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Nixon Williams is a leading practice providing accountancy services for contractors and freelancers across the UK. Request a call back today.Ever since Nixon Williams was founded in 1995 our aim has been to deliver excellence in service to the contractor accounting and freelance accountancy market.
Nixon Williams is built on our past achievements, and we have become one of the leading specialist contractor accountants in the UK.Our vision is that of the No.1 contractor accountants in the UK – Nixon Williams stands apart from others because we never give up on our drive to be outstanding, distinctive in character and uncompromisingly committed to our values. Each of these qualities is essential.
Nixon Williams Values,At Nixon Williams, our work is underpinned by a set of values and conduct we strive towards:excellence in everything we do,outstanding teamwork,trusted relationships with our clients and,innovation.Nixon Williams Service
Our success derives from our commitment to personal service combined with quality, integrity and reliability, delivering an outstanding service tailored to clients' needs. We stand apart by providing a personal approach delivered with care and courtesy.
Because quality of work comes first with us, strong client relationships are our priority. It is our in-depth understanding of clients' businesses that enables us to deliver the quality of advice and service they expect.
The way we operate is by a combination of respect for our clients and employees, openness, confidence, an absence of hierarchy and being able to laugh at ourselves.We offer a complete accountancy service, combining traditional values with the use of modern technology. Our services are used by contractors, freelancers, engineers, medical staff and other professionals across the UK.
We are committed to delivering a high standard of service which demonstrates our culture of professionalism, dedication and integrity. We offer personally delivered accountancy and taxation advice, developing bespoke solutions to protect and enhance your wealth.
Nixon Williams Relationships,We believe in building strong relationships with each individual client through the development of strong long-term relationships. The understanding and trust that builds up helps us to give perceptive and appropriate advice at times when major financial decisions are being made.
Whether you are building your business, or are looking to start out with a new business, we can provide a fast track into using Nixon Williams.We constantly review and appraise our own performance and conduct regular client feedback reviews to see how we are doing, what we have done well and where we could improve. We try to keep a flexible mindset and to demonstrate readiness to make changes to teams or to working practices if the needs of our clients demand it. In this way we have built trusted relationships with clients throughout the UK.

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Additional Information

There are two main ways in which you can contribute to a pension fund, either personally or via your business and each method could be advantageous from a tax perspective depending on your circumstances.Personal Pension Contributions,These are contributions made to a pension scheme from personal funds and as such attract personal tax relief.

The pension provider will 'gross' up the contribution by 20% to give you basic rate relief i.e. an £80 contribution will add £100 to the pension pot. Your basic rate band will also be extended by the grossed up pension contribution (£100 in this example) so if you are a high rate tax payer tax relief is given in full i.e. up to the top rate of tax you pay.

You should however note that personal pension contributions are capped at 100% of earned income (broadly speaking, salary) for tax relief and it is the grossed up contribution that is taken into account. As a result, contributions in excess of salary are not normally efficient.

Company Pension Contributions,These are contributions made to a pension scheme from company funds and as such gain relief from corporation tax, assuming they are 'wholly and exclusively' for the purpose of trade. You need to ensure that the pension provider is aware that the contributions are from the company and they should be paid direct from the company account.

In April 2006 HMRC changed the way it allowed corporation tax relief on company pension contributions and as such they are no longer automatically eligible. However, they are eligible for relief if the contribution is 'wholly and exclusively' for the purpose of trade rather than for the benefit of the employee/director.

Although the guidance is not set in stone on this, it would appear that HMRC will accept the contributions are for the purpose of trade, if the overall remuneration package of the employee/director is reasonable. This means that the salary and pension package as a whole should be considered and provided this does not cause the company to make a tax loss in any given year, the contributions should qualify for tax relief; this also assumes that contributions are not excessive.

There are both annual and lifetime limits on the amount of pension input that can be made, the annual limit for 2014/15 is £40,000 and the lifetime limit is £1,250,000. If these limits are breached there will be additional tax charges.

Investments,As part of your overall wealth planning, you may also wish to consider investments in areas such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISA's), investment trusts and unit trusts etc.

Financial Advice,Others areas to consider are Income Replacement and Critical Illness Insurance.Nixon Williams does not provide financial advice on the above areas but we can introduce you to an advisor with knowledge of the contractor and freelance world. Nixon Williams only introduce financial advisors who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Product and Services

Having decided to start your own business, it is vital that you choose the best type of business for your needs. Friends, colleagues, accountants will probably all offer differing views on how you should work. So how do you decide,Nixon Williams operate and advise our clients to operate within the law but by all means arrange your affairs so as to reduce your overall tax liabilities.

We are here to provide you with guidance on the choices available to you; however you are free to operate through any business vehicle you may choose. We are able to assist you with the decision and we can provide a tax efficient solution for you.

The vast majority of our clients choose to operate through their own limited company, although we describe each option below:Transferring to Nixon Williams from your current accountant is very easy. Simply complete our online registration form to sign up as a client and inform the previous accountant that you will be transferring to ourselves so that they have your permission to pass on any details we may require.

We will contact your existing accountant and obtain the details we need from them, generally this is a copy of the latest accounts, supporting schedules, corporation tax details, VAT records and payroll records. Once we have received the details we need we will check that the accounts are in order including checks on the VAT account, PAYE/NIC payments, Business Taxes etc.

As soon as the transfer is complete you can start to enjoy all of the benefits of our service as listed below.How much will it cost,There are no transfer fees or charges as such assuming that we take-over at the start of your new financial year. The fees you pay will simply be £95 + VAT per month.

If you have already been trading for a few months when we start acting for you there may be additional fees payable to cover the months you have not been with us, please contact our new business team for details if this applies to you as we can normally be flexible around these charges.For just £95+Vat per month we offer the following on our Premier Service.

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