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Converg Media LLC - Olathe

Converg Media is a company based in the United States, specifically the Kansas City region of the Mid-West. We have national and local clients that we provide our services. We provide full service Digital Public Relations Agency helping clients with their online exposure via exclusive marketing channels, advertising & search optimization. For more visit Converg.com or call us 913 871 0453.

Converg Media was founded with the vision of producing innovative and affordable Digital PR solutions enabling companies to excel and thrive through practical and profitable steps. To realize this vision, we are developing evolutionary building blocks – starting with affordable distribution of information and creating relevant citations for our clients.  To retain and build the team necessary for these developments, Converg is fostering a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees who are driven to “make client success happen”.
Background of Converg Media,As a corporate entity, Converg Media LLC (est. 2006) is wholly owned by NetraCorp LLC (est. 1998), a Venture Capitalist and Internet Incubator who is also based in the Kansas City area.  Converg is the digital public relations side of NetraCorp and offers clients the full use of resources available from NetraCorp.
Since NetraCorp is also a public ICANN Accredited Registrar, Converg clients benefit from the security and reliability of hosting and registering their domain names with NetraCorp.  Domain names cost only  67¢/per month as a Registrar, so this price is passed on to Converg.  By having the infrastructure and technical resources available to Converg, no other company comes close to what Converg can provide to their clients.
NetraCorp became a company early on in the dot com start-up era and now owns and operates multiple organizations and web properties receiving well over .5 million unique visitors per month with 96% from North America and is always looking to invest in dditional profitable properties and opportunities that will help bolster it’s affinity groups.Converg utilizes the vast amount of resources at it’s disposal from NetraCorp to help our clients succeed in their objectives.

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Additional Information

After we receive your video (or we create one for you), we will then upload your video to approximately 40 different video distribution locations.  From there, we will take one of the distributions (such as the YouTube link for your video) and embed and bookmark you video in about 40 additional locations for adequate coverage.
Each video will have a description about your company (or the video specifically) using your keywords and a link back to your website.  Video distribution is all part of our Universal Search initiative to cover your company and keywords in multiple different formats.If you would like more information about our Video Distribution that’s included within our Search Optimization services, please contact us today.  Every day that you don’t take action, your competition is and our video creation and video distribution service will help make your business a success.
Converg Media specializes in Local Internet Marketing and Local Search Visibility by ensuring your business is listed in all the most popular locations on the Internet, specifically based around your locality whether it be in the Kansas City metro or in Oklahoma City, we have all major directories and news sites covered.Kansas City SEO and Local Search Marketing
Local Search Marketing with Google Maps,Recent studies show that 46% of visitors that click on a listing found in a Google Map will purchase the product or service offered in that listing.   Realize that buying customers will search locally for your products or services. We have a team dedicated to focusing exclusively on Google Maps for you.
Local Search Marketing with Local Websites,Besides dominating the Kansas City area for local search marketing with exclusive online properties like KCMetro.com and OPKS.com, we also cover the Oklahoma City area with OKC.com and OklahomaCity.net. NO ONE ELSE has the ability to submit to these directories since we have an exclusive agreement to place your business there. If any other company says they can add your business, then they are more than likely a reseller for our services but to be sure, contact us. Here is just a sampling of our directory and website submissions that we submit to are listed below. We identify specific niches that your business would (or should) be listed in and get your business ranked around your specific niche.
We reach most publishers via agreements with the underlying database providers such as infoUSA and Acxiom.  In total this amounts to hundreds if not thousands of sites and devices directly or indirectly to help us, help you, in local search marketing. The partial list below represents publishers that is reached via those agreements along with those to which manual submission is made via publicly available gateways; and nothing herein should be construed to imply any relationship. Also note that this list constantly changes as we add new publishers.
We all know Google looks at your website and would like to see a mobile version of your site.  Well, we have put together a program for our Clients to use us to make this happen.
Use this service as a quick and simple way to create a mobile-friendly version for your website. Upon enabling this service, your website would display as simple icons on any mobile device. These icons would display essential information pertaining to your website such as location, products, phone, e-mail.
If a mobile device user visits your website (such as yousitename.com) from a mobile device, then they will automatically be redirected to a sub-domain of your existing domain name (such as m.yoursitesname.com). This allows your mobile users an experience similar to desktop users.Setting up your website’s mobile version does not take much effort from your side and can be set up in minutes. The content of this new website gets picked up directly from your existing website.
As it becomes more and more competitive to release apps to the public on mobile phones and tablets every day, it’s hard to be successful in releasing your apps and getting the right exposure to the right people.  Thousands of applications are introduced to the app markets every day.  It’s a crowded places for mobile apps and the lack of visibility in the crowd will not get your app to the right people.  Even if you you have a great app, it wouldn’t be of any use if people can find it or isn’t using it.
The great news here is that there’s a large number of mobile application directories that categorize applications and help smart phone users find what you have.  The benefit of us promoting your app here is that your applications get more popular and you get valuable back links from these sites.  App directories are somewhat new and a perfect opportunity to gain authoritative links back into your site.
Starting any campaign whether it’s traditional advertising or Search Optimization, Call Tracking and Call Measurement is crucial to a successful campaign.  We provide our clients with unique tracking tools for each marketing segment and campaign.

