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66 Rutherford Drive Over Hulton , Bolton- BL5 1DL
England , United Kingdom  United Kingdom
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Andersons Air Conditioning - Bolton

Based in Bolton, Lancashire, Andersons Air Conditioning are a small company who supply and install both commercial and residential air conditioning units to satisfy your cooling & heating needs in the home and office environment. We utilise the latest air conditioning technologies offering the highest product specification from suppliers such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin.

Anderson’s Air Conditioning were originally electrical engineers during the 1970's and began installing mainframe computers and air conditioning systems in 1982 and have expanded to include commercial and domestic air conditioning installations.

As you can see we have been trading as Andersons Air Conditioning for a long while and rely on our reputation in providing a first class service to our customers.

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Additional Information

The efficiency of any system will be greatly improved if the heated water is kept as low as possible. For this reason, underfloor heating is highly recommended. It is vital to ensure that the underfloor layout is designed to use low water temperatures. i.e. plenty of pipe and high flow-rates since heat pumps have a different design emphasis to boiler systems. A mixing valve to drop the temperature for the floor pipes should not be used.

Many underfloor systems use zone valves. As they close, they reduce the flow-rate. To maintain the correct flow-rate through the heat pump a buffer tank is suggested. If sufficient areas of floor are always-on, then a buffer cylinder may not be required.

If the building is well insulated and mostly open-plan, then separate zones may not be needed. In this instance the buffer tank may be omitted with caution. A very good underfloor heating layout in a screed is critical to good performance.

If radiators are to be used, they must be large enough. At least double the normal sizing (as used with a boiler) is a good starting point. but they will never be as good as underfloor heating.The pipework for radiators should be considered carefully such that the flow is not restricted. high flow-rates are desirable. TRV’s are often a hindrance.

The energy efficiency will be significantly better from underfloor heating utilising solid screed (tiled etc) finishes. The running costs will be higher if timber finish, and/or carpets are used.If your house is not particularly well insulated, then you need to be more careful with the underfloor or radiator design. Poorly insulated houses may not be suitable for full-heating using underfloor heating. These should ideally have tiled surface (no wood and no carpets).

Whilst this type of heat pump installation could provide all the heating needs, it is common practice, and often economic sense, to have a back-up boiler linked to the system to cope with the very cold periods.Electric back-up is not ideal. This is putting a high load on the mains supply at a time of peak demand. At this time the power station’s net fuel efficiency is lower.

Woodstoves are a simple option and good environmentally, but they are labour intensive.The ground pipe system must be planned carefully, especially since it will be there for well over 50 years. Any mistakes may be too difficult or costly to rectify later. The highest energy efficiency will result from systems that do not go below freezing point, therefore, the bigger the the pipe system/ground area, the better, however, this is costly and a compromise must be sought.

The ground area should be selected carefully. Wetter areas are very much better than dry.The pressure drop in the pipes should be compatible with standard low-head pumps, and will be calculated by your heat pump expert.Weather-compensation will significantly improve the annual energy efficiency by reducing the heated water temperature down to the minimum required, dependent on outside temperature. Most heat pumps incorporate this in the controller, if not, then this facility could be retrofitted as an extra.

If you want to keep energy efficiency high, try to keep the heated water temperature as low as possible. Try to keep some zone valves fully open and control the temperature down by carefully adjusting the weather compensation controller. If you don’t have weather compensation, simply adjust the water temperature as low as possible such that adequate heating is attained. The setting can be changed thoroughout the year.

If domestic hot water is provided by the heat pump, you will need a very large heat-exchanger coil within the cylinder, far bigger than boiler fast recovery types. Have a big enough cylinder such that the water can be stored at a slightly lower temperature. Use “thermal store” type systems with caution. They usually require temperatures higher than heat pumps can efficiently provide.Protection from Legionella must be considered. This often takes the form of an electric heater that is controlled to come on via a time clock.

Heat pump compressors like to run for long periods. Stop-starts should be minimised. The use of buffer tanks, correctly set thermostat differentials and correctly positioned cylinder sensors will all help to maximise run periods.Noise could be a problem if not considered properly. Be cautious at the design stage and this problem should be eliminated.

Product and Services

Anderson s Air Conditioning comprises of a small team of engineers. We are able to offer a complete air con and low temperature heating service as we have fully qualified engineers in both electrical and refrigeration installations.

Anderson s Air Conditioning also offer maintenance contracts on air conditioning equipment.We are based in Bolton, Lancashire and offer our services within a 75-mile radius of Manchester thus covering the main areas in the North West including Warrington, Widnes, Liverpool, Wigan and Golborne.

Andersons Air Conditioning offer a voluntary maintenance contract agreement, depending on your installation and environment, we recommend equipment is serviced a minimum on once per annum. Air conditioning is like any other mechanical equipment and does require regular servicing to keep it running efficiently. All equipment we supply carries a minimum of 3 years manufacturers warranty.

With fossil fuel and energy costs soaring, homeowners are looking for more efficient technologies to heat and cool their homes. Andersons Heat pump central heating for domestic and commercial use is the ideal solution.

The new innovations in design and technology in the air conditioning industry, have raised the efficiency levels of the new generation inverter controlled heat pumps. The running cost of these systems is now comparable with gas. The energy efficiency is ‘A’ rated. For every kilowatt of electric used, they produce more than 4 kilowatts of heating or cooling energy in return. From switching on, these units will bring a room up to temperature within minutes. This makes the multi-point inverter heat pumps a serious contender in the commercial and domestic heating market, with the added bonus of cooling in summer.

This multi-point system is very flexible allowing you to add units to the system as and when you require. One exterior condenser unit can supply up to eight internal units, and provide comfort heating or cooling to your personal requirements.

There is also available with these systems provision for supplying domestic hot water from energy extracted from the air at the same ‘A’ rated efficiency as quoted above.

Anderson’s Air Conditioning cover the regions of Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire although are happy to travel out of these regions should the needs arise.

Anderson Air Conditioning can bespoke design an air conditioning system to suit your requirements creating that a comfortable, temperature controlled environment. A better controlled room temperature is much more positive for the students concentration levels.

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Andersons Air Conditioning
Good Work
I was very pleased with the service of Andersons Air Conditioning and felt they were very knowledgeable and brilliant. Even the people I talked to on the phone were informative and professional. I will continue to do business with them and hope i get the same service technicians. i highly recommend them to anyone.