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Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning - Columbus

We have experience on all types of models of heaters and air conditioning systems. We offer a wide range of services such as: Installations of new units Maintenance contracts on your current unit Indoor air quality improvements Repairs Emergency Repair Line.

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There so many products that can improve the indoor air quality of your home or business. Humidifiers, ventilation systems, air filtration systems and UV lamps are some of the innovative Carrier products we are proud to offer to improve air quality.

When the air in your home or business is too dry, it can make it difficult to breath, which is very uncomfortable. In such a case, a humidifier can certainly help. Its basic function is to add water vapor to the air making it more humid. One type of humidifier is the Carrier fan-powered which has fans that add moisture through the ducts in your home, while the Bypass Humidifier works together with your furnace system to regulate humidity.

Ventilation systems work by ensuring there is enough air circulation in your home for a fresh and healthy indoor air quality. Having an efficient Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilators in your home will leave your home fresh and clean.

However, if you are still not convinced that the ventilation system is getting rid of all the air pollutants in your home, then what you need is the Carrier air filtration system that eliminates pollen, bacteria and animal dander. If you have allergies or complications such as asthma, with an air filtration system you will notice a quick improvement.

If you have spotted mold and bacteria growing in the moist areas of your house, the first thing you should do is get rid of them. However, this may be futile for as long as the areas remain dark and moist. In this case, the Carrier UV Lamps will kill all these harmful microorganisms so that they no longer pose a threat to your health.

Having these systems installed properly is vital. Consult experts such as Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for professional installation of humidifiers, ventilation systems, air filtration systems as well as new HVAC units. Call on us to perform maintenance and repair on any of these systems as well.

Having a team of experts on call for 24 hours a day will certainly help you rest easy since you can always depend on Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning for all your emergencies.

With all the opportunistic respiratory infections that are currently on the rise due to environmental contaminants, any doctor will tell you that prevention is better than cure. Whether you need fresh installations or your existing systems maintained or repaired, do not hesitate to give us a call at (614) 388-9599 for all your Innovative Carrier Products needs. Remember it is never late to take action, especially when it comes to your health.

Product and Services

Do you live in the Columbus, Dublin, Albany, Upper Arlington, or Westernize, OH area and have a problem finding the best air conditioning service company Well, your troubles are about to end! We at Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. are the answer to your prayers. We are leaders in the area in every aspect of air conditioning service, repair and installation. Once you come to us for these services, you will never need to look elsewhere.

So, what makes us the best company for you, For one thing, we have some of the most highly trained technicians in the OH area. Our professionals will ensure that you receive the highest quality of services possible when dealing with your air conditioning unit. This is because they have the necessary qualifications and experience and have mastered the art of making all HVAC systems work, as they should.

At Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. we understand the importance of a dependable heating system for those cold winter days and nights in the Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Westerville and Upper Arlington, OH areas. It gets really cold here, and you want to keep your family as comfortable as possible. This is why we offer a heating contractor service that is second to none. Just ask our customers and they will tell you that we are leaders in our industry. We offer 24/7 emergency heating repairs to ensure that you are able to provide your family with the comfort they deserve.

Seasonal Tune-ups and Preventive Maintenance
One of the best ways to keep your heating system running well throughout the years is to schedule regular heater maintenance. New heating equipment installation is a large investment, and taking good care of it will ensure that it lasts a long time. With seasonal tune-ups and preventative maintenance done at regular intervals, typically once a year, you may never have to call for emergency heating repairs, but if you do we are here for you.

While performing tune-ups on your heating system, our technicians clean the coils, check for and repair leaks, lubricate motors, tighten loose connections, test thermostats, and replace worn belts and other components that are necessary for a well running appliance. This is also the time when they will troubleshoot and diagnose smaller issues before they can become large nightmares.

Heating Service and Repair
Even the most well maintained machine from time to time may need service and repair. This is especially true when they are more than eight years old. As with any other piece of equipment, wear and tear does take its toll. For example, you can expect to replace a blower fan at least once during the lifetime of your heater. Thermostats and ignition controls also require service and repair from a heating contractor now and then. Today’s new heating equipment installation comes with more complexity, and that means greater possibility for things going wrong, even though they are much more efficient than predecessor models. At Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., you can be sure that your heating contractor is well prepared and up-to-date on this newer equipment.

We are proud of the 30 years we have been providing service to the areas around Columbus, and we are proud of our technicians as well. They are all well trained in heating service and repair and heater maintenance. They are all certified, so that you know they understand how to do the job right. You will never need to worry when you call us.

As a matter of fact, why not give us a call today to set up an appointment for an evaluation of your heating system, before you actually do need emergency heating repairs. Our number is (614) 388-9599. Quality Air Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. is at your service.
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