can brag of getting to keep their wisdom teeth have room to spare and all their teeth get along as they should.

The rest of us? We don’t have the room. Our wisdom teeth are coming in at all sorts of foolish angles, threatening the healthy teeth we already have.During your routine visits, the dentists at Sacramento’s Dentist Group will access where your wisdom teeth are, what they are likely up to in the near future and your best plan of action to avoid any problems down the road.

If you get to keep them, then you have bragging rights. If not, the best options for safe and painless wisdom tooth extraction can be discussed. With local anesthesia and/or sedation, the extraction process takes about one hour.

Don’t be foolish! Realize that your wisdom teeth may have to go to preserve the health of the rest. It’s the smart choice!Those questions reveal the answer to your problem — you may have sleep apnea! Sleep apnea is not just an annoyance that you handle during the day with a triple shot latte and at night with sleeping pills. Sleep apnea is not something to be ignored or dealt with using over-the-counter medications. It’s a condition that will interfere with all aspects of your life, day and night. Read on to see how the team of dentists at Sacramento’s Dentist Group can help diagnose and treat your sleep apnea.

What Causes Sleep Apnea,Obstructive sleep apnea happens when the shape of your air passages and tongue leads to your airways being blocked during sleep. Blocked airways means less oxygen, which causes your body to wake up, often hundreds of time a night. So not only are you not getting enough oxygen, your important dream phase sleep (REM) periods are constantly interrupted.

It’s no wonder you’re so tired, even after what seems like enough time in bed!You may know about a treatment for sleep apnea called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. This method uses a device that forces air through the nasal passages during sleep, but reports show that sixty percent of sleep apnea sufferers stop using this treatment after one year, usually because they find it uncomfortable. This would put a person back in the dangerous condition they had been in before — lack of oxygen coupled with a lack of essential REM sleep.

Dental science has developed a convenient appliance that restores free breathing without requiring attachment to machines at night. Internal Medicine News states that such oral appliances are more effective than surgery or over-the-counter-products for treating sleep apnea. Only used during sleep, it simply pulls the lower jaw forward, preventing your tongue from falling back and blocking oxygen.

Mark Friedman, DDS and professor of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Southern California states: “For some people, it changes their life instantly. They wake up feeling good and can spend the day not having to sleep. Their spouse will sleep with them again. Their blood pressure goes down and it probably increases their longevity.”

Solving your sleep apnea problem for good begins with a visit to the Sacramento Dentist Group. What could be better than a good night’s sleep, improved health, less snoring and a rested mind? So toss the sleeping pills, snoring aids and daytime coffee runs and replace them with the restful sleep you need! Visit the Sacramento Dentist Group to see if we have a solution for your sleep apnea.

When you imagine a visit to the dentist, you probably think first of teeth. That’s what dentistry is all about, right? But along with keeping your teeth healthy and strong, the dental professionals at Sacramento’s Marconi Dental Group are here to keep your whole mouth healthy. Your regular dental visit includes an examination of your jaw, tongue and cheeks, in addition to your teeth and gums. What sort of problems is Dr. Alizadeh looking for? It’s not fun to talk about, but an important role of your dental visit is finding oral cancers, cysts and various forms of infections in their earliest possible stages.

Dealing with Oral Infections,A bacterial infection in your mouth is treatable – but no sort of home remedy or over-the-counter wash will provide the cure. An oral rash, hairy tongue and halitosis – these need to be handled with antibiotics and prescription strength mouthwashes. If you are suffering with these conditions and trying to get rid of them yourself, you probably know by now you need some help. That help is waiting for you at the Marconi Dental Group, where your infection will be treated efficiently and discreetly.

Treating Dry Mouth,Another oral health problem is “dry mouth” or xerostomia, the absence of sufficient saliva. Drug store shelves are full of chewing gums, sprays and drops for this condition, but since saliva is essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, dry mouth is more that just an annoyance that can be handled with popping a mint now and then. If you suffer from xerostomia it’s time to step into the Sacramento office of the Marconi Dental Group and get your dry mouth properly diagnosed and treated.

Would you try to install new walls on a foundation that is crumbling? The results could be disastrous, because the walls won’t have a sturdy base for attachment. Now imagine the foundation is your jawbone and the new walls are dental implants replacing missing teeth. If your jaw doesn’t have enough structure, it won’t be able to support the implants.

Just as a house foundation can be built up in strength, your jaw bone can be strengthened as well. With bone material taken from your own body, the dentists at Sacramento’s Dental Group can treat major bone loss with an onlay graft. Where do we get the bone material to graft? Don’t let your imagination go too wild, because for this type of graft we choose from three places on your body: your chin, the back of your jaw or your hip bone. In a fairly simple procedure, we take a small amount of bone material and put it in your jaw where you need it.

At first it’s held in place by small screws, but after it has fused with your jaw, you’re now ready to have dental implants installed. Think of it as a personal bone transplant from one part of your body to another.

This might sound like a lot to go through just to attach a few appliances into your mouth, but the benefits of dental implants cannot be stressed enough. Repairing bone loss with grafting, whether small scale or large scale, and putting implants into the invigorated bone tissue improves your appearance, your speech and your ability to eat and do all the things you used to do with your natural teeth. Patients whole-heartedly agree that the end result is well worth the time and effort.

The dentists at the Sacramento Dentist Group do their best to provide you with a relatively pain-free, comfortable experience during all of your dental procedures, including bone grafts. If a bone graft is necessary, but sounds a little scary, consider the benefits of sleep dentistry during your procedure. Our doctors are ready to answer all your questions about this wonderful option of restoring your confidence, your full dental function and your smile!

Buy your shampoo and kitty litter at the corner drug store, but leave the whitening of your smile up to a team of experts. What can you expect? We offer two different processes, depending on your circumstances: Zoom! treatment and standard treatment. For standard tooth whitening, two visits to the convenient Sacramento office of the Sacramento Dentist Group will have you all set. First, we’ll make a mold of your mouth and teeth. On your second visit, you receive your custom made just-for-you trays and whitening agents.

You will leave feeling confident to use the trays at home, either at night or during the day. They will fit nicely and keep the whitener where it belongs, snug against your teeth doing the job to get your teeth looking fresher and younger. Is there a third step? Get out your camera and start snapping up pictures of the new improved you!

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