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1717 State Route 34 , Wall Township- 07727
New Jersey , United States  United States
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Monmouth Jet Center - Wall Township

Monmouth Jet Center (MJC) FBO at Monmouth Executive Airport (KBLM) is a full service aviation hub with easy access to the Jersey Shore and an alternative to crowded NY area Jetports . Operational 24/7 the FBO services include, competitively priced Jet A and Avgas available on-field, T-hangars, Jet Hangars and Office Space Rentals, Aircraft De-Icing, , GPU and Lavatory Services, Flying Lessons and Aircraft Maintenance Services. Monmouth Airport features the Longest Private Runway in the USA at 7371 feet long. We are building for the future at Monmouth Jet Center, call us at (732) 751-0044 or visit our website at http://monmouthjetcenter.com/

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The Monmouth Jet Center (MJC) FBO under new ownership since December of 2013, is dedicated to becoming a world-class jet center and is your gateway to the Jersey Shore, and the greater New Jersey and New York Area.
As we upgrade the airport and our FBO we invite you to contact us to see what we have to offer pilots, passengers, and part 135 operators at the start of our journey to make Monmouth Airport into a modern aviation center for all of NJ. Our team is putting together attractive leasing and build to suit programs for commercial operators who will consider moving their base of operations to Monmouth. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of exciting future developments at the airport and get the best available locations for your hangar and office space.
FBO stands for “Fixed Base Operator”. Essentially FBOs are the aviation equivalent of full-service gas stations but offering a wider range of services. The acronym had its origin in the early days of aviation,when nomadic aviators flew from field to field and airport to airport, eeking out a living selling their services to people who would pay them to fly in their often raggedy old airplanes.
When one of these operators decided to put down roots and run an airport-based business, that operator became “fixed”.  Some of these operators built thriving businesses, and the company that provided fuel, hangars and other airport services became known as the FBO. The term is now widely used all over the world by pilots and aviation saavy folks.
If you are a part 135 operator or responsible for corporate flight operations, consider relocating your base of operations to Monmouth Executive Airport.Aircraft hangars for Jets and Piston Airplanes are available now. But that tells only part of the new story we are writing here at Monmouth Jet Center at Monmouth Executive Airport.
Aircraft Hangars & 24/7 Flight Operations At Monmouth Executive AirportUnder new ownership and management since December of 2013, Monmouth Executive Airport has become serious about building a world class Jet Center. If you manage aircraft and are looking for a home in the Northeast, consider the following
Aircraft hangars and office space rentals are available now at competitive rates to other NY area private airports.We have massive potential in our underdeveloped airport land. Those with vision to base operations here now will reap the benefits of modernization at lower cost, through attractive construction and leasing deals. Get in on the ground floor of our expansion.
Fuel costs at Monmouth are competitive with, or lower than other regional Jet Centers like Teterboro, or Morristown Airports. Both Jet-A and AVGas are available.Our 7300 foot runway is longer than any at LaGuardia International. In fact it’s the longest private runway in the country making landings during inclement weather safer and less stressful for your passengers.
Our airport is now open around the clock. Landing lights are always on, and fuel and de-icing are always available 24/7.Jet servicing and maintenance services are available right on the airport.We are an alternative to Teterboro and Morristown for NY City access when you consider the time you often spend waiting to take off and land from those overcrowded locations.  Limo service puts you in downtown Manhattan in an hour and 15 by car or 20 minutes by helicopter.
Monmouth airport’s central location is a charter hub for points up and down New Jersey, especially the Jersey Shore.AIRCRAFT HANGARS IN NJ, SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA
The opportunity for flight operators is to base their operations at Monmouth where we currently have immediate hangar availability. While most of the aircraft hangar space in overcrowded airports like Teterboro and Morristown can take many months to open up, aircraft hangars are available at Monmouth Executive, NOW.
These hangars are offered at competitive rates with competitively priced fuel and all other FBO amenities that rival most other NY area airports. Our pre-built hangar space includes common use and T-hangars all with attached office space.  Or you can build out your own space in existing buildings or even build your own custom hangar on land that is readily available to house your corporate flight operations for years to come.
MONMOUTH EXECUTIVE AIRPORT MODERNIZATION PROGRAM,Under new ownership since December 2013, Monmouth Airport has seen renewed focus on jet operations all across the airport while still retaining services for the prop planes, helicopters, and their pilots that are the lifeblood of our history.
Monmouth converted to 24/7 operations, has upgraded the FBO and its service offering generally, while improving access to hangar space throughout the airport. Monmouth has improved safety at the airport as well by limiting the kinds of flight operations that are allowed at the airport, and moving non-aviation related enterprises off the airport.