Product and Services

SEO Services
Converg uses our own propriety strategies and methodologies that essentially mimics the natural behavior of the Internet when buzz about a topic is occurring to help increase our client’s search engine optimization organically through custom SEO services.The Converg competitive advantage is key for any company looking for SEO services which set’s Converg apart from any new start-up SEO company.  
We continuously monitor and watch for new changes in how the major Search Engines are ranking our clients and work to help increase and maintain our client’s positions.  For xample, for 2012 and beyond, our own LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Technique for anchor text is the best answer to Google’s new constant changes in the search engine algorithm. We monitor and manage our client’s keywords to help ensure efficient changes.The Converg Search Engine Optimization Methodologysearch engine optimization and seo services
For example, let’s say Apple launches a new product.   First of all, you will see major news and press releases reporting about the launch.   Afterwords, blogs and forums will show increased activity about the new product, and you will also see social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have increased activity on the discussion of this new product.  Furthermore, articles are written and back links are created to the new product page.
When this happens, Google has no choice but to put the new Apple product on the top ranking every time people search for it.  It is illogical to have other sites at the #1 ranking.
How we Execute our SEO Services & Search Engine Optimization Strategy
What Converg does with it’s SEO Services in executing this strategy is simulating this type of breaking news and increased activity, naturally and algorithmically. Google sees the web from a collective point of view.  We want Google to catch the idea that our client’s site is the main focus for their keywords and that everyone searching for their keywords must be looking for our client’s site.  When this happens, our client’s rank will improve substantially.  This is the reason why we always start campaigns with a press release, followed by social media, article writing and natural back linking.  Here is a more detailed overview of our services.Our Search Engine Optimization Competitive Advantage through custom SEO Services
No other search engine optimization company in the world has access to the infrastructure that we have.  Converg has exclusive access to over .5 million unique visitors each month that come across thousands of our properties and 95% of them are from the United States / North America.  This infrastructure has been in the works for over 15 years.  The experience of the Converg founder, Shane Kinsch and our employees has been a leading force in developing new proprietary methodologies that have placed Fortune 1000 companies in the top rankings of all the major search engines.White Label Services,Whether you are a full-service Ad Agency or a Web Design company, we provide white labeled reports and emails with you in mind.  
All reports you receive will be in a format for you to remove our logo.  The Monthly Executive Summary will have your logo on the report and provide information about your company to the client.  The reports can be sent to you or to the client directly (under your email address and from your email server).  If you are interested in our white labeled SEO services, please contact us for more information.Contact us today to find out how we can increase your revenue online.  Here is a more detailed overview of our services.  We have an extensive Competitive Advantage over other search engine optimization companies utilizing our SEO services through proprietary methodologies.
Link Building
The Importance of Link Building,We help our clients’ link building efforts allowing them to Rank for specific keywords by providing relevant one-way links pointing to their website using the correct Anchor texts.  Keep in mind, you only need to do 1% better than the site that is already above you to rank higher, but we aim to do a lot better.Link Building, Exchanging reciprocal links with other “like” websites (sites that are in the same niche and category as yours) is good.  If you exchange links with sites that have nothing to do with your industry then most major search engines discount or provide no weight to those links coming back to your website.
Overall, exchanging reciprocal links could be a good start to create a dialogue with other webmasters and websites to exchange traffic.  Nevertheless be extra careful when you place outgoing links.  Getting links from link farms will not help your rankings but it will certainly not hurt you, since as a webmaster, you can’t control the links that are placed on other sites.  On the other hand you have full responsibility for the links that are created on your website, that’s why placing links from your site to “bad neighborhoods” can lead to being penalized by search engines and even placed into the supplemental index until the things that put you there are corrected.
Website Design
Our website design services focuses in on what your specific needs are and what you expect from an expert design group. Our expert group of web specialists come together to design (or redesign) your website to make the best impact for your budget.
Our developers will develop your website in the latest content management system on an open source platform.  What does this mean?  It means that once the development is done you technically can take it to any open source hosting service you like.Unlike closed-systems such as Microsoft Windows, open source platforms based on UNIX (like Linux) and open source software like Apache and MySQL give companies more flexibility to migrate their applications to other hosting providers with less headaches.
Website Redesign,If your website needs a new face lift on your old web 1.0 domain, our website redesign services will walk you through all the options to get your site upgraded to the latest web 2.0 look and feel.
We have a simple process for our clients.  We first start off with a simple questionnaire and collaborate with you on different design ideas that are appealing to you.  Once we lock in a design, we help you with the layout and incorporating your content within the site.After you are completely satisfied, it will then go live.  Because we use WordPress for our back-end content management system, your site will be ready for search engine optimization.
Custom & Affordable Website Design,We’re honest people, so to continue with the honesty, we’re experts in search engine optimization, not creative or graphic artistry .. but we do have access to hundreds of websites and templates, not to mention thousands of graphics that are available for our clients. 

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