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Direct Worldwide Logistics’ Project Movement Australia offers delivery into and out of all ports in Australia. We take special care of all our client’s cargo and minimise delays where possible with the most competitive prices available.

Direct Worldwide Logistics is your one-stop shop to have your cargo delivered in a safe and timely manner. Logistic companies have successfully revolutionised freight services in Australia. Call us today to get matchless services at an affordable rate. Our team of experienced logistics experts will give you updates throughout the entire product movement process. They will complete the complex paperwork, follow up with crews to find out the current position of the item and go through the tedious processing systems of the respective port upon reaching the destination.

Once you have contacted our team of freight professionals you will be working with the most efficient cargo delivery options available for project shipping in Australia at an affordable rate. You can comfortably choose between air or ship freight and can get the products delivered as early as possible. DWL is known for helping you ship your product to any place in the world. The best thing about our services is that you will get continuous updates on your product position. The Project Movement Australia service will help with timely customs clearance and can then deliver your merchandise within your deadlines. Our staff are well trained and offer a myriad of services from which you can select the one most suited to your needs.

Our freight options allow you to select from the list of services, namely door-to-door services, airfreight, import & export services, documentation handling & processing, insurance, local airfreight and cartage and delivery. You can even check out our customised ship freight services to transfer your goods to any major international port around the world. Contact our reliable and experienced team to ensure the safe delivery of your products within your time requirements.

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Additional Information

Direct Worldwide Logistics organises full customs and quarantine clearance for all products imported into all ports in Australia. We have considerable experience in arranging the immediate classification and pre-clearance of your imports. We hold a customs and quarantine broker’s license which includes full electronic data interchange connections with Australian Customs for efficient customs and quarantine clearances.

As a fully licensed customs and quarantine broker, we at Direct Worldwide Logistics provide professional and accurate advice on customs and quarantine obligations. We are also a tariff and trade consultant which means we can give professional advice on anything from preferential duty rates to tariff concession orders. We ensure our clients get the benefits from petitions of under-paid or unpaid duty where applicable. We completely understand the trade regulations, allowing us to have a positive impact on your business with our expertise.

We are fully certified and capable people to count on to accomplish the full range of international trade advisory services to fulfil your needs and to ensure that you are totally compliant with all the applicable custom regulations. We can help you with all the formalities for customs, quarantine and associated obligations.We provide a total solution for the project cargo and heavy lift industries.

We always stand out when it comes to heavy machinery lifts and project cargo such as for the mining, construction, marine and agricultural industries.Our expertise extends to all parts and accessories, whether it may be project cargo, small machines to be lifted, rolling stock, machinery, break bulk cargo or heavy lift cargo to-be. Whatever your project shipping needs, we always offer a complete range of freight services to suit your management.

When it comes to project services we have a total grip on all kinds of heavy lifts, heavy turbines, vessel engines and generators, even small crates. We have our unique heavy lift centre which is equipped with overhead cranes with great lifting capacity, empowering assembly possibilities as well.Regardless of the goods you have, the size, shape or weight, our team will pack every article into a container and secure it for shipment.

Container Unpacking,To illustrate our careful and secure approach, our standard unpack rate is falling – that is from vessel of arrival to release. Time is money, so we work on a fast container turnaround providing a speedy, consistent service at a very competitive price. Whether we are to use a forklift, a crane or unpack the container by hand, you can be assured that your goods will be unpacked swiftly but with great care.

Product and Services

Direct Worldwide Logistics provides import and export airfreight services to and from all destinations worldwide. Through our worldwide agents we keep you informed of your freight movements with excellent communication at all times, providing timely and accurate notice of arrivals and ensuring the earliest possible customs clearance and delivery of your goods. We always strive to provide a quick and cost effective airfreight solution. Our staff are trained to provide a variety of options including transit time and cost requirements to determine the most suitable method of airfreight for your cargo.

Sea Freight
We provide a personalised freight forwarding service to all major international ports, with almost two departures a week. We are  renowned for our expertise in handling all types of cargo. Our air and road networks link seamlessly with all major Australian seaports for economical sea transport of containerised shipments around the world. We handle all import and export clearance with a choice of door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port services which have got you covered Australia-wide and we ensure that our service levels and communications are kept to the highest of standards both with our customers and our overseas network. We provide a complete range of ocean freight services for all types of cargo-consolidated shipments full-container, full and partial charters, roll-on/roll-off and barge cargo transportation.