Product and Services

Monmouth Airport caters to the needs of aviators with affordable availability of airplane hangars for aircraft of all type.Tired of your $30 Million dollar investment getting rained on at Teterboro while you wait months for hangar availability
Tired of crowded airspace, and tarmac delays upon departure and takeoff,Tired of paying top dollar for Fuel and second rate aviation services,Tired of white-knuckled landings due to crowded airspace and short runways,Jet Aircraft Hangar Space Monmouth NJ - Monmouth Jet Center,Pre-built Jet Aircraft Hangar Space for Corporate Flight Ops.
Monmouth Jet Center at Monmouth Airport is home to ample airplane hangar space of all types and the longest private runway in the country. Our facilities service most kinds of private aircraft from helicopters and prop planes, to multi-engine Gulfstream charter Jets.  We have common-use hangars, t-hangars and larger aircraft hangars with attached office space to set-up your corporate flight department.
Most of our airplane hangar space is available NOW, not month or years from now.  At prices that are competitive with Teterboro Airport, Morristown Airport, and all regional Jet Centers. Add to that our highly competitive pricing on Jet-A and AVgas fuel, our low air traffic profile, low stress airspace, and longest private runway in the country, and we’re pretty sure we have a place you’d like to call home.
JET HANGARS – AIRPLANE HANGAR SPACE MADE TO ORDER.For those with longer term vision for their flight operations, we invite you to come grow with us. Monmouth Airport’s 850 acres makes is larger than LaGuardia Airport yet it is mostly undeveloped.land with prime positions for hangar development for corporate flight operations.
Under new ownership since 2013, our team is dedicated to making Monmouth Jet Center a world class Jet Center.  Get in on the ground floor with us. Attractive leasing and financing options are available for custom hangar building for the flight operator with an eye on the future.
T-HANGARS NJ,Monmouth has not forgotten its piston pilots and offers a large selection of T-hangar rental for charter operators or private owners. Attached office space and easy taxi to one of our two runway’s exist in most hangars. And our rates and 24/7 FBO amenities are competitive with any other local airport.
If you are considering a new place to park your flight operations, we suggest you hangar you investment with us.  Call now for best availability at 732-751-0044.
Ask any traveling executive and they will tell you that the convenience of landing your private jet near New York City is quickly overshadowed by the exasperation of sitting on the tarmac for an hour or more waiting to take off.
And finding hangar space for your Jet at NY area airports is near impossible and expensive to boot.
Monmouth Jet Center provides affordable hangar space and fuel services at a jet center within 1 hour and 15 minutes of downtown New York City, Philadelphia, or Atlantic City. And there is never a wait in our airspace. For pilots, understand that we are a few miles outside of Class B airspace and 1 mile outside of “Mode C” making for effortless arrivals and departures.
But perhaps what our pilots love most of all is our 7300+ ft runway that makes takeoffs and landings safer and stress free. That’s longer than the longest runway at LaGuardia International!
Monmouth Executive Airport came under new ownership in December 2013 and our focus is making our airport the preferred alternative to overcrowded NY area airports. If you are responsible for a corporate jet or charter company and are looking for a new home for your base of operations, you owe it to yourself to call Monmouth.
Your indoor hangar space is available NOW, and its less costly overall than having your 30 million dollar investment sitting out in the rain on the tarmac at Teterboro. T-hangars with office space are available now at rates that are less than Teterboro or Morristown.Room to build. Our Airport is nothing if not spacious. Under new ownership since December 2013, the airport is offering aggressive opportunities to companies wishing to base operations here. There are prime areas for hangar construction and long term construction and leasing deals available. We want to be your airport of choice.
Fuel Prices – Our prices are among the most competitive in the Tri-state area. Both Jet A and Avgas available 24/7.Full Service FBO provides the kinds of services and amenities that other private airports are not able to provide. Monmouth goes the extra mile for its customers and if you call us we are willing to help with whatever you need.

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