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Jungle Walla is a reputed tour and travel agency with specialization in birding tours, holiday tours in Malaysia, Langkawi tours and a variety of other tours and holidays plans in Malaysia. For those holiday enthusiasts who don’t want to visit the vibrating city life or want to spend time in the most serene environment where they  can hear the sound of Mother Nature and songs of birds, these tour plans are certainly the right option for them to enjoy the memorable holiday time in their own way. Junglewalla was set up in early 1994 in Langkawi by Irshad Mobarak with help from his best friends and mentor Miles Baddeley (Wildlife for the Future-UK), its main objective is to educate and inspire people to experience Langkawi’s rich natural history. These adventure tours are developed and conducted by a group of dedicated and passionate nature guides.

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Join our Geopark guide on this most memorable outing of the best Langkawi has to offer and take home lasting impressions of this magical place.Sheer limestone cliffs, fjords and seastacks majestically rise like ancient temples out of the ocean. The porous nature of limestone that is continually exposed to the dehydrating sun, wind and salt from the oceans have resulted in the growth of a unique flora; some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Rain and the tidal movements have weathered and shaped these stunning Karst formations giving rise to numerous caves, crevasses and canyons.

Let our experienced guide take you back in time so pack your camera for a tour surely not to be missed.Geo Park: Life on the Brink. This tour takes us to the south of Langkawi where we take a boat and explore some of the most beautiful seascapes Malaysia has to offer.

This challenge works around a nautical disaster scenario, the objective being to save the ship. The participants will be marooned on an isolated sandy beach, with various tools and fire making equipment. They will have to survive themselves, cooking lunch etc. They will be required to come up with the most viable team solution for their circumstances. This will have to be achieved within a certain time scale. This will cause pressure amongst the teams and test their team spirit. After they have decided upon their team strategy and plan, they have to be prepared to defend it to a group panel of experience inquisitors.

There will be treasure to find, and the participants will have to discover where it has been hidden they have to use their initiative to solve word puzzles and a series of awkward management tasks that will test their team harmony the treasure will enable them to uncover their means of escape.

After their escape from the Island, they will have dinner aboard the ship, where a post mortem will be discussed, the failures and the successes. This is how the teams will rejuvenate and grow as individuals and team members. It is only by meeting with Triumph and Disaster on common ground that we can vanquish Kiplings’s two famous vainglorious imposters and uncover a true identity as an individual, team or company.

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birding tours, holiday in langkawi, holiday tours malaysia, jungle trekking in malaysia, malaysia birdwatching tour, langkawi geopark tour, langkawi mangrove tour.A short drive to the jetty where we get on board a boat and explore the mangrove forests and the ancient limestone outcrops of the north east.

Mangrove forests play an essential part in maintaining the ecological balance of the world. They influence the climate, provide shelter and act as major nurseries for fish and shrimps. Our journey takes us on a voyage of exploration to discover exotic plants and animal species; many of them surviving by ingenious methods in a dynamic environment of constant change dictated by the rise and fall on the tides. We may have opportunities to observe the bizarre land walking fishes, kingfishers, eagles, kites and if we are very lucky, dolphins and otters too.

This excursion is the most highly recommended trip while you are in Langkawi. Join our guide on this most memorable outing of the best Langkawi has to offer and take home lasting impressions of this magical place.

Langkawi lowland rainforest contains numerous specialized and endemic floras and fauna that can be found nowhere else in the world. Within these unique habitats, a fragile world of interdependence has evolved.Langkawi lowland rainforest contain numerous specialized and endemic floras and fauna that can be found nowhere else in the world.

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