The major advantage of using a “Break Bulk” service is that your overall distribution costs are greatly reduced by maximising the line-haul component and minimising the local delivery costs. Today, Break Bulk distribution is one of our standard service offerings. The service includes both the hauled transport and all state level metropolitan or country distribution, plus you get it all on one account and deal with just one company. Our representative will work to ensure your cargo is delivered efficiently and safely. We also specialise in the handling of many break bulk commodities including jumbo coil, rail bogies, steel plate, drill rigs, pipes, earth moving equipment, electric turbines and compressors.

Cross Trade
Direct Worldwide Logistics offers third party shipments (cross trade) from any location to any destination around the globe. From your supplier to your buyer without you needing to be in touch with the location, we can move your cargo. Many times when you buy or manufacture goods in other countries, you find yourself tied to supplier shipping agreements. This can affect your influence on the total product price, even to a point that the deal is no longer attractive for the buyer or cuts a big chunk out of your profit, not to talk about the level of service that your buyer can suffer if you are not in charge or involved.

Direct Worldwide Logistics is here to offer you an excellent alternative, allowing you to maintain low shipping prices and to upgrade the level of service for your clients and for yourself. You can be confident that your goods will arrive at their destinations in time and in the same condition you handed them over to us. We will take care of all aspects of your shipment, project or routine orders to save you time, risk and money.

Inland Transportation
A transporter is always committed to serve products and services that are in ‘padlock’ by emerging industries. Using our inland transportation process, there will be no confusion about how your materials are handled or who is handling your customers and products during the transportation time. If the entire routine of transportation is well organised then the risk of losing cargo is something which never needs to cross your mind at any time. Delivering our customer’s cargo is our very first responsibility.

We consistently match your equipment’s size and weight to the ideal transport vehicle. Direct Worldwide Logistics is wholly equipped to consign your biggest equipment, machinery or vehicle using the most appropriate vehicle type and transport medium. We provide you with a unique service and overcome any challenges in your requirements with ease and to your total satisfaction.

Coastal Vessels
With a highly motivated team consisting of experienced experts based at the heart of the market, we are able to deliver start-to-end solutions to our customers. Thanks to our shipping legacy, our goal is to provide a selection of businesses that will lead the market in delivering innovative shipping services to all our customers. Endowing our customers with local knowledge mixed with global expertise, unsurpassable knowledge and understanding of all shipping needs, makes us stand out at the forefront with modern techniques and stake management resolution for our customers. Our intelligent shipping division takes the lead in the fast-paced shipping market.

We are certified in handling all types of cargo, materials and containers. Our classified shipments are watched over and we give technical support to ensure that all the operations have been maintained safely, while consistently keeping in mind cost savings.

The effort of planning doesn’t remove the need for analysis. Once your management has approved plans to build a projected system, this system still requires detailed design and operation. This operation needs to be planned and programmed carefully to make sure you hit the target cycle. If this day-to-day scheduling is done by manpower, it results in higher operational budgets.

The budget does not make a difference, within it we will always provide you the best of the best services for any of your transportation or transhipment needs. We include services from sending cargo through to the first available point all the way to its final destination. This comes from using the best possible modes of pooled traffic and other prominent features of the services. We ensure the best use is made of time and always keep in mind the cost factor so that we can maximise our client’s aggressive positions in their market at any moment.

Our management believes that a successful transshipment operation must have a combination of strong logistical harmony skills and a stable operating environment.

Container Packs / Unpacks
Our service will meet all of your supply chain needs, and our container packing and unpacking service includes product counts, palletising and shrink-wrapping.

We understand that transporting and unpacking your goods actually affects them. The most important thing is the security and safety of your belongings. We do all we can do to minimise the chances of damage or impairment and at all times store the item securely and cautiously. In addition we can come to your premises to consult, or to pack and/or unpack your containers.

Personal & Household Goods
Our moving service brings the same quality care and global support network to the personal household relocation industry. Ocean, air and land services are integrated and the shipment stays within the Direct Worldwide Logistics system. This ensures the safe, rapid and economical transportation of your household goods with us.

Overseas Moves / Personal Effects: Direct Worldwide Logistics offers a complete removal service all over the world. We handle international removals, household effects and excess baggage to all worldwide markets. At Direct Worldwide Logistics, we will arrange every aspect of your removal shipment, whether by air, sea or road, to any location, anywhere in the world.

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