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45 Branksome Drive , Heald Green, Cheadle- SK8 3AL
Cheshire , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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5 Star Carpet Cleaning - Cheadle

Our 5 STAR CARPET CLEANING technicians are some of the most experienced, highly trained carpet care professionals in the industry.

We aim to deliver amazing and measurable cleaning results for your carpet and upholstery. However it is just as important to us to focus on providing a level of satisfaction that will earn your continued business year after year. We want you to feel comfortable when entrusting our staff with the care of your home. Our technicians respect your property by dressing professionally and arrive for appointments on time. They also have the ability to communicate clearly and understand you if you have special requests.

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Monday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Additional Information

Our experienced team has been caring for carpets and upholstery all across the Greater Manchester and Stockport area since 2005.

As a family run business we subscribe to the philosophy that bigger isn't always better.
We're not a large chain outfit that you see or hear in adverts pitching a price so low the quality no doubt suffers. 5 STAR CARPET CLEANING operates with the highest levels of experience and quality assurance because we know it's more important to do a job right than to do a job quickly.

Jeremy Kingsley and the team at  5 STAR CARPET CLEANING  are as experienced in top-notch customer care as they are in cutting-edge carpet and upholstery care. We invite you to call 5 STAR CARPET CLEANING today to enjoy unparalleled carpet and upholstery cleaning and first-rate customer satisfaction.

Product and Services

Carpet Cleaning

5 STAR CARPET CLEANING uses proven processes for optimal cleaning. From start to finish, learn how 5 STAR CARPET CLEANING  gives you amazing results:

The following is a brief description of our in-depth cleaning process:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

A proper pre-inspection will include your areas of concern, spots where you know what was spilled, and those that you do not. While we can remove many spots and stains some may be permanent.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum

We always vacuum the the rooms to remove any soiling.Dry soil removal is always the first step in cleaning anything.

Step 3: Furniture Moving

We will move sofas, chairs and tables that you choose to have moved (optional). Beds, dressers, etc. are left in place under our normal pricing structure.

Step 4: Pre-spray and Spotting

All of the cleanable areas are pretreated to separate the soil from the fibres and spotted where necessary.

Step 5: Extract and Rinse

Using our powerful Hot Water Extraction Process (steam cleaning), the soil is removed utilising pressure and heat and is regulated so as not to over saturate the carpet. During the rinsing process, a solution is used to leave the carpet fibers in a neutral state, removing all previous sticky residue. There will be nothing left but clean carpet!

Step 6: Post Spotting

If there are any remaining stains, we will try additional techniques to remove them.

Step7: Carpet Protector

Depending on which cleaning package you desire, carpet protector is applied. This is always recommended, as it prevents staining and re-soiling.

Before having your carpets cleaned, please remove all breakables and items from the tables and other furniture that you would like moved. (We typically do not move beds, dressers, home entertainment units, pianos and other heavy items. Please inform us if you would like some of these items moved when you schedule) Remove all small items such as boxes, shoes ,toys etc. from the areas to be cleaned. It is also advisable to arrange for your pets and children to be away from the area to be cleaned.

Hard Floors

Hard floor cleaning is a very time consuming but worthwhile exercise.

Firstly the floor is swept and mopped.

We then apply floor stripper to a small area of the floor and leave it for 10 minutes. The rotary machine is then used to scrub off all the dirt and grime and mopped again with clean water.it is then left to dry .this process is then repeated on the next section.

When the whole floor has been stripped, cleaned and dried, a layer of polish is applied horizontally and left to dry. A second layer is then applied vertically.

Upholstery Cleaning

5 STAR CARPET CLEAINING uses proven processes for optimal cleaning. From start to finish, learn how 5 STAR CARPET CLEANING gives you amazing results:

The following is a brief description of our in-depth cleaning process:

Step 1: Pre-Inspection

We perform special tests to determine the type of fibre. This testing will determine the cleaning solution and techniques that will be used. We can tell you at this point which stains may be permanent.

Step 2: Area Preparation

We will prepare the area where the upholstery will be cleaned so as not to affect your surrounding furnishings.

Step 3: Pre-Vacuum

All textiles should be vacuumed before cleaning; this removes all of the dry soils especially in the cracks and crevices.

Step 4: Pre-Spot

Any potentially difficult spots will be treated with the appropriate spotting solution to increase the chance of removal.

Step 5: Soil Extraction and Rinse

The soil is then extracted with a special rinse that will leave the PH balance of the fibres neutral.

Step 6: Fabric Protector (optional purchase)

A fine fabric protector can be applied to increase the life and stain resiliency of your upholstery.

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