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108 Wellston Park Rd. , Sand Springs- 74063
Oklahoma , United States  United States
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Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc - Sand Springs

We pride ourselves in being the leading air conditioning experts in Oklahoma, as our team of nationally certified professionals has extensive knowledge of a wide range of air conditioning equipment. We understand that your home is a big investment and the place where you spend most of your life. Therefore, we take every necessary step to ensure that you enjoy superior and lasting comfort in your home.
Air Solutions Heating and Cooling offers you a way to reduce energy cost, extend the life of your equipment, eliminate costly breakdowns, receive priority service and never pay overtime charges. Our Comfort Club member is the best way to receive your heating and air conditioning service. Just as maintaining your vehicles engine is important with regular maintenance, regular heating and air conditioning service is imperative to the life expectancy of you homes comfort system.
The better care we give the machines that make our lives more comfortable the longer they will last and provide us with the comfort we expect. If we don’t take care of the amenities we enjoy they will eventually stop working for us. The Air Solutions Heating and Cooling Comfort Club membership allows you to provide your homes comfort system with a little TLC. Heating and Air Conditioning service can make all to difference in your families comfort in Oklahoma’s extreme temperatures.

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Other Categories : Air Conditioning Installation, Heating Repair, Plumbing Repairs

Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Additional Information

When you are searching for a reliable Tulsa OK plumbing service, look no further. We, at Air Solutions Heating and Air Conditioning, have a team of experts ready to assist you with all your plumbing needs. We will be there when there is a problem, and we will help you prevent issues with regular maintenance. Here is a closer look at our services.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs,Tulsa OK plumbing repair can become necessary at any time, so we understand when emergencies strike, you need help immediately. We promise to arrive neatly in uniform and ready to work. We explain various repair options, so you can make the best choices based on your individual budget. Leaking pipes, sump pump issues, and other drain problems are just some of the items we deal with.

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance,The best way to avoid problems and major headaches is to stick to a regular maintenance plan. Yearly Tulsa OK plumbing maintenance will prevent costly fixes and keep your home worry free. To prevent costly cleanup, it is essential to to handle the problem early. The price of maintenance will only cost a fraction of most repair jobs. We offer a great deal of maintenance services. For example, we check for early leaks in pipes, drains, and faucets. Also, we inspect your hot water heater and other appliances.

All of these preventative measures will bring you numerous benefits. You will enjoy lower energy bills, improved efficiency, and you will extend the life of your plumbing. All of these items place money back in your pockets.

To help you save extra money, we proudly introduce our Comfort Club. This is an excellent way to receive top maintenance service for your home. In no time, our Comfort Club pays for itself. Members of this club receive free diagnostic service calls for emergencies or regular repairs. This saves up to $80 per call. We also give a 15 percent discount on all parts and accessories you may need or want as an upgrade. Also, members receive scheduling for spring and fall inspections and cleaning.

As the seasons change, you will be ready. Finally, members receive first and same day service, no matter what other appointments we have. All of our clients are important, but you will be first in line. You will experience numerous benefits from being a Comfort Club member including less breakdowns, priority service and increased home safety.

You deserve a home that is free from leaks and other problems. If you live in the Tulsa, OK area and require plumbing repairs or maintenance, do not hesitate to call Air Solutions Heating and Air Conditioning at 918-528-4792. We look forward to completing all of your plumbing needs and saving you money in the process.

Product and Services

Air Conditioning Repair
We understand that you may have concerns about your inefficient air conditioner, yet are not ready for a replacement. Air conditioners, like other equipment, may have some parts wear out and need repair. Call us for a thorough check-up and we will repair any parts needed in order for your AC to continue functioning efficiently again.
Air Conditioning Maintenance
We recommend an annual or bi-annual check-up and service of your AC. You may not feel this expense is justified, as of now, but trust us it will save you embarrassing and inconvenient breakdowns in the middle of summer. Do not wait for your AC to break down – call us for regular maintenance to keep your system running efficiently and for many years to come.
Air Conditioning Installation
If you want to have the best air conditioning system properly installed in your home or business, or you want to replace your already-worn-out inefficient air conditioner, we, Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc., are the experts to contact. We know the best brands of air conditioners and we will make excellent recommendations. We are happy to come and inspect your current system and unique building to recommend the best AC for you and install it promptly and professionally. We also keep you updated on rebates and other funding offers that can help you afford the air conditioning equipment that best suits your home or businesses’ air quality needs.
Heating Services
Our technicians do not just conduct heating equipment maintenance, repair and installation, they go a step further to educate you on your HVAC needs and equipment so that you can use energy more efficiently while getting the best heating for your home.
Heating Installation
Our drug tested, certified and trained technicians assess your home’s heating needs and recommend you only the best heating products in the market. We will install your heater, furnace or any other heating equipment correctly, the first time. Courtesy and outstanding customer service is part of our ethics so you can rest assured we will cause you minimal, if any, disturbance during the installation of your equipment.
Heating Maintenance
While regular maintenance may be easily neglected, it is a very important part of keping your heater running properly. Proper maintenance detects developing faults with your equipment including dirt build-up or leaks, so they can be corrected on time, before major costly repairs are necessary. Well maintained equipment use energy more efficiently, will operate more quietly, and will be there when you need it to keep the air comfortable when the temperature drops. Our technicians will be happy to conduct regular maintenance of your heating equipment.
Heating Repair
Trust our friendly, trained and experienced technicians to diagnose your heating equipment’s failure and conduct the necessary repairs in a timely, professional manner. If your heater breaks down in the middle of the night, we offer 24 hour service.

At Air Solutions Heating and Cooling, our main goal is to ensure your home is always heated and maintained at the right temperature and air quality. We install, repair and service your heating equipment, as well as offer maintenance and friendly advice on how to keep your heating equipment functioning at its utmost efficiency. Call Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc. at 918-528-4792 today.

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Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc
Excellent work
We had an A/C system failure in our home; and was looking for a reliable service team for repair and maintenance; we got connected with the team of professionals from Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc, who were fast and responsive. They came on time, explained what they’re doing and why, and also provided necessary advice on how to avoid problems in the future. it was really fruitful. we are very glad to have their service